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(Sun 04/26/15 16:11:47 UTC)

We are done:(


(Sun 04/26/15 16:11:21 UTC)

The Email.

Dear Colleagues: It is with deep sadness and regret that we must inform you that effective Monday, April 27, Corinthian Colleges will cease substantially all of its operations and close its remaining campuses. We greatly appreciate the contribution you have made to the company and the students we ... read more

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(Sun 04/26/15 14:30:10 UTC)

Time to stop sobbing and get over it!

It's not like this JUST HAPPENED! We all have known for nearly a year that CCi was to be no more - we just were not sure when it would end. It isn't the Presidents fault or the Director or Department Chairs fault they didn't know when it was all ending either - If you really feel anger towards ... read more

Pissed Off in Cali
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(Sun 04/26/15 07:21:36 UTC)

Upper and Middle Management have been quite mum on the status of the closing. But their actions speak louder than their words.

Most directors & chairs have emptied out their offices and pictures ripped off the walls at various campuses. So I think we know what to expect just not how it will officially go down. But if past and current behavior is any indication it will be unprofessional and I feel sorry for the students and ... read more

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(Sun 04/26/15 02:41:49 UTC)

Sorry to say…

CCI was a stock scam. No more no less. No more looks about right


(Sun 04/26/15 00:02:39 UTC)

I want to publicly apologize for bullying people here. I admit that I was wrong and that my actions were immature.

I owe Camden Kid an apology as well for my recent rants and attacks toward him. I am truly apologetic, and I am just a sorry excuse for a human being. Please find it in your heart to forgive me if I caused you pain and suffering. I'm on my way to Jack's office for an anal pounding, later.

An Actual Career College Employee

(Sat 04/25/15 18:14:02 UTC)

I saw greg snort a line right off Jack's boner without using a straw

And I didnt report it to DoE. I feel terrible.

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(Sat 04/25/15 16:43:28 UTC)

Look at a different industry to work if you can.

CCi falling is just the beginning of the end for all for-profit Career Colleges
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(Sat 04/25/15 16:02:23 UTC)

American General Private Security

They will be at ALL Everest and Wyotech campuses Monday.

Can't say who!
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(Sat 04/25/15 09:58:07 UTC)

380 security staff are called for a 24 security watch

380 security staff are called for a 24 security watch for California campuses on Monday! It seems that they want to annouce a terrible news and they're affraid of reactions. I packed my stuff and left. Poor students.

CSC Staff

(Sat 04/25/15 07:39:57 UTC)

Heald College Students to Receive Debt Relief The Student Aid Commission voted Thursday to protect the more than 2,000 Heald College students who collectively owe more than $3 million in Cal Grant loans.


(Sat 04/25/15 06:51:31 UTC)

Kamala Harris California Job Killer -- Wall Street Journal article

If you believe that Kamala Harris's motive for bringing down the California schools is simply a political ploy so she can run for a new office seat, paste the following any where you can online in the comments section of any article you can, especially articles about her. The idea is to get the ... read more

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(Sat 04/25/15 06:48:59 UTC)

Kamala Harris California Job Killer -- Wall Street Journal article

If you believe that Kamala Harris's motive for bringing down the California schools is simply a political ploy so she can run for a new office seat, paste the following any where you can online in the comments section of any article you can, especially articles about her. The idea is to get the ... read more


(Sat 04/25/15 04:40:42 UTC)

Confirmed !


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(Sat 04/25/15 04:15:36 UTC)

Just curious about something here.

Did all the people who actually contribute useful and legitimate information get tired of all the low life, unintelligent, slack-jawed trolls and their useless bullying, cursing and the like? You used to be able to go to the layoff and get accurate info here, It's a shame.

Mr. Bojengles
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(Sat 04/25/15 03:57:37 UTC)

CCI news and information.

Seems like there really was none to be found here today.


(Sat 04/25/15 01:06:08 UTC)

I call Bullshit!!!

I call bullshit making us wait all day for news and we get nothing!!! All week these so called Directors have nothing to say.


(Fri 04/24/15 23:48:54 UTC)

Anything new develop in the last few hours?

I received a note to go to Jack's office.

An Actual Career College Employee
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(Fri 04/24/15 23:47:40 UTC)

No news?

So we are seriously just going home for the weekend with no information at all? How frustrating. Welp, I hope everyone has a great weekend anyway.

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(Fri 04/24/15 23:40:11 UTC)

Today at the campus was so quiet and dreary

How iare things at your campus?

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(Fri 04/24/15 21:58:34 UTC)

If nothing else, read the last paragraph. Oh, and remember Ms. Harris has heard similar stories.

A blockbuster, year-in-the-making investigative series about the for-profit college industry appears online in the Miami Herald today, and, as industry analysts at BMO Capital Markets predicted earlier this week, "Obviously, this is not going to portray the industry in a positive light." It ... read more

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(Fri 04/24/15 18:58:07 UTC)

Its official California schools, the BPPVE has ordered to stop enrollments as of today. Look it up on the BPPVE website, all California schools

Pursuant to California Code of Regulations, Title 5, section 75150, subdivision (d) and Government Code section 11460.40, the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (Bureau) hereby notifies Corinthian Colleges, Inc. and any of its subsidiaries that operate Everest College and WyoTech locations ... read more


(Fri 04/24/15 17:51:01 UTC)

Very eerie feeling..

Very eerie feeling on campus today. Most people are just updating resumes and chit chatting. How is it for everyone else? I'm hoping we get some news today, this is just dragging out.

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(Fri 04/24/15 17:11:04 UTC)

Oly get off this page.

It will only make you crazy.


(Fri 04/24/15 15:29:53 UTC)

I have been told that if I took a leave of absence, when/if the school closes that I would NOT be able to qualify for "debt forgiveness".

This doesn't seem logical to me. Yet, I continue with current enrollment, (racking up more debt), for the simple fact that I can't afford the debt of a school I can't use to gain elopement. There's a current offer from Cal Grant that says students may transfer their Cal Grant to a regular collage ... read more

Current Heald Student R.C.
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(Thu 04/23/15 14:53:51 UTC)

Conference Call On 4/24/2015

Hello Dear Laid-Off Colleagues, Please be advised that a conference call is scheduled for April, 24th, 2015 at 7am PST. The call in number is 712-432-0370; access code--1046588#. We hope many of you can attend and ask questions. I paid out of pocket so we could have this opportunity so let take ... read more

Conference Call On 4/24/2015
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(Thu 04/23/15 00:38:16 UTC)

Any ideas when CCi will file for bankruptcy in the US?

Why are the schools in CA still open?


(Wed 04/22/15 04:41:39 UTC)

CA Orders Corinthian To Stop Enrolling Students This Week Throw the execs in jail. White-collar crime is still crime.

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(Wed 04/22/15 04:39:41 UTC)

Heald College Layoff Board

What has happened to Heald's board? It suddenly disappears...

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(Wed 04/22/15 04:35:04 UTC)

Major portions of CCi website shut down

At, the links for Investors and Newsroom are no longer working. I guess they don't need those links on the company website now that they have no investors or good news to report.

Last Laugh

(Tue 04/21/15 19:38:32 UTC)

Fake Diplomas

How many fake diplomas have you guys handed out over a few decades you've been in business?

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