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Equifax: Traitors and Theives

Hope you folks are all happy now that you've let foreign or domestic terrorists steal information that compromises most of the identities of folks in the US through your stupid greed and ignorance. What your company does is already unconstitutional--it's unlawful search and seizure specifically against the fourth amendment. No one has given consent for the collection of the data and the government has turned a blind eye while you hold our data for ransom against our will and then let it leak away carelessly. You are no better than that Ashley Madison adultry site but it was your job to manage this illegal data properly and you couldn't even do that. I hope that the government shuts you down and you are all laid off with no chance of reemployment for those responsible. Not just the 3 jerks who were insider trading, that's no big deal in comparison to the damage that you've done to all of America and our National security. This information is probably in the hands of foreign terrorists. You incompetence is treason and those in charge--all the C-levels and you entire website team--should be brought up in criminal charges of treason and face capital sentences for your crimes against America.

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All senior management at equifax must be hanged and fed to the dogs as a warning to all domestic terrorists

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Remember that the Chairman said, in testimony, that the entire exposure WAS DUE TO ONE, 1, IT staffer - just one guy!!! Wow, does this firm have comprehensive protocols and redundancy programs or what??? Wow, one guy. TOTAL JOKE

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