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No Work To Do, but

All this corona work from home and I really don’t have much to do since April. I check my email a few times per day, but my boss doesn’t give assignments or deadlines any more since April. My boss can’t handle anything that makes him look bad, so... —  read more 

This is crazy!

I can't imagine what it will feel like if you volunteer for retirement and you don't get it. I know its legal because they wrote it that way but it seems cruel and most certainly advantageous for Enbridge to pick and choose who they want to let go... —  read more 

Got My Email

Damn. Got my email. Guess i am essential. Denied the chance to apply for the packages

What is the magic number?

Do you think we will have too many people apply for early retirement or not enough? What is the number of people they want to retire?

Change is a-coming

Heard London USRs have been told what written they are losing and eat work they are transitioning too. Any one know first hand what's going on?

What does a gradual return to work look like?

Personally, I don’t find working from home a big deal at all. The COVID-19 situation is obviously horrible, but working from home itself is fine. I feel better than I have in years actually and from what I’ve seen, there’s more productivity than... —  read more 


When are the layoffs coming? WIll they offer early retirement? Are there targets for specific groups? How long will we be working from home?

Am I being paranoid?

I’ve seen leaders attempt to get people to share pictures of ourselves working at home, supposedly to help make us feel more connected. Am I the only one who is suspicious that this is some kind of roundabout way to check-up on us? I mean, they made... —  read more 

Stop complaining!

As a single income family with young kids, I am just as worried about my job security in this climate as everyone else. I am grateful to be Working for Enbridge who has generally treated me very well. What a privilege to be able to sit back... —  read more 

Will Leadership learn from the past?

So many layoffs (BOEF, merger etc etc etc) over the last 5 years, I'm worried leadership has not learned from past mistakes - laying off far too many for the quick cash grab leaving the rest of us to pick up the slack. I see other posters saying... —  read more 

Home Office/ Essential Work Financial Lift

With many having to set up home offices, might the company consider Stellar $ to help with this extra cost? And especially a blanket Stellar especially for those going above and beyond in the field and essential services to reward their efforts?

Our LLBO is recommending Layoffs

The LLBO has been meeting to discuss your future employment. I’ll make it short and sweet- cuts coming. Vern leads this group so yea all about $$. This is going to happen sooner than you realize.

WCS oil at $10

April nominations are being pulled very quickly. Game plan for Monday: Ask your people leader if the Liquids lines are still full (they’re not). Next, ask them what happens to the dividend if revenue falls by 15%. Interesting weeks ahead

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How Long ?

Any rumblings of long term plans in management ? Hearing trump and his Government officials saying this could be several months of social distancing and staying at home.

Look at your staff!

Looking at the activity on this form, this company seems like toxic place to work. This form is trending on the main page for everyone to see! Why are you people so mean to each other

The drama! haha

Why do people even come on here, it's just filled with negativity and drama! It just gets people worked up and increases anxiety!. Quit your job if you hate it so much. It's almost if this form is created by Unions to spread drama and get under... —  read more 

Here we go again

Layoffs and furloughs are coming soon. Oil prices are down! backing up in the pipelines, tanks are full, natural gas bills not getting paid. Layoffs beginning in April.

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Layoffs coming ?

Sure with the decline and everyone worried about the stock price, Layoffs are coming around the corner

Layoffs are coming!

All EMT and ELT are meeting during the week to discuss cuts. Reviews are in process. Check the meeting slots that your ELT team has booked in common. The target that is to be achieved is from ~15% to ~20%. Keep an eye out!

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