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(Mon 05/18/15 16:03:40 UTC)

The Rodeo is Over

It's over and done with. Nothing to do but move on. I was looking at the court document showing the 50,000 people that are owed money by Corinthian Crooks Inc. Sad, sad, sad. Lots of familiar names on that list, mine too. A lot of great companies, swallowed up by CCI that are gone. Destroyed. And ... read more

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(Thu 05/14/15 21:36:26 UTC)

Payroll not made and the balls to send this email!

We understand that an issue may have arisen regarding your last paycheck. If so, we sincerely apologize for any challenges this may have created. The School did not foresee or anticipate any problems when the check was issued and sufficient funds were present in the account to satisfy the check. We ... read more

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(Thu 05/14/15 11:25:58 UTC)

What happened to the Federal Criminal Investigation?

What happened to the federal criminal investigation (and grand jury) of Corinthian Colleges? The LA Times reported on it in August 2014....................

Camden Kid (, @USinjustice)
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(Wed 05/13/15 21:36:55 UTC)

Announcement in two weeks

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(Wed 05/13/15 14:07:48 UTC)

Give it a rest!

People, people, people, just give it up CCI is DEAD. Your continuation of blabbering nonsense is ridiculous. I'M OUT !!!!!!!

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(Wed 05/13/15 03:00:51 UTC)

Help Me Understand

Can anyone help me understand the rationale behind ECMC acquiring a company whose ruthless 'leaders' ran into the ground while defrauding the government.....AND.....deciding to keep said leaders in place? C'mon, Michael Stiglich cannot be a part of a turnaround when he was steering the ship right ... read more

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(Wed 05/13/15 00:33:33 UTC)

Stock Scam alert part II For-profit college operator accused of fraud

SEC files fraud lawsuit against ITT, 2 executives Here is a link At least we can all say we didn't work for the only corrupt business that cloaked itself in education


(Tue 05/12/15 23:48:19 UTC)

The thirst is real guys... I feel victimized again after Everest, these people have no souls.

I went to the Encino campus and felt disgusted by the pressure Jackie the campus president and her rude, pushy and aggressive admissions rep Roenin or whatever her name is put on me. They open my official transcripts when I told them not too and said it would be ok. They are predators, trying to ... read more


(Tue 05/12/15 22:14:12 UTC)

Different name but same game!

Zeneth the bride of CCI.

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(Tue 05/12/15 22:09:17 UTC)

Enron all over again

they fell in the same capacity Bounced checks no benfits and lost students


(Tue 05/12/15 10:13:25 UTC)

Students suing Corinthian Colleges

Defrauded students are suing bankrupt Corinthian Colleges for more than $25 Billion................................

Camden Kid (, @USinjustice)
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(Fri 05/08/15 22:26:56 UTC)

Camden Kid (, @USinjustice)

It's not likely that the US injustice system will prosecute and imprison Jack Massimino. But he can be made a (rich) ... read more

One Last Look at Jack Massimino's Ill-Gotten Gains
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(Fri 05/08/15 16:16:44 UTC)

It's high time to move on and find other opportunities. The higher-ed job market is broader than one thinks.

For those with Admissions and Faculty Recruiting experience. Totally legitimate start-up company: job description at


(Fri 05/08/15 03:54:52 UTC)

Hey all you dedicated kool-aid drinkers.....

How is that "We are too big to fail" mentality working out for you now?

Board Hijacker
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(Fri 05/08/15 02:08:39 UTC)


I hope it finds JackMass with lightning fast velocity. Discuss.

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(Thu 05/07/15 22:15:45 UTC)

What happened to all the benefits the employees were getting?

Did the benefits continue throughout the month or suddenly cut off?

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(Thu 05/07/15 16:45:07 UTC)

Sad to see WyoTech Fremont and Long Beach go away

These 2 schools did much for many students. Fact of the matter is that there were some caring and passionate instructors who really did care about student learning and academic rigor. Not all Instructors should be painted with the same brush as those bitter and disgruntled ones. When I started a ... read more

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(Thu 05/07/15 14:51:19 UTC)

Bounced Check? Call 714-886-4268 or 866-903-2670

Helpful Hanna
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(Thu 05/07/15 05:16:43 UTC)

Are people really still posting at a BK company out of business with no employees?

