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Maybe someone can chime in on ATCO.

Just checked their page here on layoffs.com and there are no posts - you can see it here: &atco or here www.thelayoff.com/atco - I know for sure they are having big layoffs and I am not sure how they manage that keep that page blank even though they... read more

New rumor!!??

New rumor that CVE is considering partnering in to the kindermorgan transmountain pipeline?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!??

CVE laid off technical staffs today

Appeared CVE laid off some more staffs today mostly technical people and as usual, upper management stayed behind to collect fat salaries and bonuses without doing any real meaningful works to get this once great company around. Need to revert the... read more

Q results

Another great Q for the CVE management team. -6% and market is not even open. Oil goes up, CVE goes down. Congratulations.

CNRL Deep Basin

So when are they going to announce it? Looks like CN is preparing themselves for something big. Take a look at their career section of their webpage and take a look at the HR staff-up...


I heard there is another layoff in the near future. Could be as much as 50% if staff.

Sale announcement

Is anything ever going to get sold? Clearwater is waiting.....and waiting....... and waiting


and hopefully rail on the way. Maybe hear something next earnings report!

Those who were cut/Those still there

Those cut, it is tough, move forward and don't look back. Past is a sunk cost, future is what matters to you. Those still there, move forward and don't look back. Focus on the future and making it great. See the common thread? Don't look back! Can't... read more

Upstream Townhall with Z

I have never seen such a spectacle as Little Z and his latest temper tantrum. For a SVP to show such disrespect to the employees of CVE, especially at a time like this is appalling. How do we work for someone who cares so little about us? Hope our... read more

My last two bits and I’m done

I’ve been reading this page for awhile and I will give my thoughts and be done. The employees have gone through a lot at this company with endless layoffs and epic bad mgmt decisions (building space, pipeline capacity, hedges, the big Conoco deal... read more

What strategy.....???

So the CEO has said publically that he would have not done the COP deal, and yet his SVP of Strategy, who was a major part of the driving the deal, still remains firmly in his seat. Sure BF and IR are being sent to pasture, but shouldn't the guy who... read more

There'll be more cuts

There’ll be more layoffs for Calgary office staff once the Deep Basin assets are divested. This, for those who believe we are out of the woods, don't get too comfortable just yet. We are looking at at least one more sizable round of layoffs. Maybe... read more

Excellent Q1 Operational Update Today

The move to reduce production rates and store excess bbl in the reservoirs will ultimately get to better overall profit. Better to hold back, keep oil in inventory for later sale at higher prices (lower discount). The Gulf refiners will be begging... read more

Cenovus SCM is hiring!

I suppose out of 700 ppl that were laid off last month not even 1 was qualified to be in SCM hence we must look externally...wtf.

More divestitures

Looking for a partner at Narrows Lake and they’re putting two Deep Basin assets up for sale through BMO and TD.

Former CEO of Talisman as board member!

I did a full out belly floppin laugh just now. Really?? You guys searched high and low and came up with none other than the guy that tanked Talisman? Sounds like friend of AP aka Grinch btw. Former Transcanada too. FORMER CEO OF TALISMAN as the new... read more

Pulled the Pin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted letter of resignation this week after bonuses were paid out. After decades of service I feel no regrets, at all. Not a one.... It is too bad that they didn't let me go earlier in February, after having asked for it, to save the job of... read more

What is the strategy?

Stock price in toilet, cutting budget, cutting jobs, stock price still in toilet. What is the next move? Cut wages 20% the next move?

Running from fire to fire

Now individuals are pushing their own crazy ill-conceived half baked schemes to make themselves look good in front of AP. Its the same old place, just another form or re-org without any real plan on what work there will be, who is needed to complete... read more

Done yet?

They done with cuts, so we can move forwad? Less people will make it easier to get things done.

Recent Earnings Call - CVE needs full jobs?

Listen or read the transcript and it sounds like CVE was soft where jobs were not "full jobs". Can happen and employees get used to it, thinking what they've experienced as a job/culture is normal. Usually better once the cuts are done, best done... read more

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