Topics regarding layoffs at Enbridge Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Enbridge Inc.

70% is the new 100%

How about this? Under the new way the STIP multiplier is calculated you can get a performance rating of "Successful performance" (where about 80% of the company lands) and receive a STIP multiplier as low as 70%! So....... Meet all your goals, exceed... —  read more 

Tomorrow is on WT?

I just viewed Enbridge's Tomorrow in On PR campaign and I was left scratching my head. The company spent millions upon millions of dollars on a rooster. You cannot make this stuff up.

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Wonderful Company

I am so happy and humbled to work for this Corporation. I am overjoyed my manager has told our team to stay home Monday to mourn and see the funeral for our Beloved Queen. God Bless this company. Long live the King.


Is anyone paying attention to the amount of leaves in the Office of the CIO? There’s a female Director that’s driving talent away.

8 Common Bully Types

This list is more or less a cut and paste off the internet with some editing made. I have seen all of these types at LEG over the years. Have you experienced any of these bully types? Is there anymore you want to add? Got any advice for anyone... —  read more 

So many pretenders

I'm usually not interested, that is, I'm not a person who monitors how hard others work, that's not my job. However, pretenders start to be my problem when their laziness starts to affect my work. Are managers here actually protecting pretenders... —  read more 

Time Marches on…

After reading several misguided responses that somehow twisted the Hybrid / remote work discussion into an attack on “Boomers”; I have several comments. Boomers built the Company you work for. The knowledge AND experiences, (both good and bad), have... —  read more 

Enbridge Private Jet

So, apparently you can track the companies private jet online. C-GBAS Looks largely business related until you dig into the historical data. Different life for us plebs. To any former Encana/Ovintiv types... —  read more 

Is it out of control?

I received an offer in a company where I will have the opportunity to WFH and with that I will have a higher pay as well. ENB does nothing to keep the remaining employees who are skilled and capable, so the future here does not look very bright... —  read more 

Colleagues keep leaving

I haven't been here for a long time so I don't know. Has this company ever had as many people leaving as it has now?? It doesn't seem like the leadership is trying to stop or at least slow down attrition and I hope it won't be too late when they... —  read more 

Happy Father's Day

Today is Father's Day. What is a father? A father is someone who protects and guides, who takes the weight of the world on their shoulders and carries you through hard times so that you can live a good life. Someone who will guide you, lead you... —  read more 

High attrition

A lot of employees are leaving and the others are seriously planning to leave. Since I haven't been here for a long time, I'm wondering if there was a period before when the attrition was maybe even bigger than it is now?

Promotion Cycles

With the turnover increasingly getting unstable, how will Enbridge retain talent? Especially with the archaic promotion cycle that focuses on "paying your dues," not merit, how will existing employees feel valued?


Beware folks, a little bird (well not so little) told me that our overlords are not happy that a bunch of us are working from home more than what is allowed. I was told that a new attendance policy will be rolled out to address thus. Attendance will... —  read more 

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