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The lawsuits are a comin' 2020

Oh ECMC, you have done it now. Lawsuits are coming. Students are p-ss-d about predatory lending practices. You are CCI 2.0 Wheaton and his minions running a scam. Packaging a Non-Profit but scamming students out of millions in loans. Keep it... —  read more 

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As the curtian closes.........

Well, We are starting to see the failure from ECMC / Zenith / Altierus. And their lack of knowledge in the Education sect. They have hired Todd Steele, President, Zenith Education Group to oversee the direction of Jacob Kassuba – Vice... —  read more 

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Cheap Schools

I think Mathis got the school fairly cheap and he had investors so not much skin in the game. I also believe he owns the apartments there and will rent out to UW students so he will make his money there. The school will close within a year.

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Laramie WyoTech Struggles to Recruit Students

Things aren't going to well for WyoTech's rebirth. Jim Mathis is discovering why ECMC pulled the plug on WyoTech, no one wants to go there. Classrooms are empty and the next start in January looks even more dismal. With the economy on the upswing and... —  read more 

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Thanks for the.......

You fill in the blank.... The pathetic demise of zenith education group is in the hands of Dave Hawn, Peter Taylor, and finally Jeremy Wheaton! I want to thank you for leaving all the incompetent and abusive people that only want " YES MEN" in charge... —  read more 

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Corporate Monkeys

They are all in bed with each other. Its a sick, disgusting, vile industry. No wonder students are failing today. We have asshats like this driving the train... —  read more 

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Premier Credit

ECMC still owns this company In January 2015, in United States District Court, Southern District of California, a judge issued an Order in a case alleging Premiere Credit of North America had violated state and federal FDCPA provisions. In this case... —  read more 

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Peter Taylor $$$

Taylor, Peter Mr. Peter J. Taylor is an Independent Director of Edison International. He has been the president of ECMC Foundation, a nonprofit corporation dedicated to educational attainment for low-income students, since May 2014. Prior to that he... —  read more 

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It's been a crazy 5 years for us. The last couple of years under CCI and then 3 years under Zenith. 98% of us have moved on to bigger and better opportunities and a few near retirement age are suffering through uncertainty and financial problems... —  read more 

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Install the wrong people with the wrong education background in the wrong places in a business that they have no idea about and let them run wild like they are the leaders at the white house. Lets hire a bunch of teachers with fudged resumes and... —  read more 


Sale was finalized, now enrolling new students.

Another diploma mill has closed it's doors

It's next to impossible to teach the entitlement generation how to use their brains to think independently. It's completely impossible to teach that generation how to use common sense and logic to repair anything mechanical or electrical. I'm not... —  read more 

The Funny Part

The Wyo Tech peeps in Laramie were so o wrong in everything they did. They did not provide excellent customer service in Financial Aid department like Blairesville and Daytona. Some of the FA reps were good like Lori and Moe. Te admissions team under... —  read more 

I'm the real Slim Shady

Yes folks, its your good pal Mic Drop. Once again bringing you the news and views of ECMC and it's red headed step child "Zenith Education Group" By now you know the Wyotech sale was all smoke and mirrors, typical corporate BS as usual. And if any of... —  read more 

Sale of WyoTech Isn't Going to Happen

Once Mathis completes the Due Diligence he will find out this isn't the WyoTech he knew back in 2002. There's a ton more regulations and hoops to jump through plus he has to hire an Independent Monitor for a half million a year.

Austin being Sold?

Rumor has it that the Austin campus has a potential buyer. Can anyone confirm?

Trolls beware


Lets get this Party Started!!!!

Count down do Wyo Tech closing!! The funny thing is people actually think they may stay open. Business 101 you make announcement well in advance of closure as once you close you are screwed because news stories hit and competitors use against you... —  read more 

Last Man Standing

Well, there ya have it folks. Your boy J-Dawg just lowered the boom on all IT positions. Santa Ana peeps...gone. Service Desk- outsourced. Mather is on life support. Innovation lab, C-Ya. It was all part of the DOE plan of shutdown. If the employees... —  read more 

Don't Call It A Comeback........

Ahhh, spoken by the great LL Cool J. Here's how this little plan will workout. The 3 remaining campuses Tampa - Norcross - Bissonnet will announce teach-out by Q2 of 2019. I attend all the meetings, see all the emails of the new programs, and watch... —  read more 

Be Accountable !!!!

So - looks like another Town Hall meeting is scheduled in a few weeks. We again get to hear about the financial boom that ECMC is in. Hence they're worth 10 billion in assets. Another comedic finding is how worried Jeremy Wheaton and his legion of... —  read more 

Almost Over

Within a little less than two months the transformation will be complete. Think of how many lives would have not been destroyed if Everest and WyoTech would have just closed three years ago. Such a shame the scam was allowed to go on for three more... —  read more 

Writing on the wall

One trip into a meeting without talking and just listening is all a person needed to see the sink hole coming. WyoTech was guided by people with no experience in the industry it focused on. When a president makes a decision to remove the most... —  read more 

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You can still be a decent human being

I wish I could feel sorry for the ones losing their jobs now, but I don't. I've been waiting and hoping to see Zenith fail for three years and it was music to my ears when I heard the news in November and have been counting down the months since... —  read more 

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