Topics regarding layoffs at SLM Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at SLM Corp.

Sallie Mae and College Meltdown 2.0

"Student loan servicers and private student loan companies (Navient, Sallie Mae, Nelnet), publishers and other edtech enterprises (Chegg, Barnes & Noble Education, Coursera, and Guild Education) are implicated or at least entangled in the mess. ... —  read more 

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Sallie Mizzle

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Fox News shilling for SLM

"About 1 in 8 families used private student loans when federal financing couldn't cover the full cost of college, according to a new report from Sallie Mae. The report adds that private loans can 'bridge the gap' for college financing when borrowed... —  read more 

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CYA Charity

After getting bailed out by the FED, and with student debtors getting no relief, Sallie Mae is donating $1 million to food banks in Delaware, Indiana, Massachusetts, Utah, and... —  read more 

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Earnings Call January 22, 2019

Sallie Mae to Release Fourth-Quarter and Full-Year 2019 Financial Results on Jan. 22

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$100K is a drop in the bucket

"Sallie Mae to Present $100,000 Contribution to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Delaware," because they are such a great company?

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NBC News Investigates

"Executives and employees from the student loan servicer were celebrating with a paid trip to a Maui resort after a record year of some $5 billion in loans to 374.000 borrowers. While employees were being rewarded, many student borrowers are finding... —  read more 

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Music to die for

Lots of pain (blues, metal, etc.) around Here's a really good rap from a... —  read more 

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What exactly is the message, and is it true?

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Hoping for a recession? Think again...

"Some investors in higher education may be hoping for an economic downturn, because the industry has typically been counter-cyclical. But this time, there may be no guarantee that a recession will improve the financial condition of the industry... —  read more 

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College Enrollments Continue to Decline

More enrollment losses in several states. More losses in the for-profit and community college sectors.

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