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Aggressive advertising campaign

Smells of for-profit motives, we'll see what happens next but I'd be very careful with any school that aggressively advertises like SNHU does right now - we've seen many for-profit school students enroll and rack up massive debt without being able to find gainful employment after they graduate. I would advise anyone who is considering any school to be very careful

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Well, this answers all my questions and worst fears. I was contacted by SNHU and asked to produce an interview video. That in itself gave me cause for concern.
Think I'll pass on SNHU. Thanks for the info.

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@snhued...Actually I respected your review until your last, nasty paragraph. You are frankly an evil piece of work for purposely compromising the future of people that have invested countless hours and lots of money for their education. Yes, those bad students might deserve it, but I am sure that there are lots of other students that have worked diligently and hard to obtain their degrees, many of whom are hard working adults with full time jobs and families and bills to pay, some unemployed and some even military, both active and veterans that have risked their lives, now trying to improve their futures. So your generalizing, clumping everyone in the same bucket and bad mouthing the entire SNHU online student's population to employers in order to "punish" them and compromise/derail their chances for jobs and careers because of your personal experience as a teacher for one quarter, is a particularly low move and speaks volume of your crappy values as a person. I'd like to see how you'd feel if you were out of work and searching, and someone that does not even know you was to speak to employers, slandering and saying nasty things about your character and/or past education just to make sure you don't get hired.. Have a great life, Moron.

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There is increasingly a blurring of lines between for-profit, non-profit, private, and public. All are becoming victims to the "business model" that cares more about money going to its administrators and less to its faculty (who are often adjuncts).

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I taught at SNHU for one quarter. That is all it took to convince me that it is a For-Profit hiding behind the 'Not-for-profit' marketing (they are trying to imply that they are not a tuition seeking degree mill). Guys, they are a degree mill and here is why.

Professors are hounded weekly via email from the Dean and the Lead to 'be flexible with late penalties' to 'help student success' (read, make sure they pass the class or you won't get hired for next term), to allow 'resubmissions of crappy work for a higher grade' and if the student fails the class he/she can always submit a grade appeal and get either tuition forgiveness and a chance to redo the class for basically free or a passing grade. All the student has to do is submit an email to the Dean and complain about a 'mean' professor and they'll get the AVIS treatment of 'of course that professor was a meanie for pointing out that you can't write at the 8th grade level, how dare he, here is your money back, so sorry for inconveniencing you with such a curmudgeon'. The professor then gets a full investigation taking up hours of his time and if he is desperate for money he will never ever give a student less than a B- and if he is financially OK he runs away.

So the people left teaching for SNHU are financially desperate adjuncts with no other options. Do you really want a desperate professor grading your work?

Grade is all you want to do since you get paid 2500 for a 10 week class of 30 students. Do the math - that is 8.30 per student/week. Less than working for McDonalds in most states. So students, understand, if you get an email where the profs. are 'reaching out' to you because of your crappy grades it's not because they care, they are required to write these emails. It is CYA for the school in case you complain later that 'you didn't know you were failing, give me my money back' as well as an opportunity to offer you an out of your self-inflicted failure by allowing for submission of work without late penalties. If you pass the class, you'll pay tuition for the next class, you see?

If a certain number of students fail your class because you are using the ridiculously easy grading rubrics (you literally have to submit nothing for 10 weeks to fail. People, if you submit anything on time you'll pass with a B-, trust me) you get an email and then a phone call from the Dean. Who has time to listen to that? So profs. try super hard to not fail anybody - if all students are passing – for the prof. that means no weekly outreach emails they have to send, no annoying calls from the micromanaging administration and oh boy, more classes to teach in upcoming quarters.

Also, feel free to copy/paste most of your papers, their plagiarism policy is only for the auditors, it does not apply to the students. So there is the inside scoop, good luck with your studies, I hope you never realize that you got cheated out of getting a fair evaluation of how your (now pathetic) skill set stacks up against the needs of the real world employment market.

One more thing - I'm telling every employer (and I work in trade shows, so that is a considerable amount) about the lack of academic rigor, the ridiculous grade inflation, and the incompetence of most of the SNHU graduates when it comes to writing, analyzing, and business knowledge. So are many of my SNHU colleagues. Your degree will hopefully soon be about as valuable as an Everest College or UoP degree which everybody I work with disregards.

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