Topics regarding layoffs at Virginia College

Topics regarding layoffs at Virginia College

Former students

Debt Collective may be able to help with Defense to Repayment for their student loans. Veterans can contact Veterans Education Success.

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More on Virginia College Closings

From Inside Higher Education, Virginia College campuses will close at: Austin, Tex.; Baton Rouge and Shreveport, La.; Biloxi and Jackson, Miss.; Chattanooga, Tenn.; Columbia and Spartanburg, S.C., Columbus and Macon, Ga.; Fort Pierce and Pensacola... —  read more 

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Virginia College closing schools

Lots of layoffs happened on 9/10/18 Virginia College is closing three Alabama locations. The private, for-profit school is closing its locations in Mobile, Huntsville and Montgomery. The Birmingham location will remain open. The Alabama locations... —  read more 

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"The largest group of these colleges—accounting for 45 percent of enrollment—belongs to Education Corporation of America, which operates Brightwood College, Virginia College, and Professional Golfers Career College. After the Accrediting Council for... —  read more 

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"On the brink of collapse"

From a commenter in IHE SimplyTheBest I worked for this organization—ECA. I can tell you they have been on the brink of collapse for a while now. The quality of campus faculty, students, and corporate faculty is abysmal. They can not retain talent... —  read more 

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