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What in the tarnation is happening in Houston?

Controller from the mothership in the great white north here. Can someone tell me what is going on in Houston?? I'm hearing that our cap services group down there is in tatters. All but one manager has quit, losing 2-3 controllers a month, reps... read more

New Stellar program

I have a service anniversary coming up this fall (UG). In the past, Spectra employees were able to choose from a catalogue of gifts, and there will be a small celebration (cake/coffee) acknowledging the milestones From what I hear, the new Stellar... read more

MLPs - any news on the status of the unwinding

Company announced a few months ago it was going to dissolve the MLPs and roll the assets back in under the regular business. Any update on the status of this and it’s effect on layoffs etc. etc. or would that only affect the accountants
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My time with Enbridge is coming to an end

I along with lots of coworkers are part of the midstream business that AM decided to sell and it’s bittersweet for me, when I started 10 years ago I was so excited to see the growth pontential that was planned but it never came to come, with all the... read more

Respect in the workplace

the training only served to confirm my TIS manager’s harassing behaviour for the past 1.5 years. empty words. no recourse.

Can Doug Ford stop the UG/EGD amalgamation?

I wonder if Doug Ford could be convinced to prevent the amalgamation of the two Ontario gas utilities? I won’t claim to be an expert, but I’ve been following MAADs and I’m surprised Board Staff and many of the intervenors endorse the almalgation just... read more

I don’t think Enbridge is ruthless

Compared to Spectra and other companies I’ve worked for, Enbridge’s corporate staff appear to be mindless, thoughtless and clueless robots who simply do what they’re programmed by consultants to do or what they “think” AM wants them to do. They are... read more

August layoff?

All I want to know if Enbridge will conduct large scale layoff. Any information would be appreciated.

Layoff.com page is a bully like enbridge

The layoff page tunrned to be a bully like enbridge. Why removing the posts. So i guess enbridge employees will have no more place to vent. I suggest we create an independent blog/page to discuss enbridge bulling and layoff news.

Layoffs in August!!

2 out of 3 of the 1500 Project staff mentioned will be let go end of August. All indications are some employees but mainly Contingency workers. Start looking for work Now!!

Looks like someone spammed this forum...

I guess some of the stuff posted here stuck a nerve with leadership, so someone decided to spam the forum so that additional people can’t see the legitimate conversation. All this proves is how true many of the comments were.

Waiting for the hammer to drop

EDG and union gas are going to merge and there are going to be layoffs due to synergies...that’s a fact. Packages will be given and likely not as good as they were in the past. The discussion that remains is how everything will work, look, feel... read more

Question about UG/EGD Merger

Does anyone have any insight on what the severance packages will look like after the OEB approves the merger? Will it be one month or one week per year of service?

This was anything but smooth

Mashing two companies together isn't merger "success". What happened to ensuring a good culture. The integration originally wasn't just about cutting people and costs. We were supposed to focus on org structure - including no "senior" in titles, we... read more

Trans-Mountain + Enbridge = ?????

Looks like the Canadian Government is going to buy the Trans mountain pipeline project, then sell it after its in service to a private sector. Will Enbridge act on this or are they too broke after the fantastic Merge with Spectra... read more

What Al said today

Can you believe it? Al said the merger went 100% smooth and was completely successful? That the new Enbridge is so much better now! Really? Then why Al, is our stock price in the toilet? Perhaps the market isn't quite so rosy as you on how the merger... read more

How do you cope up with stress?

Honest opinion please: if you are still working for the company, regardless if you are an employee or contractor, how do you cope up with stress??? I already tried out of town trips, talking it out with people close to me, I already tried being... read more

Oil Prices are up! Enbridge is still down.

When the Enbridge/Spectra merger was announced, the WTI price of crude was $51 or $52. Even with the big drop over the last week, it's now up to %66. That's about a 30% round-numbers increase. When the Enbridge/Spectra merger was announced, then... read more

Can we even handle that many layoffs?

Seriously, losing more than ten percent of workforce is bound to cripple the company in some way. Where did the 1,500 to be laid off number come from? Any chance it's not going to be that many? In all honesty, I can't see how Enbridge could pull it... read more

Any more details on reductions?

Does anybody have any more info on the upcoming reductions at Enbridge? How many will be let go and which groups will be affected the most? Knowing something is coming but not knowing exactly what seems as bad as not knowing at all. Any info would be... read more

Last word on layoffs!

Good bye to this foo foo site— more then likley controlled by the corporations that are busy layong off the non- conformers- so to all the Stepford Wives (brainwashing by crooked hubbies movie) that work for the E-Screw-U. Keep swallowing pride and... read more

What is rule 70?

A guy at the office recently mentioned that rule 70 is one of the main determinants for who will be laid off, and for the life of me I can't figure out what that means. What I found online makes no sense (what does estimating the number of years for... read more

Net income down 200 million in a single year.

The Calgary-based company said net income attributable to shareholders fell to C$445 million or 26 Canadian cents per share in the three months ended March 31, from C$638 million or 54 Canadian cents per share a year earlier. That's a big loss in a... read more

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