Topics regarding layoffs at Cenovus Energy

Topics regarding layoffs at Cenovus Energy

Minnedosa Ethanol Plant

Rumour has it Minnedosa soon to be shut down or sold. Pacific Ethanol is one of two major ethanol companies to report losses on Thursday. Pacific Ethanol and Archer Daniels Midland said in separate earnings calls the U.S. reaching a trade deal with... —  read more 

Company for empty talkers

It doesn't matter that someone is obviously an empty talker, Cenovus prefers such employees and they are the ones who will be promoted in the end. I worked for several other companies, but it seems to me that nowhere do they thrive more than here? —  read more 


Layed off on January 26/21 After 22 years of working for Husky I "retired". Just finished filing my 2021 Income Tax Return. I paid $170K in income tax. Not a lie. Even so, still thrilled to be gone. Livin' Large !!!

Retention bonuses

Just heard that certain SVPs, VPs and Directors in the oil sands and downstream business units got massive retention bonuses. Because of course the operators and engineers at the working levels don’t do anything, the Directors, VPs and SVPs of oil... —  read more 

20 4 20

This sucks even worse now that we have hit the target. What a great feeling losing a years PROMISED wage all because our management thinks we are all replaceable numbers. I hate this company

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Inflation bump coming?

With enormous profits due to high oil prices and low CAD, execs and sr leaders are raking it in through stock options. Anyone think they’ll throw p-e-ons a bone with a cost of living increase? I guess HR will look at what other companies are doing... —  read more 

Next Up For Sale ...

Cenovus plans to sell Minnedosa Ethanol Plant: Apr 07, 2022 — Calgary based Cenovus Energy entered into an asset purchase agreement with Green America Biofuels Ord LLC to sell its 130-million-litre .. › blogs › blog-post ›... —  read more 


The October fire at Lima refinery that injured four workers revealed to management that the culture in downstream MUST change. It is for this reason that external personnel (SVP, VP, Director, SME) have been brought into the organization. CVE... —  read more 

Unethical Company!

Is this an unethical Russian Company!!??! Are they really going to lay people off while oil is over $100 and they already pi$$ed away one billion on their own bad decisions! I hope the media and public opinion roasts this company

April Showers ??

Is everyone prepared for Tuesday April 12th? Downstream especially shouldn't get too comfortable in their new cubicles. New management believes in third-party technical support. Good news is there may be opportunities with Bantrel.

Just a job

"It's just a job" is the best advice I have ever received. Those who realized that this is just a job don't have much to complain about. They are there for the money and that’s it. The problem is that others expect more than just pay for what they do... —  read more 


Please check out Cenovus Careers Page. We have some interesting postings. For example, Senior Downstream Operations Advisor. Hate your wife? kids? divorced? Then this position will fit your lifestyle perfectly because, despite being Calgary... —  read more 

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