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Colorado Fest Relocated to Tampa--Wake up Keith.....EF, KH, DPK

EF, KH, DP - the three musketeers from CO transplanted back to Tampa they eat, mingle, and engage in a 3 way relationship - that is why no one can get rid of any of them they are all over each other - Poor joe rooting for Michigan state while DP is entertaining EF & when her jealous rants kicks in, she takes it to another level she does not share EF well with women below her title or status - the tall blonde one who is beneath his position, although she is attractive and melts for him, as he melts for her constantly in her Mercedes causes DP to have a mere heart attack and then makes EF walk away and head straight to his or her office - Zenith are employee relations affair a norm for you ? There is no reference to this behavior allowed why do you allow it ? EF stay faithful to your family, DP get pregnant you need a child before you turn 50 clock is ticking KH get a life - back off people everyone knows your dirty Colorado secrets & how you and DP got to your positions! EF stop sharing your nonsense with others you are upsetting DP!

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Anonymous105770: Ugh, Socle was a pig-fest. I wasn't there long, but it will forever hold the honor of being the worst (and most sexist and most racist) place I have ever worked. They could never get away with that in ANY other state except Florida.

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That's actually fairly common in Tampa. When I was at Socle, upper management allowed several BAs and managers to hire their girlfriends as "administrative assistants." There were a lot of closed door private meetings involved, so they must have been excellent mentors to spend that much time with them. I heard it was the same down the hall at EUO. I'm surprised that ECMC is so naive as to let the most unethical and unprofessional company in the U.S. continue on with no oversight or real change. I'm embarrassed that I worked there.

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