Thread regarding Micro Focus layoffs

Do you consider this to be a good place to work?

I am considering an offer with another company. Pay is almost identical but my comfort zone is here. I weighed the Pros and Cons and came out even. I want more than what the company has to offer in terms of career advancement but this is the only job I’ve ever had. I don’t know if I’m a chicken for wanting to remain, or if I’m an id–t for wanting to leave.

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If you want to live under the constant threat of termination, literally reminded of it week to week... based entirely on business matters that are completely outside of your control or influence, be my guest.

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There is a culture of bullying including intimidation, hositility, and demeaning behavior towards people.

If you are in the in-crowd, you are safe until you are not. Most people turn a blind eye to the bullying. Those who call it out don't last long.

HR are not your friend.

Micro Focus are a cold and calculating employer. 0 out of 10 would not recommend.

Don't believe me? Search Google. ' Micro Focus bullying' or ' Micro Focus toxic'.

Don't walk, run away from this place.

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This is always the issue with a certain comfort zone in which we all get after some time in a company/job. "The grass is not always greener on the other side" is a statement we all know, but in the case of MF and what all happened over the past years. I would recommend make the step and you will also increase your knowledge in another field of the industry.
The future journey of the company remains unclear, battling to pay the debt and are only triggered by profit at all cost.

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I kind of prefer being comfortable and used to my work environment (co-workers, manager, etc). I agree career advancement is difficult (either have to wait for someone to retire/leave or some new position to open up). Seniority is also something to consider (starting over with vacation day accrual amounts).

My own position is, If an offer were more (5-10k+) than current amount, vacation amount is similar and benefits similar or the same or better, I'd probably go for that new position. But if everything is the same or similar with pay/benefits, I'd probably stay.

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