Topics regarding layoffs at Enbridge Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Enbridge Inc.

Napkin math..

Enbridge profits around $500k per employee. This is almost double the average of the large North American energy corps. Last 4 quarter net income of around $6b. Around 11-12k employees.. 500k a pop. Every employee should know this number.


That LP STIP email this afternoon was absolute dog s-h-i-t. I don’t know what LP has to do to get a decent stip rating but that’s ridiculous.


Nepotism has become very apparent at Enbridge. When I see what is happening and how some candidates are being picked, it seems to me that all my efforts are in vain. Very demotivating! However, I do not believe that the situation in other companies... —  read more 

Leave if you can

I did two months ago and I'm so much happier now. You don't realize how bad the situation really is until you start working somewhere else and you start noticing that the things you had accepted as normal (like verbally abusive managers) are not the... —  read more 

Lakeside taking over

In the ok'd UG east, lakeside is starring January with all residential meter work and primary oncall. From the areas already that had this done to them, what can we expect? Was the role out for our employees to dig work smooth? Is the commercial... —  read more 

Your experiences with HR?

OK, certainly that HR exists there to protect the interests of the company, and less to protect the employees, however, how do they protect the interests of the company if they do not protect their best employees in any way? I pretty much knew that... —  read more 

Bitter truth

All leadership cares about is the value of our stock price. This is a business and the business DOES NOT CARE about people. Everyone is here for the same reason - To make money. That is the only motivating factor here. People’s work will continue to... —  read more 

Why? Why is that?

Why do they always promote people whose position greatly exceeds their capacities? Rare are those who are promoted and really deserve it. Are they afraid of more competent people in higher positions or what? I get the impression that they are... —  read more 

$3.2M in penalties

I'm a little worried that the penalties and repairs that Minnesota regulators have determined that Enbridge must pay, in some way do not affect us ordinary workers.... Thoughts? Do you think it actually might affect us or that there is no reason to... —  read more 

Everything is a mess here

I'm won't be leaving because of vaccinations, but I'll be definitely leaving because of many other things. It’s amazing how this company functions at all, considering there’s a mess here everywhere. I have never worked in a more dysfunctional company... —  read more 

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