Topics regarding layoffs at Energy Transfer Partners L.P.

Topics regarding layoffs at Energy Transfer Partners L.P.

Are you feeling underpaid?

Given how much we work, we should be paid much better. If they can’t pay their employees better, I think it would be fair not to overwhelm them with work. No, they want to squeeze people out as much as they can. However, lately I've noticed that more... —  read more 

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Pandemic Payment

Did you see the pandemic payment email? Nice to know that some people mean absolutely nothing to the “leadership” of this company. The operations and measurement people are not the only ones who worked through the whole pandemic to keep the company... —  read more 


Anyone hear if they are paying bonuses this year or did we just see those fly out the window with the announcement about Enable Midstream?

Even fee-based companies can only hide so long from spot price exposure risk (downstream and upstream).

Ever growing fixed and variable expenses coupled with a management structure that resembles an inverted triangle (top heavy management and minimal field employees). Unless you are (1) totally OK with being micromanaged and tracked OR (2) you are in... —  read more 

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