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Yes You Will be Fired next, EVENTUALLY!!!

Get ready for Unemployment Compensation. Those who play chicken eventually lose. Have you ever heard of anyone who retired from Everest after 25 years??? So yall think yall gon be the first. Wake Up and go drink more Kool Aid. Wait until Week 12 of the Summer term in October and population is still at around 8,900 EUO. What do you think will happen when population continues to spiral down like it currently is, what will you do then PRAY!!! Everest is dying a slow cancerous death and there is no way they will attract more intellectually insightful students. If they are smart they will choose a local cheaper regionally accredited community college. Why pay $400/credit hr when your community college is $62-$100/credit hour and are respectfully regionally acredited. Everest only hope is to recruit the Jerry Springer watching, Maury watching daytime losers again.

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Jerry and Maury, they have to have cable LOL. Oh wait that's what the stipends are for...

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