Topics regarding layoffs at Electronics for Imaging Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Electronics for Imaging Inc.

EFI leaving California?

EFI just LOVES to cut costs. It’s the only thing they can do to improve profits for their slow growing business. Layoffs, pay cuts, and now the next logical step: moving to a location with lower employee costs. Bye bye!!!

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Big Week for EFI

With a Worldwide Quarterly Update meeting this Thursday (first of its kind!), are we going to hear that a significant portion of the company has been sold? Did the purchase of EFI put those kind and wondrous souls at Siris Capital into Bankruptcy? Do... — read more 

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Siris Capital k--ls EFI

The day after Siris Capital signed to finalize the purchase of EFI they laid off 400 employees and closed the headquarters in Fremont, CA. Recently, they made more massive cuts to the customers support teams in both the Inkjet and Software business... — read more 

Corona update(s)?

So, we just did yet another layoff and also a 20% pay cut, 401k matching gone, etc. I see Marc Olin is still employed and weaseled his way into the inkjet side as his previous MIS stuff is now gone, along with billions in capital wasted over decades... — read more 

Time to Slice and Dice EFI!

Those consultants roaming around HQ aren't there to sight see. Redundancies are coming to an EFI office near you. Dismemberment of Marc Olin's empire is on deck. Hopefully that includes Mr Olin himself, put to pasture like Guy Gecht.

Stealth Layoffs @ EFI

Stealth RIFs have already started. EFI management is delusional now thinking that budget cuts here and there will solve the problems internally. Before this is done there will be a 15-20% RIF of the worst performers. EFI literally cannot afford the... — read more 

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EFI / Fremont

The Fremont location of EFI is going down the tubes! For over a decade, the once mighty Fiery business was based in a beautiful 10 story building on the shore of the SF Bay in Foster City, CA and is down been whittled down to a single 2-story... — read more 

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EFI Fremont layoffs imminent

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas! EFI Management has a special holiday gift for 10% of you Fremont, CA employees in the next 2 weeks: a pink slip! And guess who will not be on this special list: the 2 that ought to be: Marc Olin for multiple instances of... — read more 

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