Topics regarding layoffs at Adtalem

Topics regarding layoffs at Adtalem

Earnings Call...

Thursday, Nov. 3, 2022, at 4 p.m. CDT (5 p.m. EDT).

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"Soul Machines Partners with Adtalem Global Education to Launch Digital Person that Reimagines the Future of Health Care Career Development"

"Soul Machines, the groundbreaking company pioneering the creation of autonomously animated Digital People, has partnered with Adtalem Global Education, a leading health care education company, to launch Linda, a Digital Person that reimagines health... —  read more 

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AUC and RUSM team up with SCUH

Imagine the studentvdebt accrued ...

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Why? Really, Why?

Why are Adtalem (ATGE) shares doing so well? How is ATGE making money with these subprime schools? Chamberlain, Walden, AUC, RUSM, RUSVM. The student debt must be enormous--especially with some students paying 12 percent interest on the private... —  read more 

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New Board Member

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New Walden President

A former McKinsey executive...

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Adtalem and HBCUs

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Doesn't sound good...

ATGE: This Isn’t Just a COVID19 Problem; Reducing Estimates February 9th, 2022 ATGE management would like investors to believe that the company’s disastrous 2Q22 results and weak outlook for the remainder of the year are solely a function of the... —  read more 

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Unmanageable student loan debt

The information in this Table is from 2014. Walden University students alone had $9.8 Billion in student loan debt. Can you imagine what the accumulated, unmanageable student loan debt is for Adtalem schools in... —  read more 

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Chamberlain Univer$ity’$ Ma$ter of Public Health Degree Program Receive$ Accreditation from Council on Education for Public Health

Chamberlain Univer$ity’s CEPH-accredited MPH degree program promote$ profe$$ional mobility and enhance$ employment opportunitie$ for graduates through: Eligibility for employment opportunitie$ in public health that are only available to graduate$ of... —  read more 

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FTC Warning

"The Federal Trade Commission this morning announced a new initiative to combat deceptive and unfair practices in the for-profit higher education industry. At a press conference, FTC Commissioner Rohit Chopra and Bureau of Consumer Protection... —  read more 

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Definitely not a love letter

"Despite the tremendous opportunity at the Company, we have serious concerns about the ability of the Board of Directors (the “Board”) and management team to realize the Company’s true potential, allocate capital appropriately, and capitalize on its... —  read more 

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Debt Sentence

Student loan default is a traumatic, stigmatizing experience. Because of that, many working people keep the pain of their student loan problems to themselves. Can you feel it?... —  read more 

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Looks like the Walden deal will go through. Do "synergies" mean layoffs?

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The College Dream is Over

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Human Resources Corrupt

Adtalem will lay you off and pretend they care. Human Resources employees are corrupted especially the wicked witches Donna and Nancy. Karma will meet them one day, and don’t get me started on the two TA leaders they are inseparable and only promotes... —  read more 

Financial Services President resigning

"Adtalem Global Education Inc. announced that Mehul Patel is resigning from his position as group president, Financial Services... to pursue another opportunity outside the education industry. The Financial Services vertical will be led by... —  read more 

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Brazil Off-Loaded Now

Adtalem Global offloads its Brazilian unit Adtalem Global Education (ATGE +1.1%) agrees to sell its Brazilian portfolio, Adtalem Educacional do Brasil, to YDUQS, for R$1.92B, equivalent to ~$465M IBMEC, Damásio and Wyden will retain and... —  read more 

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