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"Student Debt From Private Lenders Hits All-Time High"

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"Current students and graduates in repayment held an estimated $136.3 billion in private student loans as of March, a 47 percent increase from $92.6 billion in March 2014. And the private debt market increased almost 50 percent from the 2010–11 academic year to the 2018–19 academic year."


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| Regarding SLM Corp.

@1rbr+1cDY0nJO, the problem is, with the Washington Monthly rankings, we're talking about numbers, not opinion. It's not whether you believe a school is a poor choice. More numbers are at the College Scorecard, including a 36 percent graduation rate. US News and Forbes also rank Liberty poorly. Are they too just left wing shills? #collegemania #collegemeltdown #robocollege #sophistryisnotscience

@4bsq+1cpD8Sv3, no one in the mainstream media will tell you the truth--though Bloomberg Markets is investigating Guild Education, Target's education management company. Take a look at some of the schools Guild offers: some like Purdue Global (formerly Kaplan University) and University of Arizona Global (formerly Ashford University) are clearly subprime. #collegemania #robocollege #collegemeltdown