Topics regarding layoffs at Exterran Partners L.P.

Topics regarding layoffs at Exterran Partners L.P.

Prompt Pay

Hey, Exterran Holdings, Inc. pays its employees an average of $86,761 a year. Salaries at Exterran Holdings, Inc. range from an average of $54,533 to $140,111 a year. Data valid as of Aug 4, 2018

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Layoffs at Exterran today

They are laying people off today in Houston. Maybe other locations too. The new CEO and his cronies are running this place into the ground. I do not have any knowledge or experience in the industry and think they can do a better job and the people... —  read more 

We care about you

So exterran brings in a company to test our hearing because they care about our health. Took the test and get told hearing is normal on both sides. What I didn't tell the tester is I have been to three specialist in 2 months, been told about my... —  read more 

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Well f--- you

Can't afford to give back our bonus program but, they can spend the money to rent a room for a week at a local golf course for safety training. What is wrong with the multiple meeting rooms at BKA that are already paid for? Management proving more... —  read more 

Lies at BKA

So we were forced to set through the CEO speach about the future of BKA. I have to admit having smoke blown up your a-- is a little easier when they have a accent. Anyway wish one of the managers at BKA had told the CEO that they have used the lie... —  read more 

Good news

Great to hear BKA is getting busy and started hiring. Wonder how many of those crying on here will be crawling back begging for their job back? Go ahead and admit it we won't laugh too long.

BKA slowing down

BKA will be shut down the weeks of the memorial day and July 4th holidays. It will also be working 32 hours a week in the month of June. No matter what happens I want to thank the BKA management team for doing their best to keep everyone they can. D —  read more 

Any more lies?

Well it is Monday 4/25/2016 and we are still working 40+ hours a week. Got to see the prints on two NEW jobs today. Just curious if lie maker has any new "information"


They let a lot of people go in Houston and EH and moved the work to BKA. I saw some good smart people laid off. Thank God I didn't wait and moved on when I did.

All good

No layoffs in bka today,thanks to a great management team, not many of these kind around any more. With not enough work for everyone they still manage to postpone layoffs. Thanks.

No concern for employees

The company does not care, I was not laid off, I was fired for concentrating on getting my home repaired after hurricane damage - I think you all understand this. Simply, the project deadline schedule was impossible to meet. My direct supervisor was... —  read more 

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