Topics regarding layoffs at TransCanada Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at TransCanada Corp.

CGL Sinking the TC Ship

Poor discipline of budgets from CGL project and labor troubles leading to impacts of OTHER groups throughout the company. Senior leaders say "we are all in this together" as desperate measures are taken to keep TC afloat, prop stock price up, and... —  read more 

Erosion of benefits

My increase was just under 5%…. But what I find interesting is all of the employee benefits that have been slowly eroded over the last two years. First it was the elimination of 6 flex days and now it’s the elimination of medical benefits for... —  read more 

Employee town hall

So it is confirmed, lay offs will happen as they finish evaluating the fit for purpose model. Canada made some Org changes and some BU in the U.S. Assume more to follow end of Feb early March.

A matter of trust

There is a big gap in trust between employees and management here, going in both directions. It's terrible when that happens, makes an awful work atmosphere. I think there are only a few lucky ones here who can really trust their manager?

Cutting deep in IS

Losing up to 300 people as our fearless CIO is outsourcing all of our jobs. It’s great to see that he is still posting on LinkedIn about how he is a guest speaker at a disrupter conference. Outsource and ki-l a department I guess that’s how you... —  read more 

Restructure USNG

In the next few weeks, lay offs in the USNG BU. Tech Center already transferred individuals to other BUs as well as releases of individuals. USNG groups received email last week of changes. Good luck everyone.

Office COVID

To the person who posted about not returning to office- covid cases are on the rise …my team alone has been decimated by it and are mostly back at home this week. Give it a couple weeks before we all are….this sh** is never ending

Peter Principle

How is it that the person accountable for billions of cost overruns and massive schedule delays on projects like Saddle West, Napanee, various pipeline loops and Coastal Gaslink gets rewarded with a CEO job elsewhere? I mean it’s cool they built... —  read more 

Work fromHome

Why is it cyber security gets to work from home permanently yet I can’t get even get an exception for one of my staff who has a medical reason? Is anyone else tired of the money pit we call IS and leadership over there doing whatever the he-l they... —  read more 

Hot Air

To the post below, yes. Interesting that TC preaches ethics, collaboration and integrity. Huge lie. I know Directors on the take with wife in contracts. Racists Managers who promote others on the good ol boy system and southern charmers. Yes, the... —  read more 

OpenText is awful!

Who decided to bring in this piece of trash! It has added so much time to my work in supply chain! The damn project has been going on forever and feels like we have had about 20 different PMs. I’m sure this was cheap to implement as well.

Our new CEO is such a crock

How can he sit in a zero talks and a safety standown and say that contractors are one of us and they are no different than a full time employee when we just branded all our contractors with contractor in their email and forced them to change their... —  read more 

Growth Potential

I'm really interested in what the quarterly results will be and so I'm reading some analysts' predictions. I find it most interesting to see that they think the company has “Significant Growth Potential”. Okay, maybe it has, but how much is it... —  read more 

So much sexism

My last post disappeared but this needs to be said. There is so much sexism at this company. If you're female and you address it, you're out the door. Women have to work 3 times as hard to get 1/3 of the recognition. At the town hall, Francois... —  read more 

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