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the business is getting mess up

talking about the technical side, it is really messy, kickout the qulifued "can do" people, and now looks no people really know what is the work they are doing, but only talking around. mess around with limited of knowledge.

Columbia Staff Layoffs

Do you think that they will go after Columbia staff? In the next round of layoffs? Anyone?

Typical Severance Package

What is a typical severance package at Transcanada? Do packages vary much from person to person? How about someone that has their retirement numbers?

More cuts

Announced today. Execs, then managers then regular employees. Employee cuts are in September

I got a wage cut but

I got a wage cut but the company I contract to but they say they worked out a deal that if I take there course there offering and get there pipeline certificate i will get a wage increase back. So no in not doing cartwheels of joy but at leest a guy... —  read more 

February Cuts?

I hear the next round of layoffs is in about a month. No clue on the number or % of employees.


Houston needs a clean-up. What worked few years ago does not in 2016!

Severance Payment

Do you know if severance payment in US differs from the one we have in Canada?

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Transcanada is stuck in the 60's...

My girlfriend is likely going to be affected. She was told to stay at their desk from Wednesday to Friday. But she's also so fed up with the work environment there that it's a bit of a blessing. I get to hear all about the internal environment there... —  read more 

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Old news

TransCanada said Wednesday it will broaden a previously announced corporate restructuring and eliminate 30 additional management positions. The Calgary-based pipeline operator has announced several rounds of cuts since oil prices began tanking last... —  read more 

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I'm done.

I got told told by the company I contract through that TC has laid me off as of tomorrow. Nice just what I wanted to here, and then I saw they got a new pipeline in Mexico awarded to them today as well.

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Good Bye Transcanada

As of today, I think we are pretty much done, I see no future here any more.

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Big news today

The ball has dropped. Look out for a major announcement on Friday or Monday.

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