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My Story

I was let go in a mass cull a few months ago. After 17 productive years with above average performance reviews and almost no absences, I was plucked from my office, given a wooden rehearsed speech, handed a package, and escorted off of the property... read more

Decade of stunning mismanagement

When all has been said and done, it will be fascinating to read the MBA case studies about how two solid companies (Spectra and Enbridge) were ruined over the course of a decade as a result of stunning mismanagement, shortsightedness and... read more

Wage adjustmenst

Heard if you are high I your band you are getting pay cut. What was the pint of putting a top performer there if they are going to get cut now. We all the same? Regardless of job role? Regardless of efforts and results? Insanity now.

what a disaster since pd

a few years ago just about every employee would take a bullet for the company, today, under am, just about every employee will get a bullet (shot right through the heart). the bimbo excuses to reduce cost, reduce duplication is a load of bs. moral is... read more

How many were laid off total?

Do we know how bad was yesterday, company wide? We've lost two at our location, and I have seen a lot of similar reports across the board. I am wondering if we can consider this a one day thing, or we are looking at more layoffs at Enbridge today or... read more

What's the latest on Enbridge layoffs?

Expect more layoffs on axe Wednesday this week. HR has rooms booked already. D day is coming once again. Enjoy the sh!t show everyone. Found this in another thread. Honestly, it looks like people are just throwing around dates for the fun of it now... read more

September 18 layoffs

I heard rumor the annual fall massacre this year is scheduled for Sep 18. What's the situation at other Enbridge locations right now? I've seen the September 18 mentioned in several places as the date of layoffs, but so far, things are looking good... read more

Virtual Utility - Virtual Insanity

EGD was accused by the OEB many years ago of trying to be a "virtual utility" and it seems like hey are still trying. Maybe taking over Union Gas will give them some sort of leverage to get what they want. Imagine the only employees being CH , JS and... read more

Layoff Week

Any word on change of plans for the upcoming round of layoffs this week and next as a result of the hurricane and floods in Houston? I know they've laid people with flooded houses off before, but this is a unique scale...

Thanks for playing

Now, things will flounder for a while until a new strategy is recommended and promoted promising to make things more efficient with outstanding ROI. A new IT integrator will make buckets of money again to reinvent the wheel. When a returned focus on... read more

TIS Quarterly Call CD Announces Resignation

So leadership is telling us to hang tight with all of the constant changes, yet they are bailing during these uncertain times? Doesn't really give a good vibe to the rest of the organization.

Core values

At Enbridge we follow the core values of safety, integrity and respect. Promoting the use of illegal substances violates these core values we so passionately follow as north america's premiere energy infrastructure company. We encourage you to review... read more

Cobra issues

For anyone who was let go back on March 23, has your benefits been reinstated yet? BC/BS says they haven't got paperwork, Cobra says they've sent it....

Stressed out and messed up

Anyone else tired of feeling like the company is stressed out and messed up? I sure hope that things just settle down so that work can get done. I actually watched two people in a meeting throw each other under the proverbial bus because they think... read more

The 10% raise.........

So, in true Leadership fashion....the Leader of Enbridge is given a 10% raise in 2016... While rank and file staff are told there are no raises due to economic conditions......huh...and Leaders wonder why staff are disgruntled....folks, don't waste... read more

What's Happening At VPC?

I am out of there...but I have not heard too much info about people at VPC...Don't know what's happening with various departments belonging to utilities at VPC. Does anybody know? What's happened with the Meter shop? Facilities? The Lab? Leak Survey?... read more

Grateful for a job and resume updates!

I have heard from FIVE different management team members in my chain of command to update my resume, post for jobs, and to look out for yourself and your family. My immediate director told me I should be GRATEFUL I even have a job. The writing is on... read more

Onshore, not offshore

Hired contractors from India and brought them to Canada to steal Canadian jobs, zero social responsibility.

Project Allowance

For those of you who are lucky enough to get it I've been hearing that it will go away very soon. Apparently Enbridge management does not like that Spectra employees are getting the $$. Another thing taken away.....


What is the point of IDPs if your boss is the only one who looks at them? If your boss doesn't care, then it's just a waste of time. Especially if he only cares about himself. They make it sound like your IDPs will actually help your career. The... read more

What clowns

Terminations occurred last month & they still haven't generated the Cobra election documentation. I was told the letter with my password to apply online was sent April 6, but haven't received it yet. Anybody else without health insurance?

was told Friday I should be thankful for a job

Interesting.... leadership now reminding those left behind that we should be grateful for the jobs we have and put even MORE effort (aka free time they won't pay for) into our roles. Yah, because I should be giving a multi-billion dollar organization... read more

It isn't about good people or not.

It isn't about good people or not. They are going to outsource a lot! Entire departments and functions will be contracted out. Cuts are also projected to happen again in September after the summer projects are done. They just didn't do it now as they... read more

Keep your resumes up to date

Senior management announces today to keep your resumes up to date. That means more layoffs coming. They tell you that employees are one of their greatest assets but also announce that more out-sourcing is also going to occur from the current level of... read more

For those getting pay cuts...

And being told not to discuss them, remember that the NLRB has said that not only are companies not allowed to prohibit you from discussing your pay, but it's illegal for them to make you sign anything to the contrary. So, discuss away. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ˜˜
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Demotion Day

Yikes. That stung more than expected. It took years to get there and less than one month for Enbridge to take it all the way. When they give us our 10% pay cut next year, they'll be erasing four years of merit increases. I guess I should be happy to... read more

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