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18 percent of tuition spent on instruction

Millions spent on advertising, little spent on (expendable) instructors. Has anyone tried to form a union?
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Not sustainable

How long can SNHU continue down this road? It's not much than University of Phoenix with a lower price tag?... read more
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Worst School for Faculty

This school is awful. If you are a faculty member that cares about education don't work here. All they care about is passing the students and if you don't pass the students, you get "does not meet expectations" on your review. You need to have a... read more

Is SNHU like Liberty?

Will SNHU face the same scrutiny that Liberty has?
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More Layoffs at SNHU

Source below - The university lays off dozens of remote, part-time staffers (with plans to hire full-timers) as part of a reorganization process ahead of projected enrollment growth for its competency-based division.:... read more
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Inside Higher Education: SNHU cuts

"Southern New Hampshire University is restructuring its work force partnerships division, College for America, to prepare for a massive influx of new students in competency-based education programs. Part of that restructuring means moving its student... read more
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Aggressive advertising campaign

Smells of for-profit motives, we'll see what happens next but I'd be very careful with any school that aggressively advertises like SNHU does right now - we've seen many for-profit school students enroll and rack up massive debt without being able to... read more

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