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Operating Budget?

Does anyone know what the average operating budget was for the admissions office at Ai?

Who Do You Blame?

Let's hold people accountable, it's ok to say names. So let's have it out, who do you blame? I'll go first. I blame Admissions at each and every Art Institute. Not real student affairs practitioners. Dishonest. Den of Thieves. You all ought to be... —  read more 

W2 Arrived

For any former DCEH employee like me who was skeptical their 2019 W2 would arrive in a timely manner, I received mine yesterday. I’m not giving them any credit for obeying the law and sending them before the end of January but wanted to extend hope... —  read more 

Merry Xmas

What a Christmas Story...who’s everyone’s favorite character?!

why is this still up???

https://www.artinstitutes.edu/las-vegas/about/faculty?fbclid=IwAR3x5SWFcCblE0KV9aboHCdLB_wYyeiKfkwQicdnPu8YQnIlk2PRcAtqSzI And how do I get it taken down??? False Advertising.

Argosy University Pay Stubs

Does anyone know how to get pay stubs from working at Argosy University? The ADP website says that there is a registration code needed and I don't have that. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Checks mailed..

I have not received mine yet, but have heard from some colleagues that they have.. https://www.dottoreco.com/dream-center-education-holdings Dream Center Education Holdings The following information is being provided as a current status of... —  read more 

2019 W2's

Anyone know who will be sending out the 2019 W2's now that the Dream Center no longer exists? The receiver? I worked specifically for the Dream Center student accounting, not any of the schools. I left in mid-March once they started hammering our... —  read more 

Receiver's Oct 1, 2019 Report

Some interesting updates on the case as of Oct. 1. You can see the Report here. https://www.dottoreco.com/dream-center-education-holdings

unpaid bill- July 2018

I just got a bill from July 2018, stating it wasn't paid, I called Aetna and asked why a bill from over a year ago wasn't paid. They said because of the receivership. That happened way after my procedure. I also had a very expensive medical month... —  read more 

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This should be an EPF page now, eh?

South Students Take Note ( there's still time)

Can I drop a class the first week? Dropping or withdrawing can usually affect your tuition only if you do it in the first two weeks of a fall or spring semester. If you drop below full time and do so before the end of the second week of the... —  read more 

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Still here?

If you are in Admissions and still around, why? It's not like you all are real student affairs practitioners, anyways. Might as well go sell cars. That's ok....admissions reps, or whatever is left of you, you are NOT going to like what happens next... —  read more 

DCEH fails to pay predatory lead generator

Ripple effects... "Excluding the net one-time charge of $5.8 million related to the write-off of an outstanding receivable related to Dream Center Education Holdings (“DCEH”), adjusted EBITDA for fiscal year 2019 would have been $40.3 million, or... —  read more 

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Old info proves a point

Florida Business Daily is using info from 2017-18 to promote South University. https://flbusinessdaily.com/stories/512867014-graduates-earn-323-degrees-from-south-university-west-palm-beach

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Call to action

It’s been months now and I’m not seeing that any kind of action has been taken to hold these crooks responsible. The Receiver is getting his pay day but thousands of faculty and employees are still owed money. Not to mention the unpaid medical bills... —  read more 

Why is collapsed

Worried now? Join the crowd and turn it up. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/music-videos-college-meltdown-dahn-shaulis/ —  read more 

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EPF layoff page?

Shouldn't there be an Education Principle / Studio page? DCEH is dead.

South Fraudaversity (SUO) ... continued...

You just can't make up this incentivized loan mill scheme to blow through TAXPAYER'S MONEY while dumping 91% of their (student) victims over an 8 year period. (collegescorecard.gov) 'Highly Regulated?' Over an 8 year period? I don't think so... —  read more 

NY Times

"One person, though, is primed for a big payday: the court-appointed receiver who quickly shut down the schools." https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/21/business/dream-center-argosy-university-art-institutes.html —  read more 

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South Fraudaversity (Deja Vu) all over again?

https://www.republicreport.org/2019/devos-backed-deal-would-allow-secretive-non-profit-to-enrich-related-for-profit/ Recently on this site a very fine gentleman with an unfortunate anger management problem lauded (of all people) the Republic's David... —  read more 

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