Topics regarding layoffs at Suncor Energy Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Suncor Energy Inc.

Q4 results

Considering the price of oil now, are you impressed with the earnings? I’ll just drop this here -

2021 Layoffs

Good, technical people, mostly with mining expertise, laid off last week. Investors should be very worried, this is no longer the progressive money making company it once was. Disasters and accidents will follow, and this company will struggle... —  read more 

People quitting

Here's the thing, we've been having constant layoffs for the past year or so. Some bigger rounds, some smaller ones that mostly flew under the radar. But the point is that the company keeps laying people off - with severance. So why are some people... —  read more 


Suncor's plan to become Syncrude main operator will include job cuts The oilsands will see more job cuts after Suncor announced plans to become the main operator of Syncrude by the end of 2021. Mike MacSween... —  read more 

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Syncrude Takeover 2021...

There you go... Suncor is going to take over operations by the end of next year. Syncrude will essentially be dissolved administratively and become one of the many projects under Suncor's umbrella.

Can anyone confirm layoffs?

Read on a thread that someone in middle management was laid off signaling the beginning of layoffs, and yet this board is eerily quiet. Can anyone confirm this? Were any BUs hit? If so how many were impacted? I know this has been a month long wait... —  read more 

Jobs coming from Ontario...

Anyone have any more details about moving Mississauga and Oakville offices to Calgary? When asked how many net jobs would be brought to Calgary - taking into account the possible jobs lost in Calgary due to the company’s restructuring layoffs -... —  read more 

Layoffs have begun

A friend of mine, long term employee of Suncor, well-liked and in middle management, just was laid off on Tuesday. And, just four weeks after her mother died. Corporate culture. I really have to work for myself in life. I can't deal with companies... —  read more 

Suncor layoffs

Calgary based Suncor is energy company that specializes in production of synthetic crude from oil sands decided to reduce its workforce by 1,000 and cutting $1 billion from its capital budget. The job cuts will mainly affect contractors.

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