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Ready for a whopping 1% raise?!

Gotta love a company that pays millions to the execs but won't even let the worker bees keep pace with inflation! Merit raises will average 1% and MAX anyone can get is 1.9%! The longer I work at Enbridge, the less money I make when adjusted for... read more

Stop being a victim!

People stop waiting around and just letting a few people totally dictate what happens in YOUR life. Be proactive, it’s your responsibility to take your destiny into your own hands and affect positive change into your life. Sometimes we find ourselves... read more

No use in worrying

Speaking as someone who has been laid off, there is no use worrying about it. If it's going to happen, it will regardless. I know it is somewhat stressful, but focus on the things you can control at work. And if the worst happens, there is life after... read more

Are we safe until the end of the year?

Do we know if Enbridge is done with layoffs for this year, at least? I've been stressing over whether I'll have a job or not for eleven months. Now that Christmas is around the corner, I'd like to relax at least until the end of the year. I'm... read more

Things will continue as they have been

I think some of you are not being realistic about the ELT leaving their jobs. The way it works is they are just going to continue with what they do because they can always justify it. Besides, regardless if they leave or get replaced they are... read more


A group of people with a full set of complementary skills required to complete a task, job, or project. Team members (1) operate with a high degree of interdependence, (2) share authority and responsibility for self-management, (3) are accountable... read more

Trust is gone

I think there is a general lack of trust in AM and senior management. After countless layoffs people just go to work to collect their paycheck and wait for the next round. This lack of trust prevents cooperation and will stop OEF from succeeding... read more

Layoffs in exchange for bonuses

The layoffs will ensure that the directors and VPs meet their budgetary targets with military precision, and that they therefore get awarded their bonuses. Our CEO has given them big incentives to get the job done and some of them will no doubt make... read more

November Layoffs?

Anyone else hearing anything about layoffs planned for November and December? Heard from a reliable source that many more to come over the holidays.

Enbridge’s deteriorating culture

I am extremely worried about how Enbridge’s deteriorating culture, and the secrecy that prevails, are impacting the company’s need to stay focused on safety and integrity. The Marshall spill was largely the result of compounded cultural issues... read more

ENB Stock Hammered Today

Despite better than expected Q3 earnings, ENB stock declined almost 5% in one day alone. As far as I can remember, this is unprecedented. Even during the financial crisis of 2008, ENB stock held steady. What is going on ? What do the speculators know... read more

Ongoing incremental synergy capture in Q4

As stated in today’s press release. In Al-speak, that means more layoffs and more cutbacks to salaries, pensions and benefits, as there simply are no other ways to meet the synergy targets. With its massive debt load, this is a company running... read more

Exodus of employees and contractors

Many employees and contractors are already bailing out on their own. Of course, ELT is happy about this as they don't have to pay severance packages. What they don't realize is that as these employees exit, out comes all the skills and knowledge... read more

Enbridge scares me to death

If this is what they meant by “default future” get me out of here. The leaders here aren’t even acting like normal humans anymore. Everyone stabs everyone else in the back. E=Nazi Germany Run!

More layoffs... or slash the dividend?

Unfortunately there may be yet another round of layoffs. Company is not meeting its "synergy" targets it had lauded to Wall Street. See below. https://www.fool.com/investing/2017/08/04/enbridges-earnings-shed-restructuring-charges-in-s.aspx... read more

Management asking to spread good word about ENB

Seems that when recruiters have reached out to hire people for ENB, they hear the company name and run. I personally am not recommending this company to anyone. I guess the word is getting out from all the glassdoor reviews.

Safety, Integrity, Resect, my a**

So, we’ve just learned that, for three years, Al withheld information from the State of Michigan about damage to the protective coating on Line 5, which runs under the Straits of Mackinaw, which connects Lake Michigan to Lake Huron. These are two of... read more

No more loyalty towards Enbridge

I have worked for Enbridge for over 20 years and I have to admit that I am now very anxious about our leadership and the decisions being made to benefits. We are all paying the price as employees for a failed promise of the talked up synergies that... read more

Few good people left

The culture can't be described or should we say can't be described by nicer words. There are still good people left in that company but I had worked on some of the most arrogant and useless people there. One guy is browsing the internet half the time... read more

Defined Benefit Pension Obligation

Keep an eye on Enbridge’s DB pension obligation and the value of the assets in the plan. AM, and maybe even the board, may be planning on pulling a Sears Canada.

Pension sessions

So i had my pension info session this week and what a joke! Near the end the pension manager from Spectra (can't remember his name) told us that we are all better off under the new structure and "the company basically spends 15% of your salary to... read more

Happy anniversary!!!

October 19 marks one year since I was fired along with a lot of other high achieving Enbridge folks. If any of you still bother to look at this site... Happy Anniversary! Even though, at the time, it was pretty sh--ty, a year removed, thank god we... read more

My Story

I was let go in a mass cull a few months ago. After 17 productive years with above average performance reviews and almost no absences, I was plucked from my office, given a wooden rehearsed speech, handed a package, and escorted off of the property... read more

Decade of stunning mismanagement

When all has been said and done, it will be fascinating to read the MBA case studies about how two solid companies (Spectra and Enbridge) were ruined over the course of a decade as a result of stunning mismanagement, shortsightedness and... read more

Wage adjustmenst

Heard if you are high I your band you are getting pay cut. What was the pint of putting a top performer there if they are going to get cut now. We all the same? Regardless of job role? Regardless of efforts and results? Insanity now.

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