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Corinthian Colleges in "The Good Wife"

In the CBS tv show, "The Good Wife," student loan debt, 90/10, gainful employment, and the exploitation of military veterans is fictionalized in the "Colliseum University" case. And Corinthian Colleges is mentioned, by name.
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Bob and Nikee

Bob Bosic and Nikee Carnagey from Orange County schools are living comfortably on the beach in Indian Rock beach running their own company together. Sorry ladies, but I guess you can sleep your way to the top , just ask Nikee.....she'll claim it was... read more

Any last chance for Heald?

I got laid off by Heald but hope there is still a chance for a bail out and repoening. Any news? I have not read any bad news recently so I think there is still hope. Running out of unemployment checks, so let's get Heald back in business!!!

Wheel of Fortune

I was watching "Wheel" yes I have that kind of time. But there was an episode from 2014 that had a girl bragging that she was a 'teacher' at Heald in Hawaii.... First 'a teacher?' Second, she is probably wishing she went to the 'bonus round' it's... read more

Yes You Will be Fired next, EVENTUALLY!!!

Get ready for Unemployment Compensation. Those who play chicken eventually lose. Have you ever heard of anyone who retired from Everest after 25 years??? So yall think yall gon be the first. Wake Up and go drink more Kool Aid. Wait until Week 12 of... read more
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What I don't miss....

is what I call the weekly "diaper drop" in my classes online. To explain: a few years ago, I lived in a condo with neighbors next door who had small kids. Every few days I would hear a kid screaming "diaper drop" and the mom yelling "no, no" and then... read more, @USinjustice

The Everest Avengers/Corinthian100/Debt Collective are fighting their student loan debt with a "defense to repayment." That is, they state that were defrauded by Corinthian Colleges and have no obligation to pay their debt if it leads to student debt... read more
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The Rodeo is Over

It's over and done with. Nothing to do but move on. I was looking at the court document showing the 50,000 people that are owed money by Corinthian Crooks Inc. Sad, sad, sad. Lots of familiar names on that list, mine too. A lot of great companies... read more

What happened to the Federal Criminal Investigation?

What happened to the federal criminal investigation (and grand jury) of Corinthian Colleges? The LA Times reported on it in August 2014....................
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Give it a rest!

People, people, people, just give it up CCI is DEAD. Your continuation of blabbering nonsense is ridiculous. I'M OUT !!!!!!!

Help Me Understand

Can anyone help me understand the rationale behind ECMC acquiring a company whose ruthless 'leaders' ran into the ground while defrauding the government.....AND.....deciding to keep said leaders in place? C'mon, Michael Stiglich cannot be a part of a... read more

Enron all over again

they fell in the same capacity Bounced checks no benfits and lost students
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I hope it finds JackMass with lightning fast velocity. Discuss.

Sad to see WyoTech Fremont and Long Beach go away

These 2 schools did much for many students. Fact of the matter is that there were some caring and passionate instructors who really did care about student learning and academic rigor. Not all Instructors should be painted with the same brush as those... read more

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