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Argosy On Show Cause with WASC

See Argosy Unoversity current accreditation status here https://www.wscuc.org/institutions/argosy-university. This is from the WASC site: Issue an Order to Show Cause An Order to Show Cause is a decision by the Commission to terminate the... read more

From DCEH filing

“DCEH’s financial woes have resulted in it defaulting on its financial commitments across the country, including sums due a number of landlords, who have started eviction proceedings. The impending cascade of creditor litigation will result in the... read more

The Blame Game

Who do you blame? Admissions...Crooks? Den of Liars and Thieves? Same difference.

What is a receivership?

https://www.investopedia.com/terms/r/receivership.asp In most cases, the receiver is given ultimate decision-making powers and has full discretion in deciding how to manage received assets.

Argosy University files for receivership in federal court

“State officials say the company that owns Argosy University, which has a campus in Eagan with about a thousand students, has filed for receivership in federal court. Higher Education Commissioner Dennis Olson says they don’t know at this time if... read more
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DCEH Corporate Restructure updated email

Colleagues, In follow up to the DCEH Corporate Restructure message that was sent on Monday, January 14, 2019, today marks a major milestone in the significant work to provide education that is relevant, accessible, purposeful, and affordable. As the... read more

Is this from the same guy who has been bashing BR?

Brent Richardson has resigned as CEO of Dream Center Education Holdings after a tumultuous year since the non-profit took over three chains of career education schools — the Art Institutes, Argosy University, and South University — formerly owned by... read more


Why does no one know what’s going on with DCEH itself? Does anyone believe that administration knows nothing?

Lying to the end "fact sheet"

Marketing at its finest. Published fact sheet misrepresenting numbers. Published July 2018 using October 2017 numbers. Talk about unethical when you know your populations are not even half this. Buyer Beware, I would not trust anything these guys... read more

Update on bankruptcy filing (moved to the top)

Each school is setup as its own LLC, therefore, each needs to file for bankruptcy. Looks like this has been in the works since mid-summer. The chapter 7 trustee just filed to Joint Administration all cases (campus bankruptcies) into one case. Bottom... read more

Facing insolvency, Dream Center is unloading Art Institutes

https://www.educationdive.com/news/facing-insolvency-dream-center-is-unloading-art-institutes/546114/ An Ed Department spokesperson told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that DCEH no longer holds an ownership position in "most" Art Institutes.
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DCEH offer’s

Nothing!!!! Certainly not a chief HR officer who appears to have a college education. Seat. Of. Their. Pants.


Did anyone notice the policy update when the pto policy was updated? No more severence.

Get out now doesn’t mean quit

It means to start looking now while you still have the job. If you have looked and not gotten anything pay to have your resume done professionally. Also see if you can find websites that show how close of a match your resume is to a job description... read more

Federal Student Aid

Argosy Online - we’ve been told for weeks to tell students there’s a delay with financial aud due to government shut down and its caused a delay with funding being brought in and stipends being issued. We started finally seeing stipends issued at the... read more

Employee position

We all knew something was coming. We all knew if we stayed with DCEH we could lose our job at anytime. With that being said just tell us if we have a job or if we need to reapply. The plan is already all layed out. Give us something.


and so it begins... Attn: Ai Students!!! The Art Institute of Philadelphia and Dream Center Education Holdings has signed an agreement with Hussian College, a Philadelphia based art and design school to finish out both the Media Art & Animation and... read more

Insurance question

Hi. I just found out my has a long term illness. My school was one that was sold to the new non profit. Can someone please do some digging and find out what AI is going to do with benefits? I have gotten no where. I’m hoping someone is on here that... read more

Argosy Online

We were told yesterday to expect an update with meetings and information because higher management was flying in from PA. There were meetings alright, we just weren’t a part of any of them. They are expecting us to operate like business as usual. We... read more

God I hate this Corporate-Speak BS!

About Studio Enterprise Studio Enterprise is a vertically integrated education services company focused on student centric models of education and training as a platform to impact the creative economy. Studio Enterprise partners with colleges and... read more

Anything from Aio or AiP?

It would be nice if JC and JC would step up to the plate and say something informative about all this - reassuring or comforting would be best - wishful thinking

Here it is gang...broken down for you.

BR and crew are Board members of the newly established Education Principle Foundation which is to become the new "owner" of Ai and South assets. ---BR may even be hired as president or director of the new nonprofit Education Principle Foundation will... read more

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