Thread regarding Corinthian Colleges Inc. layoffs

Payroll not made and the balls to send this email!

We understand that an issue may have arisen regarding your last paycheck. If so, we sincerely apologize for any challenges this may have created. The School did not foresee or anticipate any problems when the check was issued and sufficient funds were present in the account to satisfy the check. We appreciate your patience during an extremely chaotic time for us all.

We are working diligently to remedy the situation as quickly as possible. Please take the following steps to expedite the resolution:

  1. If you still possess a hard-copy check, please return to the bank to deposit it into your account. The bank should be able to negotiate the check at this time. If your bank will not re-present the check and you have the ability to go to the bank that originated the check (either Bank of American or Union Bank – the face of the check will indicate the issuing bank), you should do so and the issuing bank will honor the check. Please note: if you have already cashed the check without incident and attempt to improperly cash the check a second time, the School combined with the bank will seek all legal remedies against for such unlawful behavior;


  1. If you no longer possess a hard-copy check, please respond immediately to this email informing us of that fact. We will reissue a check as quickly as we are able.

Again, we appreciate not only your patience, but also the good work you provided to our students during your time with the School. We wish you the best of luck in the future.


Corinthian Colleges

This e-mail and any files transmitted with it may contain confidential i

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How do you cash a check a second time? They take said check and cancel it. But that's hilarious!

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This is pure fuc$ery. Of all the bs. I am not surprised. Ask Jack and the execs about the bonuses they got last year and ask him about his raise. Even if he didn't get paid, which I doubt, one paycheck won't hurt a millionaire. Hope things work out for the rest of you though. Why have they not been arrested yet?

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