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This week's layoffs?

Several threads a month or so ago mentioned March 21 as the most likely day for next big round of layoffs. I haven't seen much mentioned about it since then, so I'm wondering if that turned out to not be true or if we should be prepared for layoffs... read more

Clueless managers

I have been with the company over 20 years and I have never seen moral this low. Some managers are taking away coffee makers, and I heard through the “ pipe line “ that others are letting their reports enjoy 100 % personal use of company vehicles... read more

Uniongas Contact Centres and Customer Care

What about customer care? Has anyone heard about the Uniongas contact centres in Brantford and Thunder Bay? Rumours are that they will outsource to Accenture? Is this all just speculation or will the Uniongas contact centres be part of the $20... read more

HE Executive Bonus Removal

General Electric axes top-executive bonuses for first time General Electric Co last year eliminated bonuses for its senior managers for the first time in its 126-year histo... https://www.bnn.ca/1.1025080.1520897727

Good read

If you can’t appreciate anything you can certainly leave. Nobody is holding anybody to work for any company against their will. You have to remember that everyone was demoralized coz if you are not then you must be as pathethic and narcissist as the... read more

If youre a man, enbridge isnt for you

HR and ELT make it clear women will be promoted to meet goals. 2018 where we promote based on gender and not qualifications. get out of this liberal company while you can.

Pay For Those That were Demoted

A year and a half ago, many employees were demoted in order to keep their jobs but their pay was frozen for a year. Come to find out, HR never took the money away so you have Supervisors and less making more money than any of their peers! Why don't... read more

So sick of it

So sick of the fake managers that blatantly violate policies. Time to start posting the ethics number... lets see what happens.


Rumor is out that Energy Transfer is purchasing MEP. Any truth to that???

This article could be about Enbridge!

Ten Terrible Things That Happen When Employees Stop Caring https://www.forbes.com/sites/lizryan/2018/03/01/ten-terrible-things-that-happen-when-employees-stop-caring/#2ee9ae4a3a41 Do you see anything like Enbridge's culture here? While I don't agree... read more


Pine river gas plant unionised operations staff and the team leader of gathering have been let go. Rumor has it CNRL is the new owner of that area.

March 15 could be layoff day

Get ready. Enb will have to come up with drastic measures so that they could keep the boat afloat. People reduction and dividend cut is coming.

Beauty & the Beast

WOW! I missed the town hall so I was able to just watch it this morning and I can't believe how tone deaf and ignorant our leadership is. You literally used an opening joke based upon the appearance of yourself and a woman prior to moving into a long... read more

Is there a sub-reddit or other venue?

I know this site is to talk about layoffs, but the threads are way off topic at times. Are there other sites that there is discussion in anonymous form about Enbridge, or does someone know how to create a sub-reddit where we can post?

Good summary

I’m not really sure what else we could’ve expected them to say. They’re not going to go up on stage and project a negative forecast for the company. Unless I misunderstood, I’d summarize the whole 2 hours as such: a Cannuck’s Jersey was exchanged for... read more

Monday notice?

Who's putting in their notice on Monday after the STIP check is in the bank?

One of these things is not like the others...

Stock price since the markets bottomed out on February 8th: DJIA: +4.63% Transcanada: +7.06% Kinder Morgan: +1.19% Enterprise: +.96% Williams: +.80% Enbridge: -.76% Rising tide lifts all pipelines, except the leaky one sitting at the bottom.

Respect = Transparency = Trust

What has happened to transparency and respect for employees at EGD? What a watered down, sugar coated fluff piece. No real explanation for management nothing about what was changed just an asterisk on the bottom of the actual scorecard and minus 13%... read more

More layoffs to come

Stock is down. Rates are rising. The sale of asset won't be enough to keep this company afloat. Get ready!

Stip bonus

A lot of folks are waiting to get STIP bonus and will bolt out before the ship sinks. Can someone explain all the jargons Al Monaco wrote.


Reuters: Enbridge seeks to double its initial target for asset sales Feb. 15, 2018 4:05 PM ET|About: Enbridge Inc. (ENB)|By: Carl Surran, SA News Editor Enbridge (NYSE:ENB) plans to accelerate its divestment program by selling assets valued at ~C$8B... read more

Thanks for the Valentine Mike....

Now "retiring" EH&S awards for all regional employees......Perfect If an employee has not been laid off yet, they have had tremendous cut backs the last few years, And, sadly, there is more to come. Time to ask yourself.....when is it all not worth... read more

Lol Yammer

Anyone else get the email notifying them of the “company morale” thread on yammer? I’ve never seen so many pencil pushers hemmhorage out of their fingers by trying to show that they’re team players by lying or sugar coating. It’s a painful joy. If... read more

Senior Management levels

Would anyone know why we still have lots of VPs and Directors? What are they for? I thought we are trimming layers and layers but they way I see it the trim is only on the ordinary worker level. One VP compensation is equivalent of more than a dozen... read more

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