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Studio Enterprise website

Whoever posted the website -- thanks! Just read these impressive bio's of the leaders: "Mr. Newman is a strategic planner and problem solver who develops winning teams and remains focused on student outcomes and regulatory compliance as the keys to... read more


https://www.indeed.com/viewjob?jk=4f71429d05656c34&q=Photography&tk=1csf6p3l733pv800&from=ja&alid=5a78c98fe4b0942a2e82a346&utm_source=jobseeker_emails&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=job_alerts&rgtk=1csf6p3l733pv800 I'm former adjunct faculty at a... read more

Not a clue.

I've done what you've asked I thought as I skulked down the hallway to my next class. But it was hard to contain the feeling of being abandoned by those who promised so much. What did I do? I feel like an innocent victim of the years of their lies. I... read more

How students are treated

To some at Ai, students are just a number, dollar sign or statistic to others they’re people who are interesting to get to know. We wish students well but they have to look out for themselves. If you’re a student who received a notice your debt to... read more

Ahh, The Memories

@W7HAwIR Truly an evil doppleganger's version of "Goodbye Mr. Chips" that succeeds in foisting on us an overtly nausea provoking paean to cultism that inexplicably works to sugar-coat the stench. How about that?

So Long Art Institute community - Mic drop :-)

As the last weeks of our closing campus come to an end I will see the final graduating class across the stage. It is bittersweet but we had a good run until recently. Everywhere I go and mention the campus is closing people are shocked. Most of my... read more


HLC left Colorado on "candidacy" status, aka, not accredited.

"For profit" not the issue

Several Art Institute campuses were" for profit" for over 40 years before it became an issue. When EDMC was run by committed owners who supported quality programs and constantly reinvested in the campuses the money was well spent. Once predatory... read more

San Diego IS a ghost town. It’s just weird.

The “San Diego campus is a ghost town” post was taken down, but it was SO ON POINT! People who are sub-par HAVE been promoted in Student Services and Admissions and it’s a joke. It has to be a joke. Right?? How do you let go of people who loved this... read more

AiP has a new provost -- aka vice president

Someone moved up and was promoted to provost - on ground - watch out! Who's taking their place online? probably ditching the position since no announcement was made at the same time for a replacement.

Terminated without pay - WARN Notice

After 16 years I was terminated without any severance or health care. The letter said since they notified me (WARN) that our my campus could be closing in 2018 there are no benefits offered. Funny that letter was followed by another that said ignore... read more

Tomorrow is Monday back to this h-hole

Can’t wait for more BS this week. Get apps, keep people engaged, what do you mean they decided not to go. Better hit at least 200 dials even though you won’t talk to anyone. Can’t wait.

Unemployment appeal from South...

I was let go in the reduction of force and have a letter stating that South would NOT appeal. And we were told they would not appeal as well. The DOL states that South is appealing it and I have a hearing under oath mid month (November). Has anyone... read more

Any accreditation updates for Pittsburgh?

When will AIP and AIO hear if they've lost their accreditation and if they do will they automatically go into Teach Out or will Dream Center care less and move forward with their plans unaccredited?

Cutting the full timers

I visited Miami campus recently and they had similar layoffs. I was told the entire full time faculty is now 8 after almost 20 were cut. It is not a teach out campus. This is what happened at Fort Lauderdale, lay off the bulk of full timers, replace... read more

Ai Seattle


Qualified employees found greener pastures

South University, just like their degrees, or not worth the paper they’re printed on. The only people that believe this is quality education are either The students who were too poor or too stupid to know any better, or the employees who make over 80... read more

Are Brand Name Coding Bootcamps the New Higher Education Scam?

My friend Tom Cal at the Veteran Mentor Network has alerted me about the proliferation of coding bootcamps and their reluctance to tell consumers what they need to know to make good decisions. Are these bootcamps meeting all their hype? Are they... read more
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STAR get used to it

Looks like the higher-ups feel it is working as intended and we just need to dial. I wonder if they’ll tell us the results of the smiley face survey they sent out. I know for a fact the everyone that took it ripped apart the new system. Yet nothing... read more


How has the community missed the community connection?
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South for Sale?

A current rumour floating around is that DCEH is trying to sell South University, in particular, the Savannah campus, in an attempt to raise money to keep the other parts of their empire afloat. Does anybody have any information that supports or... read more

Bullying Prevention

on Wednesday, October 24th. Wear ORANGE in support of bullying prevention, and to promote KINDNESS, ACCEPTANCE & INCLUSION. New email from Ai --

Accepting the new reality?

I'm not sure whether to be relieved or even more concerned by the atmosphere at work and even the time of this site? Are we experiencing the calm before the storm or could it be that the worst changes have already happened and this is our new norm?... read more

Time to go?

I wanted to leave AI 4 years before I did, and I should have left sooner. Some professional advice if you’re still reticent. https://apple.news/AYsDVWcD_Rfyh9mFazNpm-w

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