Topics regarding layoffs at Navient

Topics regarding layoffs at Navient

Letter from EW to JR

"On Monday, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Massachusetts Rep. Ayanna Pressley sent a letter — exclusively provided to Insider — to Navient CEO JR requesting information on guidance the company is giving student-loan borrowers right... —  read more 

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Student Loan Forgiveness

"Credit Suisse analyst Moshe Orenbuch said Navient and Nelnet (NYSE:NNI) would be impacted by the federal student loan forgiveness plan if privately held Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP) loans become... —  read more 

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Hit the road Jack...

Oh, this is good...well, not good... There are job openings at Maximus for $10 an hour...

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Your trip to the planet Maximus

For the 900 or so NAVI workers moving onto planet Maximus, let it be known that it will be a long and wild ride to a relatively hostile environment.

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Shame, Guilt, Pain

Student loan default is a traumatic, stigmatizing experience. Because of that, many working people keep the pain of their student loan problems to themselves. Can you feel it? Do you feel any guilt at all too? ... —  read more 

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Was VP of investor relations...

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16 cents

Putting the big squeeze onto consumers for 16 cents a share.

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Feeling guilty?

Navient workers are paying the price for the company's greedy nature. While the organization professes to help students and their families, it is little more than a group of federal debt collectors and private debt sellers (think SLABS). Some of... —  read more 

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Disaster Management Earnings Call

Everyone was listening. No one was laughing. Read between the lines and cut the BS. You know it's not good when they are discussing liquidity. "We were able to quickly and successfully move 90% of our team to a work-from-home status." (Does... —  read more 

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Navient Senior Notes on Sale

Buy Navient Senior Notes and get a 9% annual return. What could possibly go wrong?

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States picking up the slack

Legislative action in several states. "Virginia and New Jersey are not alone—Connecticut, New York, Colorado, and more states are positioned to provide students and higher education regulators with more information about arbitration proceedings... —  read more 

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