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Purdue role in Robocollege Nurses

What's it like for Purdue University folks to be involved in the promotion of ExcelTrack? What kind of nurses will be produced from "robocollege" programs? While PU people may not feel they are separate from PUG, they own it. #complicity #collegemeltdown #edugrift



#collegemeltdown...Academic Partnerships has been able to get more desperate state universities to buy in. But I hear rumblings...


The Party is Over...

In late June, BYJUs was going to buy 2U for $15 a share. At the time, 2U shares were selling at $9.30. Two months later, they are selling at $7.37 a share, near an all-time low. 2U is a dying brand that kept it all going by buying more. And by selling subprime degrees to unwitting consumers. The party is over, and 2U is a key part of the College Meltdown. The job you had at 2U may have been the best job you ever had, but it was still selling BS to a growing educated (and indebted) underclass. Yes, there were worse actors that weren't hit as hard, but Chip sold a big lie and the consequences are now happening. #collegemeltdown


DeVry campuses?

Does DeVry have any physical campuses left?
Or just zombie campuses? #collegemeltdown

Arizona (217 students)
Phoenix Campus

California (1,926 students)
Folsom Campus
Fresno Campus
Long Beach Campus
Newark Campus
Ontario Campus
San Diego Campus
San Jose Center
Sherman Oaks Campus
Twentynine Palms Military Base Extension

Colorado (110 students)
Westminster (Denver) Campus

Florida (605 students)
Jacksonville Campus
Miramar Campus
Orlando Campus

Georgia (1,013 students)
Alpharetta Campus
Atlanta Cobb Galleria Center
Decatur Campus
Duluth Center

Illinois (20,832 students, includes online)
Addison Campus
Chicago Campus
Chicago Loop Campus
Gurnee Center
Naperville Center
Tinley Park Campus

Missouri (49 students)
Kansas City Campus

Nevada (41 students)
Henderson Campus

New Jersey (190 students)
North Brunswick Campus

New York (1,213 students)
Brooklyn Extension
Midtown Manhattan Campus
Rego Park (Queens) Center

North Carolina (41 students)
Charlotte Campus

Ohio (419 students)
Cincinnati Campus
Columbus Campus

Pennsylvania (115 students)
Ft. Washington Center
Philadelphia Center

Texas (307 students)
Austin Campus
Irving Campus
San Antonio Campus

Virginia (188 students)
Arlington Campus
Chesapeake Campus

College Meltdown Resumes Under Biden

National American University, Art Institutes, South University, DeVry...it's a good thing that UoPX has its friends at Vistria. #collegemeltdown



"Student Debt From Private Lenders Hits All-Time High"

#collegemania #collegemeltdown #studentloandea_h

"Current students and graduates in repayment held an estimated $136.3 billion in private student loans as of March, a 47 percent increase from $92.6 billion in March 2014. And the private debt market increased almost 50 percent from the 2010–11 academic year to the 2018–19 academic year."


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| Regarding SLM Corp.

@1rbr+1cDY0nJO, the problem is, with the Washington Monthly rankings, we're talking about numbers, not opinion. It's not whether you believe a school is a poor choice. More numbers are at the College Scorecard, including a 36 percent graduation rate. US News and Forbes also rank Liberty poorly. Are they too just left wing shills? #collegemania #collegemeltdown #robocollege #sophistryisnotscience

@4bsq+1cpD8Sv3, no one in the mainstream media will tell you the truth--though Bloomberg Markets is investigating Guild Education, Target's education management company. Take a look at some of the schools Guild offers: some like Purdue Global (formerly Kaplan University) and University of Arizona Global (formerly Ashford University) are clearly subprime. #collegemania #robocollege #collegemeltdown

"Parents Are Giving Up Custody of Their Kids to Get Need-Based College Financial Aid"

The next lower level of sludge in the college admissions scandal. Tell me that this isn't happening outside the State of Illinois. #collegemeltdown