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Arcsight / US office

Does anyone have the info about engineering dept lay off for Arcsight for US office? We are hearing this merger rumours but nothing solid yet. Being on visa, it would be good if we need to make a move - not getting any clarity from mgmt.

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Revenues falls

What next hopefully MF will resell hpe software when things get better


In Sofia and Costa Rica all support staff will transfer to Tek Experts or be jobless, Seems like why have a wfr when you can just drop your staff into another company and get them to perform the same role, while externally still looking like Micro... —  read more 

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Wroclaw, Poland.

Finance got decimated in Wroclaw... This was about three months ago!

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Anyone noticed the "death by 1000 cuts"

No big layoff at MF - No no no... that would be bad for the already submerged stock price. And it's what everyone said they would do to try to hit the financial numbers that they proclaimed they would make. Can't take another hit on the stock so... —  read more 

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