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"While it is true that GCU and Liberty have large campus enrollment, that reality was built on backbreaking debt laden online subprime degrees. Hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of them. The vast majority of which are useless, except for adding to... —  read more 

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More Fallout from JFJ

"Questions are being raised about the propriety of Liberty University president Jerry Falwell Jr.’s use of a yacht owned by NASCAR mogul Rick Hendrick for multiple family... —  read more 

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What was JFJ thinking?

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A Chronicle Interview with JFJ

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With the possibility of 30 percent unemployment...

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Falkirk Think Tank

" The goal of the new organization, Kirk told the Washington Examiner Saturday, is to “play offense” against both leftists and the dilution of Judeo-Christian principles in the Bible and Constitution in their quest to build support for a larger... —  read more 

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"...Liberty University's president, told The Hill and other news outlets on Tuesday that he is asking the Federal Bureau of Investigation to probe what he said is a "criminal" campaign and "attempted coup" waged by former university board members and... —  read more 

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"A dozen faculty members at Liberty University’s Rawlings School of Divinity learned at the end of May they would not have their contracts renewed, representing significant cuts to the on-the-ground instructional work force of the Christian... —  read more 

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Liberty University is standing by its chief information officer despite reports that he accepted cash to rig online polls for Donald Trump.

"Despite reports that John Gauger, the CIO, accepted cash to rig online polls for Trump before he became president, university administrators are standing by Gauger and ignoring questions about the appropriateness of an employee promoting the... —  read more 

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Liberty University competitor Western Governors University, has been shortchanging students.

"The department’s Office of Inspector General found in 2017 that Western Governors University, which enrolls more than 83,000 students, failed to meet federal requirements for the interaction between faculty members and students. The audit said the... —  read more 

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Another false claim?

"Liberty University has for some time said that it is the largest Christian university. But Religion News Service recently reported that Grand Canyon University now has more students. The news service also said Liberty had started removing the claim... —  read more 

LU spent $16K on Roy Moore

Looks like LU budgets $1M a year for lobbying, though they spend very little. But they did throw in $16K for Roy Moore, the child friendly judge who ran for senate. —  read more 

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Liberty afraid of liberal evangelists

"A progressive Christian author and activist who asked to pray with Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. while visiting Lynchburg, Va., for this weekend’s “Red Letter Revival” got an answer – set foot on campus, and you will go to jail."... —  read more 

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Liberty U grads turning in degrees

Jerry Falwell Jr. keeps defending Trump as Liberty University grads return diplomas —  read more 

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Layoffs at LU

Things are going down at LU: LYNCHBURG (WSLS 10) - Some Liberty University staff were told they don't have a position any longer after a reorganization of its online management staff. This comes as online enrollment is down to 94,000 students, a drop... —  read more 

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