Topics regarding layoffs at Suncor Energy Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Suncor Energy Inc.

Sweat the Assets

I certainly would not want to be part of Refining & Logistics (R&L) where the capital guidance is $1.2 Billion to be spread out over four refineries and terminals. With only 20% earmarked for ‘economic’ projects, Freddie is making good on his... —  read more 

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Remember When?

Remember when Charlie Sheen went off the deep end with his “winning”? If not just look it up on YouTube to refresh your memory. Every time I hear Kruger talk about “winning” Sheen comes to mind. Suncor is not winning. Over the past year the stock... —  read more 

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Even the announcement that Terra-Nova is back on station and ramping up production can’t help the stock price. Poor Kruger … can’t seem to make any headwind … perhaps his eyes were bigger than his stomach?

New Organization Structure

The new organization charts are out. In my department we now have a GM with three reports. One of which is a Director with two. The other is a Manager with one. Third guy has none. Fortunately I still have a job as a contributor.

Suncor Greed

I came to the realization that I am guilty of greed. I took the position with Suncor a couple years ago for the promise of RSUs. Pay and benefits were low. Suncor did not recognize experience when it came to vacation. Then came Kruger. Those of... —  read more 

My Tenure at Suncor

So when I started at Suncor it was 100% work-from-home until April when it was 3 & 2. We were able to pick our days at home so I selected Monday / Wednesday. Starting tomorrow, Freddy Kruger is forcing everyone back to work five days a week. I... —  read more 

Happy Thanksgiving

I am thankful that my layoff came in July. I spent time with the family when the weather was nice before school started up again in September. Now that fall has arrived, I have time to complete some yard work as I start my transition program with... —  read more 

Suncor Ethics

At Suncor it is common practice for SCM and Project Management to prepare RFP for some scope of work. They pretend to competitively bid the work but in reality only send it to the preferred EPC (Worley). The justification is that they want to... —  read more 

BYOD for Contractors

Lmao, the BYOD program for contractors is the biggest horse$hit I have seen Suncor rolled out so far. Contractors won't get a credit to buy a new laptop, but yet they need to bring a reliable laptop to work?? I foresee Cyberattack 2.0 in the near... —  read more 

Round One

So I was released as part of Round One. An easy cut since I had been at Suncor under five years. Suncor was not the highlight of my career working for major oil companies. But what burns me the most is that my Director saved an ethnic minority... —  read more 

Suncor RSU Policy

When I hired on to Suncor, HR had very strict policies regarding vacation and benefits. Times were lean so I accepted their low-ball offer on the basis of earning $50K in RSUs every year. Well guess what? Kruger’s ‘Workforce Reduction’ ended that... —  read more 

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