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Focus on efficiency means...?

"In the U.S. Traditional Postsecondary segment, Carrington revenue and student enrollment declined. We are closely managing this trend as we streamline our operations and continue to execute on revising program offerings, marketing efforts and... read more

How are things at Carrington now?

Is the situation getting better or worse at Carrington? It appears that the NCLEX pass rates are ok, but not great. Is Carrington holding anyone back from graduating if they appear to be unready for the NCLEX?
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More losses at Carrington...

Revenues down in the double digits again. Fourth quarter revenue at Carrington declined 15.3 percent to $32.3 million compared to the prior year.
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Any layoffs coming to Carrington?

With all these constant changes and the lack of information and communication from upper management makes many of us think that something will be happening and with the fiscal year coming to a close, it seems immanent.
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Nursing school without Dean or Director! Messy and chaotic due to unfair treatment of faculty and directors. Not s good place to work!!
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What the hell is going on at Carrington College?

Does anyone know what is going on at Carrington College? Since they reorganized and layed off three layers of management in January, the whole place is going to hell. Every week we get an email threatening to "offboard" us immediately if we haven't... read more
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Management will drive this place into the ground.

The management at the online portion of the university is a joke, they are more worried about how much outreach faculty is doing than on the quality of their classes. If I gave everyone A's and B's they would never question it. A student doesn't show... read more

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