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The writing on the wall

We all saw the latest from the financial side and it is now obvious, this company will continue to run a loss over the next 3 years.
The stock took another massive knock since the H1 numbers got communicated.
All parts of the company in decline, even the maintenance part who sticks to customers as they have no other choice to renew is shrinking.
Cost management and swap of leadership got mentioned as tools to reduce the dept versus the large one from last year.
Reality behind this are large numbers of attrition are layoffs in the maintenance section including executive departures. Still drawing in the bitter HPE takeover a new team of old MF folks including new hires needs to fix it now. On top many stocks got purchased by insiders and employees.
Be wary folks... this will continue unless they really start to bring in creative folks not in the middle layers, but for the few in the driver seat.

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Same sorry plan of reducing costs by doing more with less. No raises, old outdate office equipment, no plan to breathe life into dying product, and unrealistic development expectations. Thinks sales will somehow sell ice to northern friends if they just have the right marketing plan. So long as senior management gets their bonuses.

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How Mo--n Murdoch can be instrumental in the HP acquisition which cost shareholders almost $10B in revenue and still be CEO only speaks to the fact that the Micro Focus board is full of more id--ts than any other intelligence type.

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Transition all your software to OpenSource and sell the company to SUSE. Should have never spun that subsidiary out.

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