Topics regarding layoffs at Global Payments Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Global Payments Inc.

Mass layoff laws may apply

Does anyone know the exact percentage of the employment work force that was recently let go? According to the government of Canada is it is 10 percent or more employees are entitled to 8 weeks in lieu of notice regardless of how long they have worked... — read more 

TSYS Layoffs

It's been consistent with the layoffs at TSYS ever since GP bought them out, which shows how much regard GP has for its employees. I am glad that I was able to leave on my own volition, before getting laid off. With the current leadership at the... — read more 

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Rumors of Q1 RIFs

Has anyone heard of a RIF coming in February 2023 timeframe? With a return to work four days per week policy, some employees will be seeking employment with companies that still allow for employees to work from home and will leave to work for them. — read more 

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Stay away from GP

Horrible company culture combined with a hostile work environment spells bad news for anybody who's not well versed in the ancient art of bu-t kissing. If you want a place where you can advance your career by working hard and showcasing your talents... — read more 

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No idea what’s going on

Once GP and TSYS merged, it spelled chaos. GP does not care about their employees. It’s sad and a disgusting, bc executives get wealthy while the ones on the front line get used and burned out. Jeff Sloan has to be a part of the cabal. Period. — read more 

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Layoffs and Furloughs 2020

Since Global Payments acquired TSYS, there have been constant layoffs. The “merger of equals” was a lie. Global Payments has a long standing history of layoffs. It’s poor integrity and values have unfortunately spilled over to the companies it has... — read more 

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Global Payments Firing

I was let go because I refused to be a slave and do an unlimited amount of overtime. If you are salaried they will think that they own you completely and Global Payments will want all of your time – forget nights and weekends, you will be working all... — read more 

Alpharetta Payroll Branch

Announced to employees today, the Alpharetta, GA Heartland Payroll branch will be closing by the end of February, with some employees being laid off as of Oct 31, others as of Dec 31, and the rest as of Feb 28. Approximately 60 employees will be... — read more 

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