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South Fraudaversity (SUO) ... continued...

You just can't make up this incentivized loan mill scheme to blow through TAXPAYER'S MONEY while dumping 91% of their (student) victims over an 8 year period. (

'Highly Regulated?' Over an 8 year period? I don't think so. ( But seeing IS believing.

The following recently published (May'19 in tells the whole story in Black and White of how much of an egregious failure factory The Fradaversity really is. So here goes:

Outcomes (after) 8 Years (Starting in 2011) and

After Attending:

Show data for students who started college @ SUO or transferred-in or (BOTH)

and started their studies full-time or part-time or (BOTH) .

Out of *29,475 students...

2% transferred

91% withdrew

7% graduated (most likely padded with Fraudaversity Employees)

*STUDENTS BEWARE!!! Don't let the soft shoe shufflers take what they really want--- YOUR LOAN MONEY!

IT'S the vulture capitalists owners' BUSINESS PLAN. (and you know how invested in your educational success they are)

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Alright I’m in, what’s the plan?

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Wow! Just what level of hell did you just slither out of?

"Have you considered that some people (very few) aren’t shills... and are not willing to abandon their own livelihood in the pursuit of some moral high ground." (bingo)

I couldn't have said it better myself Mr. Lugosi. And since you and others 'have accepted the 'atrocity' which I'll assume we can both agree on is South Fraudaversity I feel it is MY moral high ground to get the word out the best I can to those students yet to be ensnared by this elaborate ongoing hocus pocus house of the defrauded that graduates virtually no one leaving most with a lifetime of debt.

So I must respectively disagree with your assertion that the information proffered on this site is (a) meaningless or (b) not novel or important. You see, I'm way past trying to convince those at the Fraudaversity who have long since abandoned the 'moral high ground' to change their nefarious ways. But I do care about things like honesty, truthful information, and not ruining the lives of so many that were just looking for an honest break in life but taken advantage of by the unscrupulous.

So to put it bluntly, you are the other and not the audience.

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Have you considered that some people aren’t shills and have just objectively viewed this atrocity and accepted that a. This platform is meaningless and b. None of this information is novel or important? You spend a lot of time pontificating to people who already know this information, have no power to influence the outcome and are not willing to abandon their own livelihood in the pursuit of some moral high ground

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@ZKgbyhJ- Is that you *Shilly? (Professional Paid South Fraudaversity Shill)

The following statement while not unusual for fraud shills is a classic in DENY, DEFLECT and DISCREDIT only to DELAY the inevitable (move on), rob the student's loan money, and disappear into the night ongoing confidence scam:

'Yeah if you don't stick with it and take out loans to not graduate you are an id--t. That's like paying for a new car but never showing up to take it home.' (Shilly's All Heart)

So: to the Point he goes on to say:

'That 7% graduation rate *only includes new students?' OK THEN, TIME TO CELEBRATE! Whoopee!

But what about this: Also recently published (

Outcome of students who after 8 years of attending the South Fraudaversity Online and (never attended college (new students) *(not transfers) and with (full time schedules).

OUT OF 6,614 STUDENTS: 94% WITHDREW; 4% GRADUATED; 2% TRANSFERRED---(these must be the 'id--t' students who remembered to pick up that lemon mobile you grifters saddled them with apre scam).

Students Continue to Beware of These People!!! Get Out and Spread the Word!

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The 7% grad rate only includes "new" students btw. If they have even one TR credit they don't count in the grad rate. At my campus, students graduating from BNS/PTA/OTA/ are making 50k-70k. PA students making 100k plus. Not bad. Yeah if you don't stick with it and take out loans to not graduate you are an id--t. That's like paying for a new car but never showing up to take it home.

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ZKgbyhJ, you should get a nickname. Just wondering, how much money do Ai and South students make after they finish at the school? Can they even pay off their loans given the type of work they will do? It seems that the many who don't graduate are really s*d. But even the graduates, can they get decent paying full-time work?

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