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The Rodeo is Over

It's over and done with. Nothing to do but move on. I was looking at the court document showing the 50,000 people that are owed money by Corinthian Crooks Inc. Sad, sad, sad. Lots of familiar names on that list, mine too. A lot of great companies, swallowed up by CCI that are gone. Destroyed. And for what? To satisfy the latest quarterly report? It's disgusting too. All the hard work and devotion of loyal staff cast to the four winds. The students who managed to improve their lives and those of their families were the lucky ones. The "geniuses" at corporate managed to ruin a good thing for everyone,excluding themselves I would assume. If you are small time crook you go to jail, if you are a big time crook you get a golden parachute.

Nothing last forever I suppose. There were some good years and lots of good friends. When all the dust settles, it will be their smiling faces that remain in my memory.

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My name is on the creditor's list. I am a former teacher at Everest College. I don't know why my name is on the list. How can I find out how much I am owed?

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