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What the hell is going on at Carrington College?

Does anyone know what is going on at Carrington College? Since they reorganized and layed off three layers of management in January, the whole place is going to hell. Every week we get an email threatening to "offboard" us immediately if we haven't watched some video by some deadline or are caught not wearing our freakin' lanyard. I, for one, am sick of being treated like even minor things are fireable offenses. Yes, they really do present things that way, all the time now. They say cryptic things, like they are looking at programs to make changes to become more profitable. Okay, WHAT programs? WHEN might these mysterious changes happen? It is unnerving to keep trying to do our best by our students, not knowing when or if the whole thing will collapse without notice. And don't get me started about the incompetent new manager who CC'd the entire region on an email noting the names of people from one campus who aren't "good with the new model" and might need to get the boot. His head should have rolled for that gaffe, but no. I could go on, but I won't. So, does anybody know anything about this, because I sure as hell don't.

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