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Yes, it is true. And today, 10/8/19, they let the entire inside sales team go Found this in an old thread, posted by @ZFaWx9q-1Lfmp. Putting it here so more people could see it. I'm hoping there'll be no more layoffs this week, but I wouldn't be... —  read more 

Buffalo Filter Layoffs

Are there any words on this? Is this happening? Are you laying off Buffalo Filter people?

Buffalo Layoffs

Conmed buys Buffalo Filter, laid off most of the company, a few with severance packages that are not all that great. They have killed a successful culture in record time. At least they waited until after the holidays.

Conmed Largo Layoffs

In an attempt to bolster shareholder profits Joe W. announced at last quarters profit meeting that we will be lowering safety stock inventory to raise capital for expansion investments. Fast forward to the next quarters meeting. We are now scheduling... —  read more 


Orthopedic Division, called Linvatec. Getting their a-- kicked worse than ever by Arthrex, Smith & Nephew, and Stryker. No innovation, no acquisitions worth mentioning, and the worst management you could ever imagine. Hopefully the layoffs will be in... —  read more 

Largo Layoffs

Majority of layoffs shall take place in R&D and Ops. We don't design and make anything any longer so there will be no further need for manufacturing personnel. —  read more 

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