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Regarding Adtalem's sale of Carrington

Does anyone know what this means for current employees? Will there be more lay offs? Carrington is still a sinking ship with new un-successful attempts at saving it implemented daily.. Just wondering the same thing, and hoping having this on top will... read more

Is DeVry violating its FTC consent decree?

Is the DeVry violating the consent decree it had with the Federal Trade Commission? If so, let Veterans Education Success know about it. The whistleblower form is posted below, and VES will protect your confidentiality and anonymity... read more
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Word on the Street

Word on the street has Adtalem selling Carrington to IEC (UEI Colleges). Any truth to that?

What's to come for Adtalem employees?

Everyone is talking about what will happen with Devry colleagues, but has anyone heard anything about what will happen with adtalem colleagues after the devry sale? What changes are in store for us in the coming months?

DeVry Lawsuits

If DeVry gets sued for acts in committed as part of Adtalem, who will be liable? Looks to me that DeVry is still using false and misleading information.

Adtalem panning off failing DeVry brand

Adtalem is trying to rid itself of the DeVry brand--and providing it with little capital moving forward. It's survival of the fittest. Forget about people. It's all about profits.
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Which DeVry Campuses Will Close Next?

Which DeVry campuses will close next?
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Executive compensation

Executive compensation CEO-6.4M (2.5M raise) CFO-1.3M (500K raise) President of Chamberlain-1.3M (50K cut) President of DeVry-1.3M (40K cut) SVP, External Relations-990K SVP, Counsel-1.1M Interestingly, there is no mention of DeVry closings... read more
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140 Gone at DeVry

Apparently mostly faculty but also DEM managers. Check out the old DeVry board here for posts.
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More layoffs today!

This sh*tshow gets better every day! Why do you still even work here?? WE ARE ADTALEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111..........until you're not. Enrollment is down. You're next!

Rob Paul bites the proverbial dust!

When the Sept 12th DeVry Town Hall was canceled last week I thought there was a foul smell. That turned into the "sacrifice" that Rob Paul and his marketing director supposedly made earlier today ... or whenever. Three years and nothing but a... read more

Yearly Reviews

It is IPP review season. The DeVry board on this site is still active and people are saying that their reviews are lower than before or are very basic in nature. The rumor is that they are doing this so they won't have to pay raises or keep them to a... read more

Adtalem did not evolve with the times

There are more than just teachers that work at this organization. The complaints I have heard from students are across the board from faculty, registrar, student services, finance, etc. There are good and bad apples in every department. The problem... read more

Adtalem was DeVry

Adtalem was formerly DeVry. Here's some information.
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