Topics regarding layoffs at Enbridge Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Enbridge Inc.

Non indexed pension

Hey everyone, particularly those of you in the non-indexed DB pension and are nowhere near retirement…. Here’s a planning tool from our government. The pension loses a TON of purchasing power over time... —  read more 

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Who is not under stress here?

I only know who will not be under stress starting next week. This company allows bullying. That is not normal. I regret waiting for the situation to become unbearable and my mental health to suffer before finally deciding to go somewhere else. Their... —  read more 

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Cold blooded layoffs

Layoff didn’t hit me so hard since I was ready for my turn to come to be laid off. What bothered me more as a long–term worker in this company was that the dismissal was so cold–blooded, just as if I had worked in this company for only a few days or... —  read more 

Stop the whine

So many negative views on here.. All is know is be happy with what you have and be thankful you have a great paying job with benefits.. Not many companies provide bbq and great online courses and a chance to move up and create a future.. I am... —  read more 


Was bullied this week on the job. Had a co worker tell me that my people brought covid to this country. I tried to tell him that I'm not of Asian decent but he didn't believe it.. Now I'm know as Covid boy and I hate it.. Should I call HR or just... —  read more 

best company ever

Hey everyone Just wanted to drop by and say that i have been working at enbridge for about a year now.. All i know is that i am treated great. I get time off when needed, and i also get to use the truck for personal use on the weekends.. I have a... —  read more 

Training replacements?

I don’t know how I would feel if I had to train my replacement after being informed that I am no longer needed in this company. It puts people in such a difficult position. It’s nice to help someone new and introduce them to the business, but in this... —  read more 

JJ walker

Was just layed off by Enbridge today.. They said they are in financial parallel. I Can't believe it i have given my all to them. I am a minority and I think that's why I'm layed off..

12 Days!!

12 Days without someone complaining, talking sh** or starting a rumor about layoffs. Got to say, I'm disappointed. Hopefully infrastructure planning dude can chime in soon.

Can something be done?

Everybody is talking about age discrimination like it's a foregone conclusion. It's something that's happening and it's something that'll continu happening and that's that. Is that really the case? Age discrimination is illegal, should we really be... —  read more 

EGD Union Negotiations

Company is well underway training Supervisors and Contractors in preparation of a possible upcoming strike. Just finished attending my second day of repair and responding to damages. Hope it happens as I can use the extra money for sure.

Director of Operations

im a new guy and all i can say is stop complaining.. this job rules im a line crossing underground engineer service tech and i locate the pipe.. I love my boss love my team lead love the sarnia people and love all the people of the company all... —  read more 

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