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Still in business?

"The number of colleges overseen by ACICS has shrunk dramatically since 2016, when the Obama administration's decision to yank approval led many institutions to seek recognition elsewhere; other college chains overseen by ACICS have abruptly closed... —  read more 

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ACICS school Stratford called a 'visa mill"

"Two marginal universities, each with large numbers of foreign students on F-1 visas, are facing threats of termination in the near future, and one of the two already has announced the impending closure of three of its seven U.S. campuses."... —  read more 

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Betsy DeVos sued for reinstating ACICS —  read more 

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ECA Closing All Schools

It's Official

"Education Secretary Betsy DeVos will restore federal recognition to a for-profit college accreditor for which the Obama administration withdrew recognition." —  read more 

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ACICS back in business

"Education Department officials have recommended new life for an accrediting agency whose federal authority to operate was withdrawn by the Obama administration."... —  read more 

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Harrison College, another ACICS school, collapses

Indianapolis-based Harrison College has confirmed it has closed. In a statement released Friday evening, the college, which has 11 campuses in Indiana, Ohio and North Carolina, calls the move a "difficult business decision" and says it is working... —  read more 

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Accreditation Is No Sign Of Quality

"Yet in practice, accreditors—who are paid by the institutions themselves—appear to be ineffectual at best, much like the role of credit rating agencies during the recent financial crisis." David Deming and David Figlio in Accountability in US... —  read more 

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Virginia College Closing Campuses

"Education Corporation of America, a for-profit higher education provider with locations across the country, plans to close 26 campuses -- a third of its current total -- by early 2020. The closures would affect almost every chain of colleges... —  read more 

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ACICS and the Dregs of Higher Education

On the next to the last point, an institution the reader has probably never heard of (Stratford University in Northern Virginia) issued a huge number (1,697) of 29-month OPT (Optional Practical Training) work permits under the provision for STEM... —  read more 

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Will DeVos save ACICS to prop up Virginia College?

"The ruling appears to raise the stakes for the Trump administration’s latest review of the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools, the chain’s current accreditor and a focal point in the fight over accountability in the for-profit... —  read more 

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Will Betsy DeVos resurrect ACICS?

"Attorney General Shapiro, with a coalition of 20 Attorneys General, submitted formal comments today to U.S. Education Department Secretary Betsy DeVos, requesting the Department reject the Accrediting Council’s application for recognition – a status... —  read more 

Judge denied TRO - Bye bye ACICS....

TRO denied. ACICS will not have the resources to continue the fight. All other accreditors MUST NEVER forget the lessons learned here. Oversight is YOUR JOB.... Goodbye ACICS.

Appeal....but little resources to support it

ACICS stated they plan to appeal the DOE decision. Problem here is that over 50% of ACICS schools are well into the application phase of moving to a new accreditor and that will soon choke the funding source for ACICS to fund any legal actions. Many... —  read more 

Decision by the U.S. Department of Education

Dear ACICS Members and other Colleagues: Today, September 22, 2016, the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools ("ACICS") received notice that the Senior Department Official at the Department of Education has accepted the... —  read more 

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Failure...and More Failure?

ACICS failed to do its job with ITT Tech. Will it also fail to do its job with the 8 Art Institutes it continues to accredit? —  read more 

Gonna miss it

Was a program evaluator (auditor) for decades. Gonna miss staying in top-notch Marriotts, eating at 5-star restaurants (I remember a meal once for 5 of us that cost over $700), and traveling to great locales. There were some fellow evaluator... —  read more 

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