Topics regarding layoffs at Enbridge Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Enbridge Inc.

Happy Father's Day

Today is Father's Day. What is a father? A father is someone who protects and guides, who takes the weight of the world on their shoulders and carries you through hard times so that you can live a good life. Someone who will guide you, lead you... —  read more 

Enbridge Diversity Awards

The company buys these awards by paying the awarding organizations donation money. Don’t buy into this BS. They even have paid articles about how much they care about it. The treatment of indigenous communities and it’s own diverse employees is... —  read more 

High attrition

A lot of employees are leaving and the others are seriously planning to leave. Since I haven't been here for a long time, I'm wondering if there was a period before when the attrition was maybe even bigger than it is now?

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Promotion Cycles

With the turnover increasingly getting unstable, how will Enbridge retain talent? Especially with the archaic promotion cycle that focuses on "paying your dues," not merit, how will existing employees feel valued?


Beware folks, a little bird (well not so little) told me that our overlords are not happy that a bunch of us are working from home more than what is allowed. I was told that a new attendance policy will be rolled out to address thus. Attendance will... —  read more 


It is already clear what kind of future awaits this company without innovation. Of course, every innovation involves a certain amount of risk, but what is really worrying is that the company no longer seems to recognize the importance of innovation... —  read more 

The worst culture ever

I am not a confrontational person. I am still in touch with most of my colleagues at my previous job where I made many friends. What bothers me here is that despite everything, I can't have a decent relationship with my coworkers. I am not looking... —  read more 

Honest question. How is ENB planning to retain talent? Raises are weak. Benefits are falling behind. Competition w hiring STEM workers is FIERCE

Is there a plan you think? Other than 'let's hope sh-t doesn't hit the fan and people jump ship'? My guess is that they will be reactionary. They will realize that talent is leaving and attracting new talent is getting harder by the day. So they... —  read more 

So long Enbridge

I might not know exactly yet what I want from my career, but I know what I don't want, and that's working here. Too much politics, too much backstabbing, and too few rewards for hard work. I'm not sure if my next job (which I start in March) will be... —  read more 

AB back to office

JK made bunch of covid relaxations obviously for his leadership review and the convoy. Enbridge jumped right in and announced back to work almost immediately. Covid deaths still going up and comparable to previous waves. But safety is our number one... —  read more 

It is what it is

Face it, your relationship with Enbridge is purely transactional. You sell them hours of your life and they give you money. End of story. If at any time Enbridge feels that they can continue on without you, you are gone. Treated with dignity and... —  read more 

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