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We need admission leadership change

Changing our name without changing admissions leadership is a waste of time and money. JC is void of both leadership and admissions skills We need someone who understands the role, the challenges and inspires people. We can change the name to... read more

WyoTech Should be Ashamed

WyoTech has misled NATEF and their students for years claiming to meet NATEF training standards. For years WyoTech has falsified training hours on it's application to NATEF for certification. Unless you take automotive, light duty diesel, high... read more

Zenith President favors illegals over Americans

So the Zenith president who is losing money hand over fist and has no vision for the future of the company felt it was necessary to come out in support of illegals who are robbing opportunities from Americans. No wonder the company is a dumpster... read more

Altierus is Everest

The fact that Altierus is Everest needs to get out there. Changing the name avoids internet search's that could affect enrollment. People need full information and facts to make informed decisions.

Is this what we have come to?

Word out of Denver is that the Henderson Nv location, Everest now alterius, the new Ponzi Scheme Name, didn't pass the nursing board evaluation, and the nursing program is going to be placed on some sort of performance plan, meaning the program is... read more


Does Wyotech have experienced admissions leadership? If so could we borrow one of them to train JC. Nice enough lady, but come on.

EUO Criminal Justice still around?

I know we're know technically called "Altierus" or whatever... but has anyone who teaches CJ with EUO/Altierus Online still getting classes? I haven't had a class assigned to me since last summer (or perhaps longer than that), and I've heard nothing... read more

what's the problem

Zenith is handing raises out like candy, I have 5 weeks plus off a year. Why do we need students? ECMC is loaded. They can keep this up for a long time. Its not our money who cares.

Has Anything Really Changed?

Has anyone seen any big change since we were owned by CCi ? We still recruit the same type of students. We still have terrible placement rates, and in some cases worse. Students are still defaulting on their loans. We still push students into signing... read more

Be Serious With Yourself

Zenith employees, I hope you realize that you work for a totally corrupt company that preys on students from low-income areas. These students think that a degree from Everest is the same as a degree from University of Florida. They don't know that... read more

At least 12 campuses to close in 2018

Online had no chance of finding a new accreditor. WyoTech has always been under ACCSC but none of the 12 Everests that lost ACICS had been approved by ACCSC yet. There web sites still say they expect to be under new accreditation in early 2017. I... read more

Slow death here

Enrollment currently at all time low. ~6000 total including online. Thoughts on rebranding increasing enrollments?


Did or will Tampa get their new accreditation? It's been top secret with no responses. Sam Lynn really screwed the campuses when he merged Nursing and Surg. tech over from the Brandon campus without approval from any accrediting body.

What is going on?

WyoTech Blairsville down to 200 students, lowest population since it opened. What is going on, are we closing? Haven't heard anything from management but they look worried and won't directly answer questions. Why aren't we aren't included in the... read more

I'm frustrated

I've been employed by Zenith for 2 years. I am embarrassed to tell people where I work, I don't like our product due to terrible outcomes, and I don't have to work very hard. But yet here I am. What is wrong with me? Why are we still open?


I've been in touch with a law firm that is interested in bringing an age discrimination law suit against Zenith Education Group/ECMC. A high majority of the employees involved in the Reduction in Forces that took place in 2015 and 2016 were over the... read more

Bring back the old campus management team

When ECMC/ZEG decided to clean house in the remaining campuses by either RIF or terminating the management team due to "misconduct", that was the worse action and/or decision that they have ever made. First of all, what happened to PIPS, write-ups or... read more

How is Zenith still in business?

How is Zenith still in business? I'm surprised that ECMC hasn't unloaded the schools yet. http://collegemeltdown.blogspot.com/
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fallen between the cracks...

How many teach out campuses have no leadership, No academic dean, No career services, No financial aid. We will have active students for another year and a half yet.
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Who is running the show?

It is hard to believe that anyone is at the helm. Out enrollment numbers are an embarrassment and yet admissions continues to be run by someone who has never come close to being in admissions. The ability to stand in front of a class of seniors and... read more

Online Career Services Team...

The entire Online/Virtual Career Services team was laid off today... The end of the fiscal year is upon us, so prepare yourselves for the coming storm. If your school isn't already ACCSC accredited, you need to start looking for new employment.


Old CCi employees being brought back. Sales like the old days finally. Thank you for realizing that we need the old leaders back. Is Jack returning too? Please let us know, we were just thrown a life jacket

It's Almost April

Time for another restructuring and a new path to prosperity. Zenith lost over 50 million in 2016 not including the losses from the teach out schools. Some of the Everest schools can't find a new Accrediting Board and WyoTech is still facing low... read more


Where else are these office personnel with education unrelated to what they do going to get a job at this pay scale? You cannot clean the house of the skilled and expect the unskilled to pick up where they left off. As one said once it's a job just... read more
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Everest who

What I want to know is, what is our new name going to be!?? Out with it already!

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