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Layoffs at UG

Last week some really good people were laid off from Union's finance team. Young and older employees were let go but not one peep from HR. You may want to get everyone's personal contact details before December as there will be many more layoffs... read more

Severance Package

What are the packages like at Enbidge? I know TransCanada gives 1 month pay per years worked.

Enbridge not on canada top 100 company list

This year enbridge missed top 100 company rating for the first time in many yrs. No bragging rights for AL for town hall where he claims that all is going great in this changing envoirnment aa we are top 100 employer this year as well. WHAT A SHAME!!... read more

Do the Math

Oilsands is selling its oil at a fraction of the cost to produce it, while using the most expensive methods possible to ship it, and I guess the CEO's thought these two factors were cause to ramp up production, to the point the industry is losing... read more

So much for Diversity at the Director level!

After all the “hype” around the importance of Diversity at Enbridge, the Director level leadership team pretty much squashes Enbridge ever being considered “diverse”. Out of the 30 director positions, SEVEN are women. Now, Diversity definitely... read more

More To Come

I keep hearing the same info from multiple sources, more to come and not just director/Manager level. 150 from both Union and 150 from Enbridge Gas Distribution. I think it’s time to start formally engaging unions. Unionized staff are the ones that... read more

Fairwell my friend

He few too close to the sun and got let go. I am saddened he was a okay in my books. Lets watch the use of affirmative action to set up of the new Directors level.

Under appreciated in scada tis

After all the town halls promising that plenty of work is on the horizon, scada leadership treats us like we are non energized and disinterested. Now there is a rumor that projects and parts of the department are going to be sourced and gutted down... read more

We are rich...in debt.......

For those who are not reading financial statements, I will leave these numbers especially to those who holds a lot of enb stocks. Market cap as of late $73b Total debt $66b as of June Cash $494m Interest rates - rising How are we able to declare... read more

Working for Money. What is your motivation???

I was talking to a lot of employees and contractors that I met within the company and if not in front of their immediate supervisors they all say the only thing that motivates them is money and if there is anything better they will leave. What is... read more

Call Centers

I have heard the Uniongas contact centres in Brantford and Thunder Bay will remain as management etc stating keeping UG employees is cheaper than outsourcing to Accenture? Has anyone heard anything on the call centres? People keep saying they will... read more

Do we know if this was it?

Are we done with layoffs after this week (at least for a while) or will there be more next week? I keep thinking the number was low compared to what we were expecting, which would mean this was just a start. Any chance somebody can tell me I'm being... read more

Projects group takes the big hit.

They got rid of a lot of good people today. Looks like 115 hit the streets. So nice to let people go 54 days before Christmas. Thanks so much A.M There goes the WE= Amazing Together

The psychological minefield

Although a growing mean-spiritedness has gripped Enbridge over the last five years, the work situation is still good for certain employees. If you are one of the employees that the ELT has a reason to protect, or if you are, in turn, protected by one... read more

Do we have a date?

Do we know when next round of layoffs is coming? Any indication on the actual date and locations?

The damage is done

I don't see why people care about when the layoff is at this point. Everyone I know is looking so if they find something they leave. Until then they stay and if they get laid off then it is what it is. It's not like after this round of layoff there... read more

Will you get tapped on the shoulder next week?

Folks who report to a director will get "tapped on the shoulder" by thier director next week. Supervisors and leads the following week. Woker bees after that. It's a school yard pick! Good luck everyone!

Continuous small scale layoffs

While rumours on this board always predict another "mass layoff day", the truth is that layoffs have been happening continuously on a smaller scale. I think that's how they do it now.... layoffs gradually over a period of time rather than the epic... read more
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Halloween Surprize!

Trick or Treat! Are you ready for Oct. 30th? Take your stuff home and hide your laptop before reporting to any meeting rooms! HR = Grim Reaper :)

Being laid off was amazing

Hello former colleagues, I was laid off earlier this year after 5 years of service. The day it happened was much as everyone else has described, HR and PL call you down, say thanks, and give you a package. You can choose to keep your phone, but it... read more

October 17th layoff

Is there a correlation between the speculative October 17th layoff and the online meeting the following day with Heidi Bredenholler-Prasad? Could it be an attempt to calm the masses after the move, then explain the plan going forward, bringing calm... read more

Is tomorrow your last day ?

According to this site lay-off day is Wednesday 17. If you haven’t done it yet copy your contacts down on paper or on your own electronics. They may give you your old company phone but all the contacts will be gone. Forward yourself a company wide or... read more

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