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Layoff Tips

Tours of housing and applications on hold

Admissions director abruptly told us there would be no housing tours tomorrow and applications are on hold. Anybody else get that message? Seems fishy this time of year. She would not answer questions.


Does anyone know if suo employees are getting raises in July. And if so, how much?



Can some admin or mod go through and delete all the uses of the m-word I these threads?

SUO Pittsburgh

Will there be anymore changes/layoffs at suo Pittsburgh? Has anyone heard anything?


I heard HR is moving out to Robinson. Will that be the fate for everyone eventually? Who’s got a timeline?

Phoenix next week

Rumor has it that Ai campus EC members will be drinking the punch together next week in Phoenix. The bigger storm is coming.

DECEH executive gets special award at LeadsCon

LeadsCouncil, the association responsible for the oversight of ethics and best practices for the performance marketing space, announced the recipients of its 2017 Leader Awards at LeadsCon in Las Vegas on March 6th. The Leaders Awards promote merit... read more
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Is it true? Humburgler Gone?

Are the whispers I’ve been hearing true? Has the head of SUO PGH really been relieved of his duties? Did Christmas in July come early? Is the C-Dumpster next?

News coverage?

It seems like every time EDMC had layoffs, it was all over the local news. For DCEH, I’ve seen nothing. This last round of layoffs seems pretty large considering cuts at CS and schools. Why no coverage?

Is it done?

Do we know if layoffs are done? Have there been any more today or was yesterday it?

Comment from yesterday

Hitting our numbers is going to be easy now that they put compliance in their place. I heard there aren’t going to be anymore infractions that will stick. Back to the good old days of shooting fish in a barrel. 15 hours ago by Anonymous | Post ID:... read more

The Return

Sources close to the situation say PC is in talks to return to the dream center to lead AUO to the promise land starting 5/1. Some say that Martin had the dream but really, its PC....


I heard and read in a few places that today there were supposed to be layoffs in Admissions. Does anybody here know if anything happened today and if it did, how many were cut? Trying to get a better sense of what happened this week. There seem to... read more

Liberty University following failed subprime college model

Inside the Liberty U. boiler room. Can this business model be sustainable, even with the Christian branding?
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I just took a job with South this year and everyone is talking about layoffs? Why? Any reliable information would help.

Dream Center lead generator in trouble

I wonder how many good leads Ai and Argosy actually get from Quinstreet. Check out this report.
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Pittsburgh layoffs?

We are approaching end of fiscal year. Who has news on Pittsburgh CS office layoffs? Those execs aren’t gonna wanna keep making that AZ—>PA trip much longer. Are campuses expecting layoffs too?

AI Colorado How are you holding up?

I’m hanging onto hope and focusing on the students. We seem to have quite a few promising grads and working with all the vets is rewarding. How about you? How are you all getting by?
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Why are we suddenly seeing so many firings? I know of three people who were unceremoniously shown the door in the past month. Good employees who were fired for infractions I can only assume were either exaggerated or all together made up. Anybody... read more

Hiring freeze

Received an email from the COO (who is he anyway) that all of DCEH has a hiring freeze. Essential positions only will be approved on a case by case basis.

Salaries at Online and my RAISE??

I started as an AR 3 years ago. Just before i was to get my first raise we were told they were frozen. The same was true last year. Now, as i enter year 3 will i receive an increase from the $40K i was hired at? And are AR’s still brought in at the... read more

Any REAL news on raises?

We were told that raises are coming in June. Has anyone heard any solid numbers? Some positions are being hired NEW at 10-15k higher than those already working here.

art Institure acid reflux

Dear Alumni, We recently shared the exciting news with you that The Art Institutes is now a non-profit institution owned by Dream Center Education Holdings. At The Art Institutes system of schools, now more than ever, we are committed to empowering... read more

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