Topics regarding layoffs at Education Management Corporation

Topics regarding layoffs at Education Management Corporation

Who's to Blame?

Let's have some fun, go ahead and name names. Let's call them out...who do you blame? I'll go. Admissions, of course. Crooks. Thieves. Haven't met an honest rep yet.

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Confimed closings in North Carolina

"Three campuses, including the Art Institutes in Durham and Charlotte and South University in High Point, are expected to shut down before the end of the year. The University of North Carolina system was notified this week that Dream Center Education... —  read more 

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Uh oh

Just walk away

All the unhappy people here, just do it! Make the decision and leave. I did and I have never been happier in my life. It took me leaving this awful place to realize how much more I'm worth and how much better I deserve. You will land on your feet... —  read more 

change - what change?

There was such a burst of positive energy when EDMC left the picture last year but really not much has changed on our campus. Budgets still cut, no new updates on facilities, no new hires, no new programs. We are operating on such a small crew now... —  read more 

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