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Can we even handle that many layoffs?

Seriously, losing more than ten percent of workforce is bound to cripple the company in some way. Where did the 1,500 to be laid off number come from? Any chance it's not going to be that many? In all honesty, I can't see how Enbridge could pull it... read more

Any more details on reductions?

Does anybody have any more info on the upcoming reductions at Enbridge? How many will be let go and which groups will be affected the most? Knowing something is coming but not knowing exactly what seems as bad as not knowing at all. Any info would be... read more

Last word on layoffs!

Good bye to this foo foo site— more then likley controlled by the corporations that are busy layong off the non- conformers- so to all the Stepford Wives (brainwashing by crooked hubbies movie) that work for the E-Screw-U. Keep swallowing pride and... read more

What is rule 70?

A guy at the office recently mentioned that rule 70 is one of the main determinants for who will be laid off, and for the life of me I can't figure out what that means. What I found online makes no sense (what does estimating the number of years for... read more

Net income down 200 million in a single year.

The Calgary-based company said net income attributable to shareholders fell to C$445 million or 26 Canadian cents per share in the three months ended March 31, from C$638 million or 54 Canadian cents per share a year earlier. That's a big loss in a... read more

Weepers weep- The managers dont sleep!

As we continue to suffer weeping lines that need replacement and facing shutdowns and fines for unhindged 5. The word on the street is 3500 by 2019. Based on the lines shutting down by federal courts, after Michigan orders the shut down of 5 and MN... read more

The worst part about getting laid off...

Is having to continue to work with the Enbridge HR department. I feel like I should be getting paid for this sh--. Their incompetence is so great, that I no longer work there, and it's still haunting me. Check your accounts boys and girls, seems like... read more

Severance timing

Anybody knows how long does it take from the moment you are laid off by Enbridge to receive your severance? Is it an instant kind of thing or does it take some time for the whole thing to get processed? Just trying to get a full picture of things in... read more

Upcoming Project Group changes

Does anybody have any knowledge or theories concerning the changes to the various project groups that are currently being reviewed?

Al Monaco's Compensation Rose 13% in 2017

While you, you little ant of a worker bee, were lucky to receive a 1% raise, which doesn't account for your increased commute costs if you're in Houston, your loss of PTO if you're in the US, Enbridge reducing the percentage of your health insurance... read more

Lessons Learned

Lets use Enbridge lesson learned program. Fact 1. Enbridge layoffs have been going on for decades. 2. Mid managers are the lowest form of life on earth. When you watch the lessons learned videos of all the deaths workers suffered due to the... read more

How long before next round of layoffs?

Now that it is obvious that the last round of layoffs did absolutely nothing for Enbridge or its stock, what do you think how long it will take the geniuses running this company to attempt to do the exact same thing again while expecting different... read more

I was laid off and yet....

The stock price is still hovering around the $30/share toilet-bowl, dividend increase hasn't been announced. I was told that layoffs were key to fixing this company, and the stock price is even lower than when I was laid off. Of course, anyone who... read more

Monaco gone?

Can anybody confirm rumors floating around about Al being replaced with Greg Ebel, former Spectra's CEO

Lay Offs after merger

I know there will be lay offs after merger, has anyone heard if it will be mostly management? I cannot see them outsourcing the Uniongas contact centres in Brantford and Thunder Bay right away, that could take years? Anyone heard anything? Does... read more

Survive or Thrive culture Where is ENB?

READ THIS: https://www.forbes.com/sites/johnkotter/2018/04/19/kraft-heinzs-culture-crisis/#b275836250dc We are in the Survive mode! And it s---s and won't get better untill leadership actually does something about it!

Small scale layoffs

Layoffs are happening but in small scale. That's how they choose to operate with less transparency as possible. At least before it was transparent! @SKfLSJU-1sqr hit the nail on the head. We have been having continuous layoffs, only they are now... read more

Life after Enbridge!

Thanks to all. This website really helped me to get my resume out. I got a job offer and I will be moving on in two weeks! Enough with the layoff talk. I'm out of here!

For those wondering...

In case you are scared your name might be on the list, here's a handy article pointing to things to look for to figure out if you are true in your suspicions or not... read more


It amazes me how this company can continuously promote people to Directors & VP, but are constantly laying off people that are actually working. What a joke!!!

CBS News -60 Minutes Crews in Mack City

Oh boy here we go again, I wonder if they will be seeking out local E employees? Please give me a severance package ASAP!! Ill buy a fudge shop and sell to protestors!!!
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More layoffs

There were supply chain layoffs Tuesday. Plus the announced EH&S layoffs from Al in Houston. More expected to be walked out next week. Is there any more news on this? Who is expected to be walked out this week? Which departments and which locations?... read more

A positive comment, will the wonders never cease

I've got a different opinion than many that are posting here. Was laid off in 2014 and was lucky to find a job with E. Maybe I'm just lucky but I really enjoy my job. I have a great boss that helps with the crazy workload which is good because it is... read more

Use the printer asap!!

I thank the Lord the Tower Moron’s are not allowed to own an Airline. As much as they scam the pipeline regulations, fake hydrotest, etc — I encourage all of you about to be layed off print off copies of all the scams you have participated in, you... read more

Line 5 Shutting Down Layoffs Coming

State of Michigan, National Forest Service —- shuting down line 5. Any jobs along this corridor will be gone by 2020. Prepare yourself- get fiancial plan in order. Sell of all the extra stuff, atv, camper, crap you dont need to survive, unload fancy... read more


I am one of those who are more resilient and hopeful when it comes to changes but I guess everyone has a breaking point. I am now very eager to look for a job somewhere else than ever before. I am grateful for the opportunity and the money that I... read more

People Leader Eval

How good or poor performer is your people leader? Do you have a good people leader or a useless one? Do you think the company should reduce these numbers of useless micro manager supervisors and managers?

Anchor hits line 5 —3 dents

Read the news—- sell the stock. Ship anchor hits line 5 3 dents. Tower team gives themselves a pay raise and bonus promotions— for fooling state of Michigan!!!! Kore layoffs will be coming after the latest disaster by Keystone Kops
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What happens when...

You’re laid off? Can someone describe the process of walking the employee out to me? Who calls? What do they let you bring from your desk? Do they let you sign your paperwork right away? Just want to make sure I’m ready thanks

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