Grand Canyon University Layoffs

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GCU students get degree and job
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GCU students get degree and job
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Rated worse than University of Phoenix

Grand Canyon University is actually rated lower than University of Phoenix.
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What will non-profit status do?

Any change in GCU after their move to non-profit status? Is it just a scheme to lower taxes and reduce liabilities?
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Inside the Liberty University boiler room

The article on Liberty University detailed a high stress call center. Is GCU any different?

Returning to non-profit status?

Officials at the for-profit Grand Canyon University are announcing today that they will attempt another conversion to nonprofit status and have submitted an application to the institution's accreditor. "The Board of Directors of [Grand Canyon... read more

Grand Canyon University grad school enrollment

What do you think about this assessment of for-profit graduate education?

Obama Proposes Free Community College

As ABC News says, it's more of a "political pipe dream." But more progressive states can do this.....
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What can I say, Dr

What can I say, Dr. Kathy Player would never allow something like that. We are not UOP...
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