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Name one good thing

I can’t think of one good thing about this company that would cause a sane person to stay. Most of upper management that I have been unfortunate to work with will seldom give any type of support. The environment is toxic with a few employees having a... —  read more 

Return to Office

I'm concerned about returning to the office. I'm concerned not only because of COVID, but also about the fact that Enbridge does not adhere to its own value of safety. In Ontario, cases are on the rise, indoor gatherings have been limited once... —  read more 


I had an interview with Enbridge in August. It went very very welL, but I have not heard anything since then. Is there any way I still have a chance? Or should I move on?


I have a leader, 2 positions up on me, who is just terrible. Extremely unpleasant, rude, treats us like peons, not collaborative, and just barks out orders endlessly. This "leader" has only been at Enbridge for about 1 year and was directly... —  read more 

Catalyst 2.0 Joke

So how long after the Catalyst team rolls through all the areas, will it take Enbridge to layoff even more employees. Its great to have people come through and monitor you for a day or two that knows absolutely nothing about your true job roles, and... —  read more 

Complaining why???....

I see a lot of complainers here. Why??? Enbridge is still employing you. You still have a good paying job, so why the gripe? Consider yourself fortunate in these trying times. I was worried about my living situation when COVID-19 hit. What if... —  read more 

Gosh, Thanks....

Two generic emails and a premature removal from Workday. Thank you for the lovely send-off. Seriously, good luck to all. This better have meant something to those left to carry on.

Line 5 and your job

So do the math. Line 5 brings in $1.5 million dollars per day. Give or take. How long before this shutdown starts to hurt. What if the boobs in Michigan succeed in making it permanent? Who’s head should roll for this cluster - of fun?? Vern?

To those using the TSU 29th floor:

Please wash your hands after touching everything on this floor (even with covid!). For whateve strange reason, several men on the floor refuse to wash their hands after using the restroom. Late last year/early 2020 there was a severe outbreak of pink... —  read more 

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Enbridge Layoffs record

Shall we talk numbers chaps. Oct 2016 - 17200 total employees June 2020 - 10700 Total employees So enbridge lost Approx 6500 employees (almost 38-40 percent of workforce) in 3.5 yrs and had 4 reorgs. Very grim record indeed!! If you were... —  read more 

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