Topics regarding layoffs at Cenovus Energy

Topics regarding layoffs at Cenovus Energy

Q3 Layoffs

There is a rumour circulating that certain groups will receive e-mail on Monday to work-from-home Tuesday September 27th. Apparently there are some managers with too few reports (ie 4 or 5) so these groups will be amalgamated.

Let’s be honest here

Who really believes the VP of HR decided to resign with two days notice and they felt it necessary to include the line that she still believes in the direction of the company. That about as believable as some high level Russian falling out of a... —  read more 


New management heading to Sunrise from CL. Good luck to everyone there. No one at CL will miss him well except for A.S. Maybe she will go too!

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Isn't it better to leave?

Everyone talks about quiet quitting, but I don't like that idea at all. Sounds like a waste of time. Why do that when it is always possible to find a much better opportunity? I have two interviews waiting for me next week.


Is everyone prepared for Tuesday? I was layed-off last year on August 31. It sucked --> just before the long weekend and kids returning to school. But after over 20 years at Legacy organization, I received 24 months and was still eligible of EI. ... —  read more 

Layoffs without process

There have been so many layoffs outside of performance management processes in the last year, how long can this ethically go on? People getting fired randomly and then replaced by friends of well connected people in the org puts the rest of us on... —  read more 

Quiet Quitting

I highly recommend quiet quitting. Look it up. It’s been 2 months now and by only working 8-4 daily, my excess work has been redistributed. That’s the only way to survive here as they won’t help you from preventing burnout any other way. —  read more 

Company right sizing

There will be a right sizing effort in late October. You will be moved within your extended teams/placed under a new management line/or let go as part of this effort. Good luck, fill out your internal resume.

BP Toledo

BP-Husky's Toledo, Ohio, refinery, located on 586 acres east of the city, has operated continuously since 1919. Since that time, the facility has undergone numerous improvements and expansions to achieve its current capacity for processing 160,000... —  read more 

Small cuts

Even the thought of small layoffs that go under the radar is fueling anxiety in me. Is it true that they are happening right now, as someone mentioned in one of the threads below? Does anyone have more details?

It's quite depressing

For a long time now, no one in this company expects things to start improving. On the contrary, everyone is constantly expecting the next bad thing that will make this workplace even worse. Am I right? This has become an extremely sad place to be... —  read more 

Expect to lose something

This site is quiet now. That means the CLT is confident now and ready to take something more away. Less earned days off?, reduction in benefits?, removal of option to work from home, or even a reduction in bonus percentage. Mark my words

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