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Anyone get their severance packet Friday??

Did anyone get their severance package Friday? If so, are they doing severance for someone only there 1.5 years ? Curious as to what to expect.
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The old "secrecy" clause

Would you really sign something like this? We will give you money if you promise never to say anything bad about us....

What Propaganda at Open Campuses

What propaganda is DCEH feeding the open campuses so they won’t encourage students to leave? You realize the majority of their education will be with the horrible online school and their portfolios are not marketable. Why are you still staying after... read more


Fielded a phone call at 7 pm on a Friday night from an angry, frustrated parent regarding Ai. Thanks, DCEH! You guys are the best!!!!!

Fort Lauderdale Art Institute shutting down fast

Looking more and more like the campus will be closed by end of summer quarter. Students transferring out already in week 1. None allowed to stay for Fall unless they are graduating. So maybe a couple classes for portfolios will be left after summer... read more

Ai Trying To Force Students To Sign Today

Check out the Facebook I Am Ai page and the forms they are trying to force students to sign. They were insisting students sign them and there without any representation. If the link isn’t working look for a post about 836 pm EDT Thursday... read more

Layoff notices going out Friday 7/13

Only some campus staff affected. Effective date 7/27. That two week period counts as “notice” which taps into your severance (even though you will still be physically on campus working). If you have been with the company 10 years, you would only now... read more

CFA / Park Place Chandler

Anyone with any info on layoffs or what the future plan's are please comment below. All you haters no need for rude comments. Most of us do care about students and we care about our jobs. Just looking for info. Thank you

Bow tie fired?

Is it true? Did they finally release the Mann who drove Ai into the ground?

AT is coming back!!

Heard AT is coming back! He will be back in our building soon to save us all! Thank you...and in the words of AT, “Let me see dat poker face”.

Good advice

If you want to know how things will work out, go read Zenith Education Lay off. That will help you understand what you're in for. ECMC was a company just like The Dream Center that bought a bunch of for-profit schools without any experience of... read more


Students that are enrolled when their school closes or within 120 days of the school closing are eligible to have all of their federal student loans canceled as long as they DO NOT sign anything and DO NOT accept a teach-out or transfer. I was laid... read more

Are the giving us a pay extension?

Will someone please answer? I saw a post the other day and several people said that they are keeping the people who were let go last week on active payroll until early September. I heard only until July 13th. does anyone know where these rumors came... read more

when the hammer is your only tool

When the only tool you have is a hammer, then every problem is seen as a nail. Because one online school they own worked, everything must follow that model. They write 10 emails a day saying the classic "we do this for the students" and "all we care... read more
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No raises

Just get more students. Myself and a select few other people were informed that we'll be going to 4 week starts and required to start at least 4 students per start. Never mind that 90% of admissions isn't doing that as is. 52 students a year or... read more

25% at Open Campuses

I am adjunct faculty at a school that is closing. I heard this from a former student today who has looked into transferring to a nearby campus that is staying open. I have not verified the information but he is a very reliable student so I do trust... read more

4 options for students...

Last week, students of closing institutions were sent an email with for options including transferring to another Ai with 50% tuition. Everyone of our students who have tried to transfer we're told that most their credits won't transfer to the... read more

On active payroll til Sept???

I heard from another employee who was let go that Admissions staff will be most likely being kept on payroll til early September now. Is that correct? Anyhow heard anything like this? I just can’t wait to receive my lovely letter. Ugh.

50% off? $5000?

If they had all this money, why didn't they just lower the tuition and provide a decent education at a decent price? Instead they had to gouge their customer and now it's finally biting them.

Ai Hollywood- WARNING

I am copying and pasting a post from earlier to make sure others see this. I am a student who transferred to this campus when Los Angeles closed. Please pay attention to this warning. Do not come to this school! I know it sounds tempting. Your school... read more

We deserve a bonus

The reason why they are keeping us is for us to deal with all of the students and faculty. They are using us as a safe guard so they won’t have to. We weren’t even kept in the loop .. yet we have to meet with the students. We deserve a bonus... read more

Monday start reports

Please share whether students are showing up and let us know whether your class is at the beginning, middle or end of the degree sequence.

From a student to teachers

Taken from another thread because this is something every faculty member should read. A little light in dark days: I don’t think it is fair to say that teaching at Ai is morally wrong. I’m sorry for hijacking this post but I was researching what... read more

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