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Enbridge mega merger deal all is set up

This is a great article that has all the details on the Enbridge's megamerge, so if anyone is interested in the subject here’s the link. One thing particularly caught my eye: By simplifying its corporate structure and improving its financial profile... read more

To the 4th quartile, everyone!

Why does HR tell us our goal is to perform in the fourth quartile, the top 25% of the industry, when they also tell us that they only want to pay at the mean average? So they want top performance for average pay? How do they reconcile this? Fourth... read more

360-Degree Performance Reviews

Please.... there have been some movement in upper management... bullies in middle management are still in place, continuing their ‘best face upward’ to their new PLs, while crushing those under them. Look at patterns of voluntary departures. And... read more

Layoff date

Any update on the layoff date, i heard its either mid october or mid november.

New Benefits Cost Sticker Shock

Just read the annual enrollment material and saw the cost associated with the new plans. Wow! Being Legacy Spectra there is definitely sticker shock at the cost of the plans, especially medical. The cost is going up for the family plan by over $100... read more

1% Math

60 Billion in debt, 600 million in the bank! No pipeline leak- we plugged rotten pipe with Loonies!!!

Excellent read

We're much closer to another Marshall than the ELT would like to think! We have lost our asset operations knowledge base through reductions over the past three years, retirement, and resignations. As a company, we have kicked the can down the street... read more

When will the bleeding stop?

People in this company are jumping ship left and right. I see it in my department, business unit, and region. Is the company unaware of what is happening, happy that they dont have to pay severance, apathetic to it, or do they not know how to stop... read more

Go/no go on UG/EGD tomorrow?

Sounds like we may hear tomorrow. If Enbridge decides not to move ahead with the amalgamation, I think a huge blow-out street party should be held in Chatham. So no one feels uncomfortable about the optics, we can call it an “International Plowing... read more

Man, people hate working here

Every single person I know who works for Enbridge - and I know quite a few - hates working here. Everybody is looking for a way to leave and half is hoping to be laid off to receive severance. How badly do you need to f--- up to alienate your entire... read more

Have you held shares prior to the merger?

Anyone who held shares prior to the merger got screwed. Add to the fact that Enb has issued out more than a billion shares which diluted the company like few companies have ever done. Some rich people got richer, but it sure wasn't the average long... read more


The MAADs decision will accelerate the layoffs twofold. Given that Enbridge only has 5 years instead of 10 years to accomplish what they have planned, they are not going to walk away at this point in the game. EGD has so many people at head office... read more

MAADS Decision is out

It’s on the OEB website. 5 year deferral period and 50/50 earnings sharing with customers from year 1. Seems to be very far off from what Enbridge asked for. Seems like a bad decision for the utilities.

Sept 3

Have a good long weekend and your return to the workplace is going to look different. Big announcements coming. Good luck everyone.


Anyone hear anything about liquid pipelines scaling back to1.5x for overtime.

HR releases anther cliffhanger ; AWA changes

"HR-1 Hey, let's mess with more quality of life benefits in the summer when most employees are away! HR2 Wicked idea! Let's really dig into the time off! I'll bet we can drive out a few more people before September layoffs! " stay tuned for AWA... read more

Will you stay?

Heard that fat layoff packages aren't going to happen anymore. Are you going to stay and see if it gets any better or jump ship?

Conspiracy Theory about Merger?

Recently heard a conspiracy theory that makes a lot of sense: The Spectra merger wasn't about assets, or dollars, or synergies. It was about bringing in a ****ton of Spectra employees to push out the people in Houston. Legacy Enbridge Houston... read more

What in the tarnation is happening in Houston?

Controller from the mothership in the great white north here. Can someone tell me what is going on in Houston?? I'm hearing that our cap services group down there is in tatters. All but one manager has quit, losing 2-3 controllers a month, reps... read more

New Stellar program

I have a service anniversary coming up this fall (UG). In the past, Spectra employees were able to choose from a catalogue of gifts, and there will be a small celebration (cake/coffee) acknowledging the milestones From what I hear, the new Stellar... read more

MLPs - any news on the status of the unwinding

Company announced a few months ago it was going to dissolve the MLPs and roll the assets back in under the regular business. Any update on the status of this and it’s effect on layoffs etc. etc. or would that only affect the accountants
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My time with Enbridge is coming to an end

I along with lots of coworkers are part of the midstream business that AM decided to sell and it’s bittersweet for me, when I started 10 years ago I was so excited to see the growth pontential that was planned but it never came to come, with all the... read more

Respect in the workplace

the training only served to confirm my TIS manager’s harassing behaviour for the past 1.5 years. empty words. no recourse.

Can Doug Ford stop the UG/EGD amalgamation?

I wonder if Doug Ford could be convinced to prevent the amalgamation of the two Ontario gas utilities? I won’t claim to be an expert, but I’ve been following MAADs and I’m surprised Board Staff and many of the intervenors endorse the almalgation just... read more

I don’t think Enbridge is ruthless

Compared to Spectra and other companies I’ve worked for, Enbridge’s corporate staff appear to be mindless, thoughtless and clueless robots who simply do what they’re programmed by consultants to do or what they “think” AM wants them to do. They are... read more

August layoff?

All I want to know if Enbridge will conduct large scale layoff. Any information would be appreciated.

Layoff.com page is a bully like enbridge

The layoff page tunrned to be a bully like enbridge. Why removing the posts. So i guess enbridge employees will have no more place to vent. I suggest we create an independent blog/page to discuss enbridge bulling and layoff news.

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