Topics regarding layoffs at Cenovus Energy

Topics regarding layoffs at Cenovus Energy

Cenovus Washrooms

Hi all, looking forwarding in making the move next week. I’ve heard that the cubicles at cenovus are on the small side? Can anyone confirm this? Can the same be said regards the washrooms? What floor has the larger washrooms? I found myself... —  read more 

More Fat

I hope Cenovus leadership is privy to the study Husky commissioned by HRG (High Reliability Group) a few years ago. They identified many structural problems within Husky, a few recommendations were carried out by Husky but many more went ignored. —  read more 

Husky Fat

I agree, Husky has some fat to trim. How about we cut out "Personal Use Vehicles" and save a few dollars and jobs. That's right, Husky managers have unlimited use of company trucks. Unlimited mileage, gas and a new vehicle every 150000 km. Anyone... —  read more 

Layoff list exposed

The positions ripe for outsourcing The employees who refuse to learn new skill The consummate slacker The employee who embarrasses his boss The person who costs too much The co-worker who doesn’t fit with office culture The... —  read more 

Safety & Operations Tech Services Townhall - Did Jon McKenzie (COO) call himself the new CEO of the new Cenovus?

I was unable to dial into the Safety and Operations Tech Services townhall on Thursday. So, I just finished listening to the recorded townhall where John McKenzie (the COO) introduced himself. Jon seemed to introduce himself as the new CEO of the new... —  read more 

I just saw this and grrrr

I was watching the town hall again and I believe it was Alex that mentioned that if a manager is no longer needed in their current role they may be given the option to take over another role that would have gone to one of their direct reports. So in... —  read more 

And now the wait

So now we sit at home for the next two weeks “working” and waiting for the verdict and our future to be decided. No matter what they say this will not be merit based as fundamentally each group is given a budget and they have to cut people until... —  read more 

What Announcement??

What a stupid announcement that was. Let’s get this straight, these people took that long to take the last announcement and repackage it into an excel format with literally no new information and sent it out today like it was some great insight into... —  read more 

What does that mean?

Please explain what you mean by diversity and inclusion being used to decide who gets a role. If all things are equal will someone’s race or gender decide who gets the role. This might be controversial but I don’t understand what you mean by... —  read more 

Really Alex?

So lots of promotions and lots of duplication. We need. SVP of safety, an EVP of safety, and then two VPs of safety, and of course a director safety. Great job Alex. That’s a lean and mean structure for sure. All of that in place of one VP of EH&S... —  read more 

Layoff Suggestion Box:

HR: could you please provide the option to volunteer for a severance package. I will 100% take one if offered. I didn’t get a retention bonus and I’m senior enough and have a certain sought after skill set, so I have options at our peers... —  read more 

Merry Christmas Alex!!!

Thanks for the great holiday gifts. The anxiety, sleeplessness, and job insecurity went great with the side of COVID. Much appreciated!!! I just finished reading to my children the classic tale of Mr Scrooge, especially relevant this year I thought... —  read more 

Anyone else losing drive?

I find myself having a hard time being positive about any work with these layoffs coming. Every time I see a post I just think, wow Al is smiling and telling us what a great safety job that we all did but we are still going to lay a whole bunch of... —  read more 

No minimum staff at site

Why does cenovus feel it’s above the law? Alberta has mandated that only esential people are to be at the work place and we haven’t reduced any frontline workers on site. We were minimum staffed at the start of this pandemic, but we can’t... —  read more 

Stop wasting your time

I think there are only 10 guys on here stirring the pot everyday. Just go do your jobs and don’t create drama here. Everyone is stressed and worried, there’s way too much going on and every time one of you post something you’re affecting the mental... —  read more 

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