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"On the brink of collapse"

From a commenter in IHE


I worked for this organization—ECA. I can tell you they have been on the brink of collapse for a while now. The quality of campus faculty, students, and corporate faculty is abysmal. They can not retain talent due to their constant restructuring and “academic improvements.”

The few students who took their education seriously were overlooked for the students that were causing problems and collecting Pell Grant.

All affiliates of ECA: Virginia College, Brightwood, etc. should be reviewed to the fullest extent. The amount of debt these students carry because of highly inflated job placement rates was astounding and could easily ruin a student- no matter their socioeconomic status. Many students are only their to collect the “stipend” from their Federal Funding and do not consider the accreditation important.

It was tough to watch everyday.

I saw a company be as underhanded as possible at the risk of everyone else. Its terrible to think these students will be left with a worthless Certificate and thousands of dollar in loans to pay back. It might be business but there has to be a line drawn somewhere.

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