Topics regarding layoffs at Liberty University

Topics regarding layoffs at Liberty University

Forgive us our debts?

How many LU Online students will carry the burden of a lifetime of student loan debt?

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Global Center for Religious Research: Helping Professionals Deal With Religious Trauma

The Global Center for Religious Research (GCRR) has established the world's first and most comprehensive psychiatric research group to study the causes, manifestations, and treatment options for those suffering from "religious trauma" (RT). Religious... —  read more 

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A former dean at Liberty University has filed a lawsuit in a Virginia court, alleging he was fired for reporting “disturbing violations . . . of state and federal law” to university... —  read more 

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Department of Education and Federal Student Aid Invite Tips and Information from Knowledgeable Sources on Potential Violations by Institutions

"FSA has established a new avenue for knowledgeable sources to provide information about potential violations of the HEA and its implementing regulations directly to FSA’s Office of Enforcement. FSA welcomes and encourages information from current or... —  read more 

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Liberty University Inc.

How do you separate godless global neoliberalism from the Liberty Way?  Liberty University is a $4 Billion operation that's heavily invested in the world. With an endowment fund of about $2.2 Billion Revenues of about $1.5 Billion annually--almost... —  read more 

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Student Debt Relief

Student debt relief is voluntary, that is, folks don't have to sign up for debt relief if they don't want it. But if any Liberty students and former students want to get debt relief there may be several ways to do this. Barring a successful... —  read more 

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LU student loan forgiveness

Folks who borrow with federal student loans can file for Defense to Repayment. There is a Facebook group called Sweet v Cardona that can provide support on doing the paperwork effectively.

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What happened to Will?

Editor of The Champion, writes a piece in the Washington Post, then Sojourners and ProPublica...then he disappears? "Removing Falwell, then, is not enough. Liberty must make a public statement of reconciliation wherein it traces its culture of fear... —  read more 

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Your father...

Perhaps it was just icing on the cake for JFS that coke ended up in DC and crippled inner cities across the US. Will this info be in the JFS Center when it opens next year? Or JFS's relationship with cult leader... —  read more 

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