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How can CVE not fail?

So imagine you have a couple of credit cards, one is at the max of say $4500. You tried going to the pawn shop to sell some of your stuff, but they said it was just c-ap and wouldn't buy, garage sale didn't even work (by the way most of your c-ap... —  read more 

A Culture of Safety includes Covid-19

AP's real view on Safety is tested yet again.. ..so lets get everyone back in a building with poor circulation with small cubicles asap! Call it 'Peer-pressure' maybe.

Ovintiv layoffs

Well...despite being re assured: No layoffs...because Ovinitiv is SO well positioned.... the Suttle-butt is: LAYOFFS!!..starting today with VP and above....Others to follow tomorrow...done by the end of week. Here we go........thought our... —  read more 


Hey CLT... your minions in HR are dying to bring people back to the offices because grown up professionals can’t be trusted to do their work at home. But let me point something out - notice how quiet it’s been here since March?? That’s because people... —  read more 

Big Loss

First quarter earnings are loss of $4,5 billion and a dividend cut.

Stupid wages x 3

Why under current oil prices are HR specialists making Ridiculously high salaries?

Stupid wages x 2

Why under current oil prices are accountants making Ridiculously high salaries

Stupid wages

Why under current oil prices are power engineers making Ridiculously high salaries

Deep Basin

With Oil Prices going negative it is awesome Ferguson bought Deep Basin..ramp up the drilling in Deep Basin. Dry gas is the place to be.

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Half full

If there is one good thing that comes out of this it may be the end of open office spaces.

All in this together?

I hope I’m wrong but to clarify; Employees and mgmt all took salary reductions, but according to the globe and mail our CEO had a raise in 2018-2019 of about $3m (total compensation). He took a 25% cut, so he’s still ahead with his recent raise... —  read more 

Alex’s awesome leadership

CEO took a quarter pay cut, junior employees took no pay cut and everyone else in between depending on seniority. More contractors and services providers will be impacted. Probably the best strategy in these difficult times. Alex is showing... —  read more 

So.. what’s the plan boys?!?

Most critical time for company and nothing on INC. this is not a good sign of things to come. Takes time to figure out who stays and who goes I guess. Good luck everyone.

$22 Oil

I wonder how they are going to lay us off now that we are all in small cubicles. I bet there is a committee on that right now. Logical nightmare .. can’t close your office door and wait for the tap on the door.. Wait a min.. even more... —  read more 

Just some communication!!!

Our company is so bad at communicating. Why isn’t there some form of communication coming out? It’s like an abyss. I get things are changing daily but it’s like our leaders from Mgr and up have just disappeared. You don’t have to have all the answers... —  read more 

CVE's future was obvious

I was working for CVE several years ago. I took one look at the leadership team, took another look at the market trend and took a package. The truth is O&G is Canada is on the decline. I know you want to blame the liberals, and I know sometimes they... —  read more 

Corona Virus! Who’s in charge right now!?

Has our captain abandoned ship?!? Why are we being told to stay in the office ?? I don’t feel Safe anymore Anyone know what’s going on in the C-SUITE right now? Are they even in the building?

Why didn't you hedge AP?

When AP he took over said "i don't like hedging." Said a strong balance sheet is better. But CVE doesn't have a strong balance sheet. Now prices plummet and CVE is naked. How do you like 'em $35/bbl Brent, $25/bbl WCS apples now AP? How many CVE... —  read more 

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Cenovus to Cut Spending

Source below... CALGARY – Analysts expect to see lower Canadian oil production this year as producers follow the example of Cenovus Energy Inc. in slashing capital spending budgets amid tumbling oil prices. After seeing its shares losing more... —  read more 

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48% drop. How do you stay in business??

20 for 20

Does this mean $20 oil in 2020? Now that we committed to dividends increases and we paid down our favourable debt to get to try to get to the magical $5B, where the hell is the cash going to come from ???


Husky today who’s tomorrow??

Things are shrinking...

Link below... As of Oct. 9 2019, there have been 3,666 wells abandoned this year, according to the Alberta Energy Regulator. Meanwhile, the Petroleum Services Association of Canada (PSAC) projects about 2,425 wells to be drilled in the province... —  read more 

Global Oil Demand to peak in 3 years

Global oil demand will peak in three years, plateau until around 2030 and then decline sharply. Experts believe electric vehicles to reach 50% of global new car sales in 2032; by the middle of the century 73% of the global passenger car fleet will... —  read more 

Mass exodus

Have you noticed all the job postings. Could it be that people are leaving. Such a sad state of affairs. Congratulations to the folks that have left and are leaving. Good luck to the new hires. Stay for a max of two years and then get out.

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