Topics regarding layoffs at Enbridge Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Enbridge Inc.


Was bullied this week on the job. Had a co worker tell me that my people brought covid to this country. I tried to tell him that I'm not of Asian decent but he didn't believe it.. Now I'm know as Covid boy and I hate it.. Should I call HR or just... —  read more 

best company ever

Hey everyone Just wanted to drop by and say that i have been working at enbridge for about a year now.. All i know is that i am treated great. I get time off when needed, and i also get to use the truck for personal use on the weekends.. I have a... —  read more 

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Training replacements?

I don’t know how I would feel if I had to train my replacement after being informed that I am no longer needed in this company. It puts people in such a difficult position. It’s nice to help someone new and introduce them to the business, but in this... —  read more 

JJ walker

Was just layed off by Enbridge today.. They said they are in financial parallel. I Can't believe it i have given my all to them. I am a minority and I think that's why I'm layed off..

12 Days!!

12 Days without someone complaining, talking sh** or starting a rumor about layoffs. Got to say, I'm disappointed. Hopefully infrastructure planning dude can chime in soon.

Can something be done?

Everybody is talking about age discrimination like it's a foregone conclusion. It's something that's happening and it's something that'll continu happening and that's that. Is that really the case? Age discrimination is illegal, should we really be... —  read more 

EGD Union Negotiations

Company is well underway training Supervisors and Contractors in preparation of a possible upcoming strike. Just finished attending my second day of repair and responding to damages. Hope it happens as I can use the extra money for sure.

Director of Operations

im a new guy and all i can say is stop complaining.. this job rules im a line crossing underground engineer service tech and i locate the pipe.. I love my boss love my team lead love the sarnia people and love all the people of the company all... —  read more 

GDS Fleet Policy

New policy came out, doesn't actually outline of truck take home for field employees will continue. Does any one have any knowledge of it and if it will continue in the new year?

Job Posting

Hey guys, I recently applied for Gas Measurement Specialist position at North York, can anyone give me some details about the job, work environment and above all, job security please?

Covid protocols?

So they spent the last 3 months telling us that it was safe to be back at the office at reduced capacity just to have the premiere come out and say it “is absolutely not safe” to be in office buildings unnecessarily? Safety comes first so long as it... —  read more 

Covid rising cases

With the covid rising cases and a lot of employees that have returned to the office after October. The silence of the 100s of people who have tested positive is scary. Until the vaccine is available it would make sense for work to be remote. A... —  read more 

Name one good thing

I can’t think of one good thing about this company that would cause a sane person to stay. Most of upper management that I have been unfortunate to work with will seldom give any type of support. The environment is toxic with a few employees having a... —  read more 

Return to Office

I'm concerned about returning to the office. I'm concerned not only because of COVID, but also about the fact that Enbridge does not adhere to its own value of safety. In Ontario, cases are on the rise, indoor gatherings have been limited once... —  read more 

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