Talk about the lowest trolls and biggest losers

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(Wed 05/06/15 23:42:23 UTC)

Senators Call For Attorney General Investigation Into Executives Of Corinthian Colleges

Just Do It

(Wed 05/06/15 23:24:15 UTC)

What is new contact number for HR Zenith in Santa Ana ?

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(Wed 05/06/15 17:18:48 UTC)

The campus in sw mo has new Everest branded promotional materials in their parking lot.

Didn't Everest College file for bankruptcy and go out of business? I realize it's an ecmc operated Everest campus but you'd think they wouldn't want to make people think about that shady outfit by hanging six foot Everest flags outside the building.

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(Wed 05/06/15 04:37:50 UTC)

Who likes to beat a dead horse?

Nothing to see here... move along


(Tue 05/05/15 03:03:15 UTC)


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(Tue 05/05/15 02:36:09 UTC)


Is the absolute most disgusting company ran by the most immature CEO known. Fardad is a JOKE! Lars is a Joke! Lars wife is a joke.

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(Tue 05/05/15 00:44:44 UTC)

Money hungry whore!

I'm reading these posts and wow whoever called North West College's owner a money hungry whore So funny! I love it!


(Mon 05/04/15 22:04:52 UTC)

All of em closed down....

Corinthian Colleges, Inc. Santa Ana, CA Beth WilsonIn her current role as Executive Vice President, a job she has held since July 2001, Beth Wilson oversees all operational support for accreditation and licensure, curriculum development and quality control, employer development, financial aid, and ... read more

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(Mon 05/04/15 20:17:53 UTC)

Tisk tisk intercoms reps

The only ones posting about other colleges have to be the intercoast college reps. Northwest college didn't even send reps, they sent the directors to schools. Northwest has not enrolled a single student. The students are choosing northwest because they are not being pressured. Signed a former cci ... read more

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(Mon 05/04/15 15:54:10 UTC)

CCI files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy


(Sun 05/03/15 03:11:44 UTC)


The Sharks are out! I'm sure North West College and UEI have instructed their admissions team they need to hit a quota of admissions from Everest displaced students. So sad! Definetly do not have the students best interest in mind

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(Sun 05/03/15 00:57:22 UTC)

Stay away from North West College

Dear Staff and Students I am so sorry this happened to you my sincere warning for all of you stay away from North West College. they are money hungry scum of the earth believe me they do NOT have your best interest. They have high turnover unhappy students and for them it is about the $$$$$$. They ... read more

Stay away from North West College
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(Sat 05/02/15 14:50:03 UTC)

Camden kid or anyone

How do we add a company (united education corporation/UEI) to layoff? Fardad is a scum and the people with him are trouble. We need to put their practices on notice for all to know. Can someone answer how to add a company?

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(Sat 05/02/15 05:30:20 UTC)

Dear students

Please becareful of the VULTURES waiting to jump because your vulnerable research the next school first read their yelp Google them. BEWARE of UEI and North West college they are out for the $$$$$$$$. UEI had problems fraudulent placements and North West sucks if your a MA you are not able to sit ... read more

Dear students
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(Sat 05/02/15 03:39:20 UTC)

How do we add UEI to the Layoff

Anyone know

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(Fri 05/01/15 19:53:38 UTC)

How many CCI Folks now work for Zenith?


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(Fri 05/01/15 19:39:31 UTC)

Some thoughts on how things played out

OK, time to look at the big picture: (1) We've known for a year that there were serious improprieties and that many government agencies wanted us shut down, so nothing happened out of the blue. (2) Many of us were lucky enough to work for campuses purchased by Zenith. We need to realize that the ... read more

Socle Sue
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(Fri 05/01/15 14:50:28 UTC)

Wyotech Campuses Resurrected as Worker Coops?

If there really is a demand for skilled technicians, and local community colleges are not offering these classes, have instructors considered resurrecting any Wyotech campuses as worker coops and taking control of the facilities? The coop movement seems to be in its early stages in the US, and it ... read more

Camden Kid (, @USinjustice)

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