Topics regarding layoffs at Navient

Topics regarding layoffs at Navient


Was VP of investor relations...

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16 cents

Putting the big squeeze onto consumers for 16 cents a share.

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Feeling guilty?

Navient workers are paying the price for the company's greedy nature. While the organization professes to help students and their families, it is little more than a group of federal debt collectors and private debt sellers (think SLABS). Some of... —  read more 

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Disaster Management Earnings Call

Everyone was listening. No one was laughing. Read between the lines and cut the BS. You know it's not good when they are discussing liquidity. "We were able to quickly and successfully move 90% of our team to a work-from-home status." (Does... —  read more 

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Navient Senior Notes on Sale

Buy Navient Senior Notes and get a 9% annual return. What could possibly go wrong?

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States picking up the slack

Legislative action in several states. "Virginia and New Jersey are not alone—Connecticut, New York, Colorado, and more states are positioned to provide students and higher education regulators with more information about arbitration proceedings... —  read more 

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How Navient maximized profits...

SumZero: So Navient is actually incentivized to put student borrowers into delinquency? Taylor Mann, Pine Capital Partners: That’s the one question that really cuts through and clarifies where the heart of this trade lies: the moral hazard. Prior... —  read more 

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Video playlist for Navient employees

Have you seen my College Meltdown video playlist? I think you'll find it very educational. Please take a look and share it with your people. Please let me know what you... —  read more 

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SLAB Shell Game

"The issuers—student-loan packagers like Navient Corp. and Nelnet Inc.—do not want their bonds downgraded. The investors who own the bonds do not want them downgraded....You just extend the maturity date. If the bond matures in 2026, and you aren’t... —  read more 

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Revenues down but profits up?

How are profits up when revenues are down so dramatically? "The consensus EPS Estimate is $0.57 (+7.5% Y/Y) and the consensus Revenue Estimate is $294.5M (-42.4% Y/Y)." —  read more 

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Music to remember how evil life is..

Lots of pain (blues, metal, etc.) around Here's a really good rap from a... —  read more 

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Meet Josh Shapiro

"His lawsuit against Navient is one of about a half dozen around the country against the student-loan servicer. So why is he picking up the mantle of the defanged Consumer Financial Protection Bureau? Because the state is ground zero for student-loan... —  read more 

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Hoping for a recession? Think again...

"Some investors in higher education may be hoping for an economic downturn, because the industry has typically been counter-cyclical. But this time, there may be no guarantee that a recession will improve the financial condition of the industry... —  read more 

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Takeover from Canyon Capital?

This should be interesting...but it certainly doesn't look good for workers.

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Deceived by DeVry

In 2019, DeVry University continues to deceive consumers through its DeVry website and online recruiting. As a subsidiary of Cogswell Education and Palm Ventures, a shoe-string operation in comparison to its previous parent company, matters could get... —  read more 

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