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America's Most Endangered Private Colleges in 2019

"In 2016, Jeff Selingo and EY published a report stating that more than 800 schools were facing major downsizing, mergers, and closures. But their report did not list the schools most likely to fail. It would appear that higher education and business... read more
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Deceived by DeVry

In 2019, DeVry University continues to deceive consumers through its DeVry website and online recruiting. As a subsidiary of Cogswell Education and Palm Ventures, a shoe-string operation in comparison to its previous parent company, matters could get... read more
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College Meltdown shows few signs of slowing in 2019

"Student loan debt continues to rise. In 2018, there was a significant number of news articles disclosing the negative effects of student loan debt on the lives of Millenials and their families."... read more
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Say hello to Seth Frotman

Are you prepared?
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Student loan justice and others

Student Loan Justice, Strike Debt, Debt Collective, ITT Tech Warriors, I Am Ai, Higher Ed Not Debt are just a few groups looking for debt relief.
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AP Expose About Navient

"One of the nation’s largest student loan servicing companies may have driven tens of thousands of borrowers struggling with their debts into higher-cost repayment plans. That’s the finding of a Department of Education audit of practices at Navient... read more
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Bottom Line: Revenues down 17%

Read all the other BS here...
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The Student Loan Debt Crisis Is About to Get Worse (Bloomberg)

"The next generation of graduates will include more borrowers who may never be able to repay."
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Navient surrogate pumping NAVI

From a Navient surrogate at Seeking Alpha: Navient is the largest private servicer of student loans, and that business will continue to expand. The company consistently provides value to shareholders, and will continue to do so through its corporate... read more
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59% say college not worth the cost

More dissatisfaction about college. This is resulting in more enrollment declines each year. read more
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American Federation of Teachers Sues Navient

"Members of the American Federation of Teachers, the second-largest teachers union in the United States, announced on Wednesday a lawsuit against student loan servicer Navient, alleging the company deceived borrowers and prevented them from accessing... read more
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College Enrollments Continue Decline in Several States

More enrollment losses in several states. More losses in the for-profit and community college sectors.
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Bad news for Navient?

Navient losing bid for NEXTGEN Financial Services?
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Navient CEO: Don't Blame Us

A message from the CEO. Don't blame us. A typical technique of neutralization.

When College Choice is a Fraud

"Students are targeted and lied to by subprime colleges and they are often treated with indifference by public education." "Rational choice" in US education, however, must be examined in a society affected by deindustrialization and deskilling of... read more

Myths about the "good debt" of student loans

"New data released last fall by the Trump Department of Education paints an even bleaker portrait of the lives of student loan borrowers. Education researcher Erin Dunlop Velez has just published a thoughtful study that analyzes the new student loan... read more

When college is a bad investment...

I am writing an article for College Meltdown to counter the "commonsense" idea that college debt is always "good debt." It's part of a series of articles I am doing about behavioral economics and college choice... read more
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Canyon Capital making a move...

Vulture capital firm Canyon Capital making a big move into NAVI. Oh, this should be interesting.
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Navient losing money

Navient had a negative quarter. Now what? It looks like lots of "restructuring."

Another win for Navient?

"The bill eliminates an Obama administration rule designed to weed out career education programs that graduate too many students with debt they can’t repay. Another provision, meanwhile, adds new graduation benchmarks for minority-serving... read more
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Student-loan debt costing livelihoods for some defaulters

Sounds like a class war about to erupt... In 19 states, government agencies can seize state-issued professional licenses from residents who default on their educational debts. Another state, South Dakota, suspends driver's licenses, making it... read more
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Navient happy to see Cordray leave?

So what will Navient do, now that Robert Cordray is gone?
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Navient exposed

"The company's subprime products included high interest rates and origination fees, according to the suit, in some cases as high as the equivalent of a 15.75 percent interest rate. One of the company's emails on a subprime lending workshop described... read more
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Navient is consumer complaints

Navient has the highest number of complaints of any student loan servicer, more than 8200. It also has the highest rate of complaints, by far. read more
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