Topics regarding layoffs at Enbridge Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Enbridge Inc.

Bitter truth

All leadership cares about is the value of our stock price. This is a business and the business DOES NOT CARE about people. Everyone is here for the same reason - To make money. That is the only motivating factor here. People’s work will continue to... —  read more 

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Why? Why is that?

Why do they always promote people whose position greatly exceeds their capacities? Rare are those who are promoted and really deserve it. Are they afraid of more competent people in higher positions or what? I get the impression that they are... —  read more 

There is a reason for that

There is a reason why there are more bullys in some companies (as is the case in Enbridge) and fewer in others. This is not because a company mysteriously brings together people of a similar character and behavioral patterns, but it is because the... —  read more 

$3.2M in penalties

I'm a little worried that the penalties and repairs that Minnesota regulators have determined that Enbridge must pay, in some way do not affect us ordinary workers.... Thoughts? Do you think it actually might affect us or that there is no reason to... —  read more 

Everything is a mess here

I'm won't be leaving because of vaccinations, but I'll be definitely leaving because of many other things. It’s amazing how this company functions at all, considering there’s a mess here everywhere. I have never worked in a more dysfunctional company... —  read more 

$3 billion Moda deal

How good of an investment do you think this is? After scrapping its own plans to construct a deepwater crude oil facility, Enbridge Inc. is set to acquire North America’s largest crude export terminal after agreeing to pay $ 3 billion in cash for... —  read more 

Return to office

You know, if this executive team worked on actual issues rather than when people will return to their brick and mortar offices, we'd actually have a good company. These fools can't see 5 weeks into the future, but we're letting them run the... —  read more 

Cold blooded layoffs

Layoff didn’t hit me so hard since I was ready for my turn to come to be laid off. What bothered me more as a long–term worker in this company was that the dismissal was so cold–blooded, just as if I had worked in this company for only a few days or... —  read more 

Stop the whine

So many negative views on here.. All is know is be happy with what you have and be thankful you have a great paying job with benefits.. Not many companies provide bbq and great online courses and a chance to move up and create a future.. I am... —  read more 


Was bullied this week on the job. Had a co worker tell me that my people brought covid to this country. I tried to tell him that I'm not of Asian decent but he didn't believe it.. Now I'm know as Covid boy and I hate it.. Should I call HR or just... —  read more 

best company ever

Hey everyone Just wanted to drop by and say that i have been working at enbridge for about a year now.. All i know is that i am treated great. I get time off when needed, and i also get to use the truck for personal use on the weekends.. I have a... —  read more 

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