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PBS FrontLine Exposed this EDUCATION SCAM & FLEECING of People desiring an Good Education 5 years ago MUST WATCH & READ PBS FrontLine

MICHAEL CLIFFORD is a man, who says he is a Christian by his own mouth and was urged to get into this educational business by Campus Crusade founder, and featured in FRONTLINE by PBS in College Inc, showing the SCAM Of FOR PROFIT EDUCATION Institutions HE would buy Christian Schools for low prices, getting their Accreditation, which can take 10-15-20 years to achieve, and he pumped in a few million of Computers & IT, to make online schools, most were 100% WORTHLESS, promising more than they deliver and going after kids with student loans, and out of the Military with money for school, where he can give them the impression of a real education while he just picks their pockets dry, and he can live his RICH LIFE. Total 100% ABUSE and anything but Christ Like, unless your Jesus has horns and a Tail. You can probably find the show online, with PBS FrontLine College, Inc. | FRONTLINE | PBS Call your congressman and senator and say you want an END OF THESE FOR PROFIT SCHOOLS. They are primary WORTHLESS, and having Graduated from one of the biggest, DeVry University, i can say that it is much of a shell game and their education was worthless in my career, except to stupid employers who thought it meant something.

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I think he still has a hand in the dream college/rehab center in LA

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Michael Clifford says he has now divested from for-profit education..........

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