Topics regarding layoffs at Enbridge Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Enbridge Inc.

Big layoffs

Union Pacific is laying off 5% of 5600 management jobs or 280 managers Today we heard about layoffs from: Panera bread Schwab Capital one Abbvie Wayfair Layoffs are accelerating. Here’s hoping Enbridge moves fast and hard. Anything that sits... —  read more 

STO 999 Side deal

There's been an agreement by the company to give the unionized MCR workers a pay rise during a contract without offering this to their fellow union members. Is this side deal even legal? Doesn't this break up the union? A new low for the union.

What Keeps You Up at Night

Few years ago I started seeing colleagues let go, massive layoffs across industry. It hasn’t really stopped after that, pockets of layoffs here and there. Sometimes you would wonder how they choose who gets laid off. If you wanna survive in this... —  read more 

GDS workforce reductions.

Rumours are running rampant about workforce reductions coming soon to GDS in Ontario. There are so many different stories it’s hard to know what’s real. Packages (voluntary or forced) cuts, not filling vacancies. As someone who doesn’t have a lot... —  read more 

Enbridge Red Flags!!!!

Do NoT wOrK Here! Unpleasant and disgruntled workforce. Plenty of ethical reasons why you shouldn’t work here: 1. Ignores Environmental violations and cover ups. High turnover! Revolving door for both employee & contractors. Very limited... —  read more 

Supply Chain Outsource

There are some areas in Supply Chain that can possibly be a candidate for outsourcing so Enbridge don’t have to keep those entitled supervisors that spends most of their time on “meetings” and looking good; and staff who wastes a lot of time on... —  read more 

Line 5 - Great Lakes

Why does Enbridge want to build a tunnel for Line 5? Why not build a bridge instead and run the line on the bridge underneath the roadway part? Building a new bridge would provide the communities on the Michigan and Ontario a new border crossing and... —  read more 

Migration from Canada to the US continues and maybe it’s time to write your Congressman or Congresswoman and Senator

The US business may have benefited in the past from moving people with special skills and knowledge from Canada to the US but the need has declined significantly yet we continue to move people from Canada even when there appears to be qualified and... —  read more 

Scheduling and Planning

Scheduling and planning is an absolute nightmare. They went from a system in SAP to a new system in Maximo that added a middleman to take the place of an automated system. What a complete waste of man power and time! There is nothing like telling... —  read more 

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