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Layoffs before January 29

With an all utility meeting on Jan 29 the layoffs must be coming before then. They can’t be that callous & tonedeaf to do it after that I actually think this is a good point. Which means that we all need to prepare for a layoffs announcement either... read more

Changes coming at Union Gas

Since the beginning of January, security guards are at all building entrances to ensure that all UG employees are swiping their badges. Rumour has it that it is due to direction from Enbridge. I guess layoffs are coming sooner than we think as may be... read more

The new expansion of the Seaway pipeline

Enbridge and Enterprise products, the companies who each own 50% of the Seaway pipeline are getting ready for a new expansion of this system. This article goes through all the aspects and reasons for this expansion. For those who are interested in... read more

Line 5 shutdown effect?

With the new governor of Michigan making it her #1 priority to shut down line 5, how many good folks are going to be left in the cold? We have staff all across the state, and more behind the scenes, should anyone be worried??

Deleted Posts

How is a whole thread deleted that had no names and was based on publicly available information. Seems like some executives have some thin skin or are trying to hide something that everyone already knows (it’s the talk of the entire office). Or maybe... read more

End of the Year Message

Did anyone read or catch AM's year-end message? Filled with spelling errors, rahrah, pat slogans and stock photography. Main theme we did a lot this year and we should pat ourselves on the back. Focused on how the company reorganized, brought all... read more

The company gets what it gives

As an “oldie”, I do agree the company hasn’t figured out how to leverage their talent properly. But I have to add, that this is nothing new. The diffence between successful corporations and corporations destined for obscurity is the ability to focus... read more

WE = 3 Years of Layoffs & Reorgs. WE = Depressing.

Comment if you know someone who quit or took a stress leave because they can’t handle the never ending changes anymore. I know I am only human but openly saying you are affected by the reorgs will make you look weak in this company culture.

Not at Chatham Holiday Lunch

I honestly didn’t even notice until the very end, but CH was not at the Chatham Holiday Lunch. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and assume there was a good reason?

Union Gas STIP payout

Enbridge Gas Inc directors have completed their org charts and will be sharing them next week. So what does this mean. If your role is not represented under the new org chart, you'll be targeted for layoff or walked out the door at the end of this... read more

SCADA leadership investigation

Stop intimidating people from talking to hr/investigative personnel. If you truly are a good manager you have nothing to fear. The VP needs to be supportive of the investigation instead of turning a blind eye to SCADA.

More layoffs yet to come in the new year

Union Gas held its last town hall of the year. The outgoing president made his final address to employees and in it he stated that it was the people he had worked with at UG that made it such a success. The EVP made her remarks and it was all about... read more

Enbridge gets approval for the replacement of Line 3

Minnesota regulators reaffirmed their support for Enbridge Energy’s proposal to replace its aging Line 3 crude oil pipeline across the northern part of the state on Nov. 19, while dozens of protesters walked out of the overflow hearing to make a... read more
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Farewell to true leaders and to Union Gas

At today's Union Gas town hall, the outgoing president received a standing ovation and many, many people in the room were crying after his speech where he thanked the people he worked with over the years and his family. Productivity was at an... read more

Bad Decision After Bad Decision

I can not believe the board of directors haven't addressed the decisions being made at Enbridge. I have only been under the Enbridge influence since the 'merger' 18 months ago but am a long time employee. First, the leadership decide to outsource the... read more

Enbridge Gas Inc.

I’m sure nobody is surprised, but I had to pause to post my LOL over the “new” name. How many billable hours do you suppose Enbridge’s ad agency spent coming up with that creative gem? I have to also laugh about how much spin was given to the “new... read more


So... what, if anything, is the game plan? Anyone have any ideas?

My time here is short

I am part of the midstream business here in Houston that AM found to not be of any value so all assets were sold and as we progress thru our TSA i personally am looking forward to leaving this place and relocating to another area of Houston where we... read more

Enbridge allowed to increase operating capacity

The National Energy Board announced the increasing maximum allowable operating pressure on the T-south systems pipeline from 80% to 85% of the capacity that it had at the time of the October explosion. Enbridge officials stated that the company is... read more

Layoffs at UG

Last week some really good people were laid off from Union's finance team. Young and older employees were let go but not one peep from HR. You may want to get everyone's personal contact details before December as there will be many more layoffs... read more

Severance Package

What are the packages like at Enbidge? I know TransCanada gives 1 month pay per years worked.

Enbridge not on canada top 100 company list

This year enbridge missed top 100 company rating for the first time in many yrs. No bragging rights for AL for town hall where he claims that all is going great in this changing envoirnment aa we are top 100 employer this year as well. WHAT A SHAME!!... read more

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