Topics regarding layoffs at TransCanada Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at TransCanada Corp.


Paperwork and forms for everything ,terrible construction management bunch of rookies ,it’s by the book unless your a buddy good money for 27 years not worth it find something better if your smart

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New 1TC is stupid

I don’t know which was a dumber decision, the new garbage Laptops/tablets they bought or spending millions to develop 1TC. The people in charge of both of these decisions should be fired in my view.


Is it just me or did I remember seeing a post that had a lot of threads about Jason Kennedy and the Alberta government? Was the post removed? Ahhhh free speech as long as it’s not offensive. Got to love it.

Waiting is the worst

I’m worried about the upcoming reorgs as I’m pretty certain majority of us are. Sadly, I have a feeling many are not going to be ready for it. To make it worse, I have a nauseating pit in my stomach because I know the wait is going to be painful. I... —  read more 

Christmas layoffs?

Anyone thinks TC can be cruel enough as to continue this 'realignment' into the holiday season? From what I've heard, what's going on right now is just the start. Who knows how long they'll drag it out. I really hope they have it all done before... —  read more 

TC Energy hiring process

I work at TC and every time I see people that join TC I wonder: how that happens.... with those skills they are bringing on board.... or correct me to say: with no required skills. If HR reads this blog, please pay attention that bringing someone... —  read more 

the business is getting mess up

talking about the technical side, it is really messy, kickout the qulifued "can do" people, and now looks no people really know what is the work they are doing, but only talking around. mess around with limited of knowledge.

I was fired 12-20-16 from CPG/Transcanada after 10 yrs, 7 months. I was a Senior Gas Controller and it was a hectic day on the PA system.

While working with problems going on in another station, a station alert came up in another area and it is said I acknowledged it but didn't react until 4 hours later. This happened on a Sunday afternoon and I was asked to come up on Tuesday, my... —  read more 

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I got a wage cut but

I got a wage cut but the company I contract to but they say they worked out a deal that if I take there course there offering and get there pipeline certificate i will get a wage increase back. So no in not doing cartwheels of joy but at leest a guy... —  read more 

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