Topics regarding layoffs at Enbridge Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Enbridge Inc.

Leaving due to RTO

It was clear to me from the very beginning that we would have to return to the office at some point. Now many say that they will leave if they have to RTO, but how many will really leave because of that? It remains to be seen, but I still think... —  read more 

WSJ headline - Theranos Execs sentenced to 11 & 13 Years in Prison - Reminder of Legacy Duke/Spectra Evil Subsidiary

Several current Houston Directors and at least 1 President came over to Spectra from Duke Energy North America (Enron like Energy Traders). SOX was not in effect at time so nobody got convicted, but it cost 3 Billion + to clean up the mess. Now they... —  read more 

Tomorrow is On.....

Tomorrow is on....the shoulders of Infrastructure Planning. As usual, we are doing all the heavy lifting to get anything meaningful done to benefit Enbridge. While the rest of this company is deadweight just along for a ride on the IP coat tails. ... —  read more 

Corunna Tecumseh Plant

With all but 4 compressors being decommissioned at the Tecumseh station by the end of 2023, along with the 36" pipeline going in, i'm sure the operators at Tecumseh must be getting worried about their jobs. Read between the lines and start job... —  read more 

This describes what has been discussed here lately. Those on the inside will describe the current work environment to a tee!

Communication Communication is ineffective, or employees feel like they’re being lied to. Passive-aggressive communication is common. Tempers are frayed and people argue, rather than debate. Miscommunications fester – rather than being... —  read more 

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Happy Haloween

Happy Haloween! Today the city is brimming full of ghosts, goblins and ghouls. But the most frightening thing for me is picturing an Enbridge without the unparalleled contributions of Infrastructure Planning. Hopefully that nightmare never comes... —  read more 

STIP payment

Does anyone know if you quit whether you get paid out your STIP, say if it’s after Jan 1? Or do you need to be employed at the time of the money being deposited?

Layoff Rumors?

Anyone hear of any Layoffs coming? Historically it’s been the 2nd or 3rd week of October that people get tossed. I haven’t heard of anything coming at all, are we safe this year?!

Trying to get back in

I don't believe there are many employees who realized that quitting this job was a mistake, but I do know one who tried to get back in. He did not succeed at it and in the end he still had to look for another job. - It seems that it is not easy to... —  read more 

The Great Retirement

I wonder how many Hundreds of the Families that AM laid off over his Ten Year Regime, are able to retire as Multi-Millionaires? I wonder if he ever thinks about Enbridge as a Company of People? Or if we were ONLY Numbers on his Corporate Balance... —  read more 

70% is the new 100%

How about this? Under the new way the STIP multiplier is calculated you can get a performance rating of "Successful performance" (where about 80% of the company lands) and receive a STIP multiplier as low as 70%! So....... Meet all your goals, exceed... —  read more 

Tomorrow is on WT?

I just viewed Enbridge's Tomorrow in On PR campaign and I was left scratching my head. The company spent millions upon millions of dollars on a rooster. You cannot make this stuff up.

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Wonderful Company

I am so happy and humbled to work for this Corporation. I am overjoyed my manager has told our team to stay home Monday to mourn and see the funeral for our Beloved Queen. God Bless this company. Long live the King.


Is anyone paying attention to the amount of leaves in the Office of the CIO? There’s a female Director that’s driving talent away.

8 Common Bully Types

This list is more or less a cut and paste off the internet with some editing made. I have seen all of these types at LEG over the years. Have you experienced any of these bully types? Is there anymore you want to add? Got any advice for anyone... —  read more 

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