Topics regarding layoffs at Micro Focus

Topics regarding layoffs at Micro Focus

The writing on the wall

We all saw the latest from the financial side and it is now obvious, this company will continue to run a loss over the next 3 years. The stock took another massive knock since the H1 numbers got communicated. All parts of the company in decline, even... —  read more 

Ahead of views?

Question is who's view? All business units across the complete company declined during H1FY21: revenue of around $1.4bn, down 5% revenue in the maintenance segment is expected to decline 8% SaaS and other recurring revenue is expected to drop... —  read more 

Question before joining

Very unhappy with current role and received an offer to join that’s below my current income. However- Im considering it due to how bad my current situation is. How is the current culture and future at micro focus?

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Moderate decline?

They just released their 2020 numbers. If you look at the details: 10% decline and execution problems for ADM and ITOM. As statement all "in line with the expectations and only the first year of a 3 year plan". Wondering if the market really buys... —  read more 

Moving on

I’ve been having trouble with my boss from day one and it’s been ongoing for almost a year. He seems to enjoy demeaning me in front of others and bullies/intimidates me on a constant basis. I felt like my hands are tied. I’ve asked my colleagues for... —  read more 

Arcsight / US office

Does anyone have the info about engineering dept lay off for Arcsight for US office? We are hearing this merger rumours but nothing solid yet. Being on visa, it would be good if we need to make a move - not getting any clarity from mgmt.

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In Sofia and Costa Rica all support staff will transfer to Tek Experts or be jobless, Seems like why have a wfr when you can just drop your staff into another company and get them to perform the same role, while externally still looking like Micro... —  read more 

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