Topics regarding layoffs at Cenovus Energy

Topics regarding layoffs at Cenovus Energy

ERP program update

Well that was a useless update yesterday at the leader information session. Post update, I still can't tell where ERP is at .. not surprised at all! Can the guy even spell SAP? No real update and we were asked to keep it high level on questions cause... —  read more 

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New Mayor

First order of business of the new mayor is to declare a climate emergency and get rid of oil and gas. Congrats guys, you are well on your way to Detroit lol

Survey time!!

Who would prefer a package on the next layoffs all likes would like package dislike equals no package prefer to stay on in agony

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Uncertain conditions

My question is how to be productive knowing that there are layoffs every quarter? Constant stress. Does every quarter have to be cuts? It has become so exhausting that I would love to finally get the package and get out of here.

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The void in Calgary

tgam link below... Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, Calgary had the highest rate of commercial vacancies in Canada as an economic downturn driven by the price of oil hollowed out the city’s downtown office towers. Calgary is now struggling to... —  read more 

Might I suggest….

Folks I think the person posting on here about Husky vs Cenovus staff is most likely some troll just trying to stir things up. I have both Husky and Cenovus on my team and they all get along just fine. I’m not saying everything is perfect but I have... —  read more 

CPMO cleanup

When will they realize that the queen B at the top of CPMO has to go? So far nothing delivered, no value added only excuses! I'm leaving CPMO in 2 weeks, the ERP program is being ran by folks that know fck all about ERP and never had 1 successful... —  read more 

Can someone explain??

So why are all our leaders being made to take mandatory harassment training all of a sudden? Anyone know what’s up with this? I was talking to someone and they said all our management has to take mandatory training.

All joy is gone here

At first I was looking for a company where I could have a higher salary and benefits, but now I am applying to every company that would bring back some joy in my life. Here I've lost all joy in the meantime. The culture here is horrible and it is... —  read more 

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Which group are you in?

I’m definitely in a group with those who are totally demoralized and barely manage to do anything when they know they might be on the layoff list. On the other hand, there are those who suddenly start working more than ever and hope that will save... —  read more 

There is no winning here

Cenovus has put us in a no-win situation, other than to leave. We know there'll be more layoffs. We spend most of our time worrying about them but when they're over and we're still here, it doesn't end. It continues because we know it's just a... —  read more 

I really hate this company

I came here years ago excited because Cenovus was supposed to be different and since I got here all I’ve seen is bad decisions, bad behaviors, arrogance. I stay because it’s easy. Too easy to collect a comfortable pay and benefits but it sure grinds... —  read more 

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