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Mr DCEH man

The Mr DCEH who keeps posting on here - wants you to know he does not care about academic accreditation. He only cares about the dollars in his pockets. Mr DCEH man does not have the guts to identify himself

Nano credentials.

future is bright.... These certificate programs are being developed as we speak at Ai.


I want to thank dream center for helping me get a higher paying job where my skills are valued. May Mr DCEH poster here rot in hell FYI I was not fired and I was not in jeaopardy of losing my job I just left because of mo--ns like yourself
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Reality for DCEH

Every time you lay off people and then say get back to work you demoralize people. The colleges accredited fully have to pass rigorous standards but you are to stupid to realize that when we all walk your student population tanks online and offline.
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A response to DCEH man

Telling people to shut up and get back to work clearly indicates that you are not a leader and are actually a major part of the problem whether you are a hold over from EDMC or part of Dream Center’s new regime you are one of the clear reasons your... read more

For profit or Nonprofit?

*The Art Institute of Pittsburgh is one of The Art Institutes, is a system of nonprofit schools throughout the United States. Programs, credential levels, technology, and scheduling options vary by school and are subject to change. Not all online... read more

A special message to DCEH

You know what would be awesome DCEH??? aid the good people doing awesome work we’re given some good news once incyead of just receiving random emails and creepy videos from socially awkward white old men from DCEH. Ps: Brett Richards, (or Brent?)... read more

New MASSIVE source of student fees

Pell Grants will be expanded to cover short-term, training programs. Read on... https://www.cnbc.com/2018/02/12/trumps-budget-would-end-student-loan-forgiveness-program.html

Layoffs/No communication

For all of us left working for DCEH I think we all know anyday could be our last. Each day we come to and do our job and we here all the rummors see the layoffs and no one in mangement is saying anything. Why cant we just be told the truth or just... read more

AI Hollywood Leaking Information

Everyone keeps wondering where the information is coming from. Well look no further than the Hollywood campus. Our fearless president blabs everything to the Dean as well as others, the Dean in his traditional Ho-Hum, whoa is me, my life s---s living... read more

Russian collusion

Is it true part of the money for DCEH came from Russian operatives? Are they also embezzling money?

DCEH accreditation

A number of us full time faculty’s have family’s to support and excellent experience. The accreditation we have at the 11 existing colleges allows us to keep Veteran’s and student to receive financial aid. Cutting accreditation by laying off full... read more


Any updates on the termination timelines for accredited Ai colleges. It’s a fact Brent’s teams read these reports and these posts- maybe they could release something to share their long term vision with remaining dedicated faculty. A lot of us love... read more

What needs improved on STAR

Why do we have to open 4 windows to send an app? Make it load in the same window and we’ll navigate back to our work flow. It’s a jumbled mess right now. ALL students from CampusVue should be loaded into STAR regardless of their status. We should be... read more

The Bell Tolls for Pittsburgh Today

There is no way Pitt will be able to maintain Middle States accreditation; today's visit from MSCHE is a formality as they have already made a determination. The end of the road for Pittsburgh including online. Hey Elder.... do you think MSCHE will... read more

More Cuts in Staff System-wide are Inevitable

DCEH as of October 15th, 2017, when the sale finalized had 12,500 full-time, part-time employees and adjuncts with 50,200 students enrolled. The number of students enrolled has dropped since the sale. Administrative staff accounted for 24.9% of the... read more

Message to all remaining DCEH staff

Stop agonizing whether your job is safe. This company has laid off hundreds if not thousands of people in less than a year, while continuing to hire their “friends “at six figure salaries. Don’t listen to your manager, they have no idea what’s really... read more

As our last graduates complete their degrees...

Closing schools will have a skeleton crew in fall. Our campus will have less then 10 faculty to teach portfolio classes, a class week of four days, 1 department chair for everyone, a campus head and maybe two staffers for HR and financial services... read more


Is South University done? There are many nursing related positions listed under Ai Orlando and West Palm Beach which should be SU schools. Maybe the branding is changing to Ai for SU?

Hired a Program Chair

We just hired a Program Chair covering all programs it appears. If they now remove all full timers, our school would close. We don’t have enough adjuncts as it is. No instructor would stay for the same courseload but half of the pay.

Teaching is not for everyone

Anyone considering teaching part time online, make sure you know what you are responsible for when you accept a class. The pay is $1,500 a class which is less than what I can make per credit hour at a community college. I know, you can work from... read more

The 9/28 Plan- Ai Only (Academics)

Applies to all schools that are to remain open. Does not apply to closing schools. My information does not extend outside of academics, sorry. Positions to be eliminated: All Regional Chairs All Local Chairs Any remaining old structure academics Full... read more

Hating Mondays thanks to DCEH

Just wanted to thank DCEH for killing what apparently was an unusual habit of mine of actually looking forward to going to work on Monday. Now I'm like every other cog in the machine - hating start of the work week with passion of five burning suns... read more

Argosy is hiring in Chandler, Arizona

Argosy is hiring in Chandler, Arizona https://www.indeed.com/q-Education-l-Phoenix,-AZ-jobs.html?vjk=7496cbf59c817fd3 You can join all the other Arizona scammers: University of Phoenix, Charlie Kirk and Turning Point USA, Bridgepoint, and Career... read more
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Enjoy a “Take this job and..,” Moment

This company does not deserve a 2 weeks notice. After years of great work and no appreciation, I had the moment and it felt so good. If you are overworked most likely you had a boss like mine that never “overworked” herself. She rarely worked an 8 hr... read more

What happens on 9/27 at Ai

Department chairs or regional dept chairs ? All full timers as faculty who is getting axed? Any clues? What is the new management system?

Sick Out

I wonder what would happen if everyone who gives AF about how awful DCEH is staged a sick out.... especially admissions/enrollment staff. Hmmm?

Let’s form a union

If I can find a way to get the paperwork/signatures needed to be in an online arena who wants to unionize so that we can’t be strong armed out of our jobs, wages, ethics, and benefits?

Mission accomplished DCEH!

I left on my own just like you were hoping for...Just without going though your call scheme! You can work it all out with Jesus.

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