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Low pay for a lot of work

It’s hard for most of us to realistically look at the conditions at our company and even harder to know how things stand at other companies. I left Genpact after three years, not because I thought the grass was greener at other companies but because I couldn’t take working my a– off for a lousy pay without any prospect of advancing in my career. Dealing with uninterested and clueless management also played a big role in my departure.
I got a job at another company. Can’t say it was an easy process, but guess what, not only did my new job paz more than the one I had at Genpact, but it was a relief to be in an environment where one can prosper. Having managers that actually care about what you do, and make you feel like you matter was also a breath of fresh air.
The point I’m trying to make is that we all should explore other possibilities,instead of making peace with the way that Genpact undervalues its employees.

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