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The New Enbridge Gas Vs. Union Gas

Just wondering how the morale is? Are the X-Union Gas employees feeling the Enbridge pressure or axe? Pension, salary and benefit changes always s—s!

Straits Mismanagement = Enbridge Culture

For those of you that follow the ongoing drama that is our pipeline crossing at the Straits of Mackinaw, it certainly mirrors the day to day cluster f at Enbridge. I mean really how can you not know, and then double check the facts before issuing a... —  read more 

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Hey thanks for New pay grade....but more pay?

Told I was in the wrong pay grade so we are moving you from 410 into 420 pay grade. You are not in the correct range of compensation. So what will my new pay be now? Oh sorry no more pay its stays the same. But hey look at all the more room you... —  read more 

Other Pipeline Companies Layoffs

I just checked the comments and posts on the competitors of Enbridge and they are silent. Says a lot when Enbridge has the mose posts of unhappy employees and talks of layoffs. I guess we all chose the wrong company to work for.

Enbridge + Enterprise.

Next merger underway. Sounds like the same corporate speak we heard before Spectra merger. Al is ready to go with a massive golden parachute. "We are pleased to be teaming up with Enterprise to bring large scale, integrated export solutions... —  read more 

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Making people retire instead of laying them off

I've seen instances where Enbridge has made people retire instead of laying them off. Is there any recourse for this? Their manager files a complaint for something that has been a normal procedure in the past and then they use it to force them to... —  read more 

Score Card

Well that was a terrible score card update. Am i the only one who doesnt feel like doing my job anymore?

Why does it take so long?

So as EGD and UGL merged to this new company EGI and to become one. When it came time for bringing together pension, benefits, share options, Stip and more is was basically implemented quickly. Now many MANY of us ask about the wage differences... —  read more 

Contact Centres no customer satisfaction

Anyone on here from customer care and contact centres? All Enbridge cares about is money! Don’t care about customer satisfaction at all! I heard call centres are told to lie to customers and deceive them because Enbridge wants all customers... —  read more 

EGI ReOrg 6 months in...

How’s it working out for everyone that stayed? Is merging the legacy utilities like mixing oil and water? Is it bringing out the best of both worlds or just caving to the lowest common denominator?

I Have Made It. Time to Coast and Mail it in

Finally reached the age of 53 with 32 years at the company. I can finally relax. If walked out guaranteed to be given a two year package which gets me to 55 and pension. Was always leaving at 55 anyways. Time to coast and mail it in from now on. ... —  read more 

Your opinion on Enbridge IT ??

I'm absolutely struggling on what the value of our internal IT has become. I find it incredibly difficult to navigate the waters to get anything done. I find the people unresponsive, the management does not sort out problems, but just lets them... —  read more 

Houseplant Policy

Is anyone else laughing their a– off at the new “Houseplant Policy”?! Are they going to walk around and take your plant away if the pot is 6.5” in diameter or if you have 3 small cactuses instead of the maximum of 2? While the rest of us worry about... —  read more 

Union Gas People . Time to go Unionized.

Enbridge settles to union personell withe better pensions, benefits 2X overtime, increased STIP , etc etc. Then non Union gets screwed over on all the above. No reason to not to be unless you enjoyed less

Stress leave?

Just curious about what some thoughts are around taking stress leave. Is it a career k–ler? Is it a good idea? I’m miserable, I don’t want to spend my time in this dysfunctional workplace anymore. My sanity is on the line. I don’t know how much more... —  read more 

Who will be the scapegoat?

Someone’s head will roll. Should start at the top for buying Spectra’s POS infrastructure to start with. But the bosses will find somebody else to blame. No names. Roll or department will do. It will be done before preliminary NTSB comes out.

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Should Al be BOEF’d

Seriously. Spectra acquisition is a disaster. Line 5 going to be shut down. Can’t finish line 3. Sandpiper and Northern Gateway flushed millions down the toilet. Share price dropping like a rock again.


I hate saying this, as I've been on both sides before and dont have anything good to say about unions. However, I think as a collective group, we should start this conversation. Might seem too late for a couple areas, but it's gone past the point of... —  read more 

Employee Engagement Survey

Results from the employee engagement survey Enbridge earlier in the year are starting to flow out to the various business units and functional areas. I’m getting the impression that senior leaders are not taking the poor results seriously because... —  read more 

Stand Up for Safety

I've attended all the Stand Up for Safety events over the years, and this last one was an utter pile of c-ap. In the Spectra days, these events were meaningful and focused on stories. There would be many people in the room tearing up over the moving... —  read more 

The virtues of modern plumbing

It’s been a while since I posted about how much I hate Corporate Enbridge, so here’s the latest thing that made me LOL with disgust... does anyone else find it hilarious that Inc. is going around talking-up their innovative and groundbreaking Uber... —  read more 


Look like layoffs are finally over after 2.5 yrs of pounding. any more to come?

Would you go back?

The board has been dead for a while, so here's a topic - To the people who got laid off, would you ever go back to Enbridge if the job offer was good? Are there any current Enb employees who got laid off in the past? I was laid off some time ago, but... —  read more 

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