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But I for one want to wish folks here affected by the recent job cuts a great holiday season. The execs at the top obviously have zero class to announce this when they did, but try to look forward to the changes ahead. Just think this time next year... read more

The Final Meeting

I remember the meeting like yesterday, the first ECMC stock crash. The hurricane herself with no business experience throws a projection number at the poor sou employees thinking they will buy the story. many did buy it, the rest with a lifetime... read more

Corporate coolaide is flavorful

Teachers actually think they are capable of training, throw a new current product at them and the excuses start flowing. Then you tube clicks on, then a phone call, then maybe a book with hopes. Then reality hits and they realize they are as lost as... read more
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South Plainfield - The End

41 axed. http://lwd.state.nj.us/WorkForceDirectory/warn.jsp?printacrossID=1&StartDate=11/01/2017&EndDate=11/30/2017&DisplayDate=November%202017

If a whistleblower sang...

If a whistleblower sang Oh what a song they could sing Lies, corruption, deceit Go ahead and sing What a song indeed If a whistleblower sang
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So when will wyotech Laramie close?

As students of wyotech many wonder if we should stay or get out now especially those in electives who haven’t been able to take core classes. So does anyone know if wyotech will go past 2017 is the real question?

Not dead yet...

"The long wind-down of Corinthian Colleges continued Wednesday with the planned closure of all but three of the remaining campuses that the defunct for-profit chain formerly owned. The nonprofit Zenith Education Group announced Wednesday that it will... read more
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Could "Leadership" spare us....

....the names of the turds that will be jumping into the punchbowl? I mean really, I am not up for ordering the newcomers balloon bouquets while we pack out of this pseudo revenue generator

Everything Went as Planned

It was stated 2 years ago the plan was to wind the schools down and close them. Dave Hann knew exactly what was going to happen and jumped ship a year ago. Peter Taylor said a year ago he was only going to be with Zenith one year. We said this wasn't... read more

What about the students?!

Everyone is talking politics or poor me or the poor employees (which I do empathize with) because I was one of those “poor me” when ZEG let me go over a year ago.......but has anyone thought about the students at all? They came to Everest College to... read more

Life at wyotech

Wyotech was full of some good people who tried and hoped and a few with passion for the trade that really knew what it was. You cannot replace experience in a hands on industry. No college degree can see what a persons hands have done. Leadership was... read more

There’s Life After...

I left CCi/Zenith a long time ago, but there are many I worked with and care for who have been affected by today’s announcement, and to you I say, you’re going to be okay. Now is the time to do something you’ve been putting off. Now is the time to be... read more

Zenith Press Release - 21 School Closures

The rumors are true. Go to Zenith's website and read today's press release. Down to three schools. The people who continue to keep their head in the sand and deny what is now a PUBLIC FACT are the same ones who never saw this coming from the start... read more

Better things ahead

Like the 75% of us that were previously laid off, here to tell you it gets better. Yes, it will be hard to find a new job. Yes, it s---s because it’s around the holiday season. Yes, you hung on for pure hope. It gets better. No more worrying if you... read more

Just the start

Overheard the higher ups saying the announcement is that the accreditation has been approved. This is great news.

Someone Has a Lot of Time on Their Hands

Apparently an ex employee hasn't found a job yet and decided to write numerous false posts to release anger and pass the time. Keep living out your fantasies of Zenith shutting down if it helps with your anger management. I truly feel sorry for you.

Favorite CCi/Zenith memories?

With the scheme officially coming to its expected end, let's reminisce on our favorite memories at CCi/Zenith. For CCi it was no doubt the Parthenon parties! Non-stop drinks and blow. For Zenith I would probably say watching the sheer idiocy from the... read more

Well, It Was Nice While It Lasted

Just confirmed through more then one source, all but three campus locations will be closed. They are listed in an earlier post. These campuses are factual and correct. Admissions and FA will be released this week. Others will be provided additional... read more

Don't buy the BS

Don't engage yourself with these fake posts trying to intimidate people. I personally know one of the people that posted one and they are former employees, so guess why they are posting this fake crap? No layoffs people. All are good at least until... read more

The Gig is Up Folks ... Time To Lock The Doors

So I am an insider that works with ECMC. I know that you have endured a rocky road full of promises and failed leadership. Leadership that really did not have a clue. The decision has been made to shut down the operation. A few locations will remain... read more

Layoff Day Has Arrived!

Hi y'all! Happy layoff day! To those of us who HAVEN'T noticed that Corporate is in town and that the meeting rooms have been set up in the traditional layoff meeting form, this is going to come as a BIG SURPRISE to you. Pack your desks, falsify your... read more

This is no way to treat your students

I noticed most of these post we're from 6 or 7 months ago, but I have a more recent story to tell. I graduated with an Associate Degree in Accounting, in October of 2016 from Everest, and I decided to explore my options to see if maybe computer... read more

Was Peter Taylor run out or did he lie?

I've been out of the loop because I now work for a legitimate company but I heard through a friend that still works for ECMC-Zenith (person is interviewing to leave but that's beside the point) that Peter Taylor was replaced as Zenith CEO. My friend... read more

Zenith and Alterius are a huge joke

Zenith and Alterius are a huge joke. You have government money, Liberals, and a defunct post high school system that is being operated by the most unqualified people in the world. The corporate elite (Zenith, Everest, and WyoTech) walking around with... read more

We need admission leadership change

Changing our name without changing admissions leadership is a waste of time and money. JC is void of both leadership and admissions skills We need someone who understands the role, the challenges and inspires people. We can change the name to... read more

WyoTech Should be Ashamed

WyoTech has misled NATEF and their students for years claiming to meet NATEF training standards. For years WyoTech has falsified training hours on it's application to NATEF for certification. Unless you take automotive, light duty diesel, high... read more

Zenith President favors illegals over Americans

So the Zenith president who is losing money hand over fist and has no vision for the future of the company felt it was necessary to come out in support of illegals who are robbing opportunities from Americans. No wonder the company is a dumpster... read more

Altierus is Everest

The fact that Altierus is Everest needs to get out there. Changing the name avoids internet search's that could affect enrollment. People need full information and facts to make informed decisions.

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