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When is the next round?

I wish they would just get it over with so we can know where we stand. Regarding the rumors of layoffs by the end of March, I wanted to ask have they started already and if no is there any more precise info on when they could happen?

What positions are eliminated?

I see people reporting that the explanation for their layoff is mostly that their position is being eliminated. So what positions are we talking about?

Weird management structure

I think a lot of the frustrating things that happen at Enbridge are caused by the weird management structure. The ratio of few people who actually do work vs people leaders is wacky. Managing 3-4 people does fill an entire 8 hour day, so to try to... read more

Walk out Wednesday hits VPC

It’s here. It’s happenening. Let the show begin. Let’s face it folks - no matter how knowledgeable you are, how great a leader you have been, how much you have contributed to the business AND how much importance you place on employee morale - these... read more

March 20

I heard customer Care is being hit today! Anyone got information? I heard of two people so far in Thunder Bay????
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Forcing us to quit

It feels to me like Enbridge is intentionally fostering a nearly unbearable work environment for us to make us quit on our own. It's like they want to cut a certain number of people but don't want to pay severance if they can avoid it. I could just... read more

Finish the joke

A UGL employee, an EGD employee and member of SMT walk into a bar..... P.S. lighten up folks they can take away your jobs, but they cannot take you FREEDOM.

Any layoffs reported this week?

If there were layoffs i would like to know what locations and how many people. Sure hope that the rumor that the layoffs would happen in this week wasn't true. Don't see any people posting, so that should be a good sign.

Customer Care?

Does anyone know what type of cuts are coming for customer care? Is it just at management level for job cuts or is everyone just guessing?

Wave 2 Enbridge Gas Inc. layoffs

Hearing next week- these things usually seem to happen on Wednesday, so likely the 20th? This would be layoffs for the departments in the former Union Gas and EGD units that haven’t been hit yet.


So any vote yet on a strike? I hear there were some negotiations last week for the north? Anyone know if strike vote happened in the south?

More people leaving on their own

So many people are leaving Enbridge, and the replacements that we are getting - in those rare situations when they actually bring in replacements - have no idea how to do the jobs they were hired to do. Why isn't the company doing anything to prevent... read more


Next week we are voting to support a strike, endorsed by the union, after nearly 2 years of negotiations. any thoughts on that? thank you

Something positive

I'm glad Enbridge did the right thing this year with this great bonus. We could all see it was a good year for the company and our business unit, but I think 99% of the employees in my area were convinced Enbridge would find some way to shaft us... read more

The truth

Here is what people don’t know but need to When you are laid off its a blessing in disguise. You were done a favor. No more lack of vision, no more bullying, no more stress, no more uncertainty. Managers will think they are getting rid of you and you... read more

I Finally Made It

Just as I have been hoping since all this started. To survive this mess all I wanted was to get to 53. With over 30 years service and wanting to retire at 55 anyways I knew if I made it to 53 and got walked out, the severance would be two years and... read more

Enbridge not among Alberta's Top 75

... and yet we see Pembina, Inter Pipeline and Keyera and disturbingly, The City of Edmonton (where one fifth of employees report harassment) make the grade. Yes, it's an application process, but still, that we didn't even apply tells a tale for all... read more

STIP 2018 Announcement

Sent to all Enbridge team members Colleagues, This is the time of year when we let everyone know about our corporate performance Short Term Incentive Plan (STIP) result. I’m pleased to say we have a very good outcome, consistent with our Q4 and full... read more

Union layoffs

Anyone know anything? I keep hearing rumors about 200 positions elimination by march15 in ops. 125people. Good luck every1

Good old Union Gas

Worked there for over 30 years. We had Issues in 2000 when we split into Union Gas and Union Energy. It was a shambles. Lost some respect for the company. Now they are Enbridge and looks as if Enbridge are cutting jobs and escorting dedicated workers... read more

Benefits are part of our compensation

Benefits are part of our compensation. We are lucky to have benefits, but no more “lucky” than we are to get paid - we work in exchange for those things. The constant repositioning of this topic to make it sound like benefits are a favour from our... read more

More layoffs today?

Do we know if layoffs are done? Can we expect more today? As somebody mentioned in another thread, this not knowing is the worst part. Why is it so hard to communicate with employees and tell us what's going on? This constant stressful anticipation... read more

Benefits? No longer as beneficial !

Between my spouse, dependants and myself spent OOP for chiropractic , dental and medication for first month of 2019 over $190. Expenses when I was under Legacy Spectra wound of be zero cost to me ! At this rate I could easily pay over $2000 this... read more

Getting a new job

How hard is it really? I'm ready to leave Enbridge, but I'm petrified of actually getting out there and trying to get a new job at fifty. It's been a while since my last job interview and I'm really not looking to having to go through that entire... read more

Anyone know anything?

Just waiting for decisions to be made about whether or not we (legacy UG) have jobs is driving my anxiety thru the roof! Does anyone have any idea or hints of when things are going to happen?

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