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Another round of layoffs is imminent

Old timers in Fremont need to get their heads out of the sand and develop a sense of urgency to get out before being forced out. Waves of offshore labor are coming to carpet bomb the high-priced positions still remaining in Fremont. Highly... —  read more 

Time to Slice and Dice EFI!

Those consultants roaming around HQ aren't there to sight see. Redundancies are coming to an EFI office near you. Dismemberment of Marc Olin's empire is on deck. Hopefully that includes Mr Olin himself, put to pasture like Guy Gecht.

Stealth Layoffs @ EFI

Stealth RIFs have already started. EFI management is delusional now thinking that budget cuts here and there will solve the problems internally. Before this is done there will be a 15-20% RIF of the worst performers. EFI literally cannot afford the... —  read more 

Restructuring is coming with new CEO

New CEO is coming in to shake things up. Will re-evaluate all of the staff and who is necessary and who to let go and replace. Big politics happening at the upper level to see who survives and who goes. Even more work will be transferred to India and... —  read more 

EFI / Fremont

The Fremont location of EFI is going down the tubes! For over a decade, the once mighty Fiery business was based in a beautiful 10 story building on the shore of the SF Bay in Foster City, CA and is down been whittled down to a single 2-story... —  read more 

EFI Fremont layoffs imminent

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas! EFI Management has a special holiday gift for 10% of you Fremont, CA employees in the next 2 weeks: a pink slip! And guess who will not be on this special list: the 2 that ought to be: Marc Olin for multiple instances of... —  read more 

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