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No work today

I came to the campus and went to my office. Lo and behold another school system had already infiltrated this once amazing campus. I guess no work today.
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Address for unemployment

what address did everyone put for unemployment, mine is being questioned I may have given the wrong address giving Corinthian's. Did people put the healed address or the Corinthian address?
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Why would a company buy Heald's name?

Just read an article that states a company is buying Heald's name and other intellectual property. Just curious what would be the reason for doing so at this point in the game?

It appears that the Heald board is done.

Good luck to all. I worked for a school that was also over 100 years old. It took CCI to sink that ship also. We fought for our integrity and most lost their jobs within the first 2 years. Sympathy for the loss of what used to be a good school.

Check received today?

What was the little" lunch check" that heald gave us today? Just received it in the mail today and confirmed that others received it too.

Anyone want to see Jack Masimino's home?

I found Jack's house with a little digging. Apparently the closing of Heald and all of the other colleges is hurting him too. Rumor has it that he put it on the market for $11.5 million. I hope he cashed his severance check!! 389 E Boulderville Rd... read more

Run on the bank (BOA)

I'm guessing that the floodgates burst when the cci payroll email went out. You gotta get yours, I gotta gets mines.
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Prudential 401k

I just spoke to a Prudential Rep and he stated that tomorrow, the "active" status will flip and we will be able to have access to our funds for whatever we deem fit for said funds.


For non-payment of wages? Anyone know anything?

Bouncing paychecks...

Hello Faculty, As you may or may not be aware Corinthian College filed bankruptcy on Monday. Due to the filing, any checks (including payroll) that were cut and not cashed prior to 5/4/2015 are no longer valid and will not be honored by your bank. On... read more

Dead thread

This Heald board is as dead as the activity in their parking lots.

Loan discharge vs. transfer credits

Heald students: if you're in a situation in which not many of your credits will transfer and you will be starting almost from scratch, take the loan discharge. However, if you find a program that will accept most of your credits and you will be able... read more

The School Options are Not good...

I am one of the affected students of Heald's closing and I am completely upset with the options available in regard to transferring to other schools. I chose Heald because I didn't see those other schools as real options for me. The majority of them... read more

To any former students:

I would strongly recommend you avoid for-profits schools in your futures. On Monday a couple of for-profits were allowed in the school to attempt to recruit students, and I overhead some of the their bullshit spiel. They bad-mouthed community... read more

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