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The Cult of Mitch

The Atlantic puff piece is here. Is everyone drinking the Kool-Aid? https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2020/04/mitch-daniels-purdue/606772/

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Purdue Numbers

Sounds like someone was misleading the Chronicle of Higher Education about Purdue Global's numbers. "Obviously, it's hard to start a brand new university,' she says. Purdue Global’s financial loss this year was due, in part, to nearly $30 million... —  read more 

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No annual report?

Purdue University has strong numbers but they have failed to post their annual report. I suspect that it's to cover up problems with Purdue University Global.

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Rhymes with "ditch"


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Purdue Luxury Housing


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Purdue Selling Purdon't

"Purdue’s 150th anniversary finale begins with a promise to Indiana" "Online education: Purdue University Global is offering easy access to higher education for Indiana’s working adults, providing premier opportunities that are personalized to... —  read more 

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Moral hazard

ME may have thought he made a ruthless deal with Kaplan and BBC but there will be consequences to selling Purdue Global as a world class institution.

More losses. Doubling dowin on PG marketing.

Revenues: Last Quarter $76,288,000 ($85,981,000 in 2018) Last 6 Months $159.068 ($185,811,000 in 2018) Even with cost cutting the margins are tightening Income: Last Quarter $2,721 ($11,219 in 2018) Last 6 Months $4,636 ($12,574 in... —  read more 

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Purdue University Global rated 3rd best online M.Ed.

"The top 3 Master's in Education programs for 2020 are: (1) Texas A&M University, (2) University of Florida, and (3) Purdue University Global." https://finance.yahoo.com/news/best-masters-programs-releases-ranking-123900390.html

Purdue and "Pur-Don't"

"Purdue University is an actual research university and Purdue University Global is not...it's Kaplan University. The same Kaplan University that made headlines for their guerrilla registration practices that dupe students out money. The same Kaplan... —  read more 

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Purdue Global gets Trump Bailout

The question is, how large of a slice does Kaplan get? 'The program will partner with Purdue University Global to aid nontraditional students in gaining skills necessary for working in the cybersecurity industry."... —  read more 

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"Will Income-Share Agreements Be the Next Payday Loans?"

"This week, Indiana’s Uniform Consumer Credit Code will be amended to exempt state higher-education institutions from having to comply with key consumer protections. The change is so subtle that it has not drawn much attention, but it has huge... —  read more 

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Purdue University Global getting federal bailout?

"The U.S. Department of Labor is granting $183.8 million to colleges and their private-sector partners to support training for more than 85,000 apprentices in the health care, advanced manufacturing and information technology fields. Twenty-three... —  read more 

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Boiler Up

The blurring between Purdue University and PG continues. Now Purdue University Global is using the term "Boiler Up" i their promotions.

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Words from the Kaplan CEO are prophetic...

"The school that systematically misleads students or enrolls those who don't have the capability of succeeding is unlikely to last long. I will have a difficult time making money, and it will build problematic word of mouth in the community in which... —  read more 

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Kaplan student condemned to debt

"According to Ms. Dicent, Kaplan lured her into enrolling in Kaplan's online program by using deceptive tactics. She said she had not been informed that she would need 180 hours to graduate, far more hours than a typical four-year degree program... —  read more 

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To understand Purdue University Global...

To get a full grasp of the corruption at Purdue University Global, you have to know Kaplan Higher Education and Graham Holdings Company. For homework, please read all the entries. https://www.thelayoff.com/kaplan-university... —  read more 

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