Topics regarding layoffs at National American University Holdings Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at National American University Holdings Inc.

NAUH in danger of delisting

National American University Holdings shares have been below $1 since August 16th. NASDAQ will send a warning to NAUH if they cannot get the share price to $1. More information is here:... —  read more 

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NAUH story

NAUH has been losing money since 2015, with only severe cost cutting in sight. A former NAUH executive has filed a False Claims lawsuit alleging that the school defrauded the US government. NAUH has mortgaged their real estate assets to stay afloat... —  read more 

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Closing campuses?

It sounds like NAUH is positioning to close more of its campuses. "As previously announced on March 22, 2018, NAU has consolidated several underutilized physical locations into existing operations. NAU recently liquidated two previously closed... —  read more 

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Can't fill out the 10Q in time

It's not good when a company cannot submit its reports on time. I've seen this play out before with other subprime schools that crashed.

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T. Rowe Price

At what point will T. Rowe Price decide to cut their losses? Everyone else has bailed.

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More losses

Revenue of $19.14M (-13.6% Y/Y)

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4th Q Conference Call August 16

4th Quarter conference call on Thursday, August 16, 2018, at 11:00 a.m. ET.

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Board Member Retiring

President of Strategic Initiatives and External Relations resigning effective July 31.

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NAUH borrowing $8M?

Do I have this right? Did NAUH take out an $8M loan from Black Hills Community Bank ? If so, what does this mean?

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NAUH down and out?

Is the end near for NAUH? How much money do they have left?

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NAUH losing money

"National American University Holdings Inc. (NAUH) on Wednesday reported a fiscal fourth-quarter loss of $968,000, after reporting a profit in the same period a year earlier."... —  read more 

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