Topics regarding layoffs at Pembina Pipeline Corp

Topics regarding layoffs at Pembina Pipeline Corp

Remember when..

Pembina received Covid funds from the government? Then laid off ~300 staff "due to the pandemic", instituted share buybacks, and the C-suite received "pandemic bonuses" near or over a million dollars? Now Pembina is quietly crying about a tax on... —  read more 

There are very few good managers

Pembina would be a much better place without ego-driven managers who don't really do their job at all. It would be interesting to know how many great employees left the company primarily because of them. Why does Pembina like such managers?

Top Employer 2022

How much does the company pay for this particular exposure? 75k+? Just curious how much they are spending to try and rehab the companies reputation. Those grades are bogus *This article was prepared with the financial support of the... —  read more 

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Work-life imbalance

My question is for those who have been here for a few years: was it ever possible to have a good work-life balance here? When I accepted my job here, I knew I wouldn’t have much time for family anymore but I didn’t believe it would be nearly... —  read more 

The worst feeling

I’d rather be laid off than have this feeling that I’ve stayed here too long, which is really starting to bother me. I believe that all those who finally decide to leave think they just wasted their time and energy here?

Workplace trust

Leadership here is certainly not fostering an environment of trust. I am glad that fewer and fewer employees trust the leadership here. Admittedly, it’s not at all hard to lose trust in all levels of leadership here. Purely out of curiosity, when... —  read more 

Let's have a survey

It seems that some people don't believe anybody can be happy at Pembina. Let's put that to the test. Would you be so kind as to upvote this thread if you're happy with your job and downvote it if you're miserable? I'm personally somewhere in between... —  read more 

Retention Bonuses

Retention Bonuses The latest Pembina Management Information Circular is out. It's a good read. On page 78 they gave themselves $1,000,000! and their other crony’s “senior leaders” retention bonuses. While Keyera’s executives took a 20% pay cut... —  read more 

New management

I have seen a big change in the company culture, environment and senior leaders . I am so happy that the company is moving in the right direction . I am proud to be working for a company whose leadership is committed to creating a happy, inclusive... —  read more 

Job Offer

I have received an offer of a managerial position in the system planning group. Are things really bad as it is made to be sound here? I have until Wednesday to decide.

People becoming pretenders.

For one employee who really works hard, here come maybe 5 of those who just pretend to work hard? I'm not judging them at all. I think that the value system in this company is such that even those who worked the hardest, eventually became... —  read more 

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Be careful who you trust

I left Pembina pre-covid for a better opportunity, and some feedback I give to anyone leaving there is to watch who you use as reference(s) and trust going forward. After I resigned and spent my final two weeks cross training, documenting processes... —  read more 

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