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Remote working

Do you think remote working has been successful for Freddie Mac? Once the social distancing and quarantine is over-do you think it will lead to even more layoffs and emphasis on digital transformation?

Are other layoffs planned?

Besides the early retirement package employees that will leave the end of March, are there other layoffs planned this year? If anyone can give some specks of details, it would be very helpful. I wish the company can be more transparent instead of... —  read more 

Annual Performance Reviews

If someone gets a Needs Improvement on their annual performance review, are they going to lose their job? Does anyone have any experience or knows what happens?

March 2020 layoffs

Is it true that more than 700 people will be affected? Does anybody have any more details - which departments, locations, positions? Anything?

Fasten your seatbelt!

Fannie Mae just completed a round of layoffs and is targeting another for March 2020. They will also offer early retirement packages this summer. I see this as a reliable indicator and Freddie Mae normally follows Fannie’s lead.


Run don't walk to submit your resigination. You have no future here.

Let’s all remember what this is really about!

The move to offer early retirement packages to 25% of Freddie Mac employees was not done to cut costs, it was done to ensure that the total employee compensation paid out at Freddie Mac remains flat after the IPO. The money saved due to employees... —  read more 

CFO Stepping Down?

You need to be very cautious when you see unexplained resignations by key executives, to put it bluntly, when the chiefs resign, maybe you should go, too

Freddie Mac Employee Buyouts 2020

1,650 folks are eligible for buyouts, they expect that 6% will accept which is about 100 people. If they are short (which will happen, there is no way 100 people will accept) they will cut - so, in short, there will be layoffs and you can rest... —  read more 

Layoffs at Freddie on 12/4/19??

I am hearing layoffs, not buyouts or early outs were announced yesterday at Freddie Mac...true? I am supposed to start a new position there in IT at the beginning of the year...wondering if that will be a solid move if the company is doing... —  read more 

Look for across the board cuts

HR states 1600 employees of 6800 were offered the early retirement package. If 25% plus attrition is the goal, layoffs for at least the other numbers are expected early next year but after march exodus of early retirement takers. trick part is... —  read more 

Freddie Mac Layoffs

Early retirement offered today for 50 yrs of age and older, and adding years of service equal to or greater than 60. Details to come by mail to home of employees that meet the criteria

An early out is not a buyout

It’s an easy mistake for normal people who confuse buyouts and early outs as all the same. Early outs are just that — people can leave before their normal retirement time but there is no cash incentive. When agencies offer buyouts they are very, very... —  read more 

We’re safe!

Buyout packages off the table, no more talk of layoffs or job cuts.

Making it to February?

With most budgets rolling over at the end of the year I expect that most of the folks laid off or given buyouts will be told the news before February. If you make it past February then assume your position is safe.

Is this number correct?

People are saying that anywhere between 900 and 1500 people will be cut from Freddie Mac - is this possible? That number feels awfully high, even too high in my opinion. But I've been wrong on things like these before, so who knows. Where did... —  read more 

It’s going down, I’m yelling timber!

Current administration wants Freddie and Fannie out of conservatorship. Large number of positions to be cut. Buyout packages having hard time getting approved and the next step will be a straight out mass layoff with no buyout.


Recently there’s been a lot of rumors going around of a big layoff announcement at Freddie Mac. Does anyone have more details on this and when they expect this to happen?

Recent layoffs

I’ve heard news that some departments have been reducing their headcount and have laid off several lower level staff members. Any news on this? Is there more to come?

From 2010: As the White House and Treasury continue to work on their recommendations to revamp the housing finance system — in particular,...

From 2010: As the White House and Treasury continue to work on their recommendations to revamp the housing finance system — in particular, the GSEs — a new round of layoffs has begun at Freddie Mac with cuts soon coming at Fannie Mae, according to... —  read more 

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The layoffs at Freddie have been ongoing for a while

The layoffs at Freddie have been ongoing for a while. It affects pretty much all departments and work functions. You really cannot hide it - the overall morale is very low and one has a feeling that the firm is sinking by the hour. needless to say... —  read more 

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Unless the U.S

Unless the U.S. Senate acts, the Sallie Mae facility in Lynn Haven likely will start "immediate" layoffs due to health care legislation that keeps private loan providers from originating student loans, officials said Monday. More:... —  read more 

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