Topics regarding layoffs at Cenovus Energy

Topics regarding layoffs at Cenovus Energy

Thank you CVE

I love my job!! I get paid a ton. All I did this week was fudge every number and fake every test. I put in a lot of BBO’s and loto audits but they are all fake, I complete them in my lab while watching you tube. I have to keep my numbers up to keep... —  read more 

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If Husky was im the verge of bankrupsy in the last pull backn why have we now decided to adopt there lean, cheap bussiness modle that chases away any good talent and inovation?

CVE vs Covid

Apple, Google, Uber have taken the lead to mandate vaccinations and pushed return to office to Feb. Alberta is taking away all isolation needs if you’re tested positive for Covid and no masks required in transit. Numbers are going up quickly. I know... —  read more 

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Our advantage is gone

Cenovus will still have employees after the majority of people leave. They just won’t have good people. You can hire anyone if you pay them enough. As a result, our peers in the space will always outpace this company. Our advantage is... —  read more 

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Integrity helpline

There was a discussion at site today that there has been reports go to the integrity helpline about Racism and dr-g use at CL with witnesses named and nothing has been done about it. It seems that certain people at CL are extremely protected.

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Why are competitors always ahead?

I got an offer from one of the competitors and I’m going to see how things look there from the inside. The situation there is not perfect either, that’s for sure, but it’s still better. I would like to discuss what you think makes the main... —  read more 

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Harassed after you left?

I was horrified by someone’s post that he was harassed even after he left Cenovus. Is it possible that this is happening? Really awful. I wonder how many more such stories are there? I intend to get out of here as soon as possible, and I hope that... —  read more 

Is there trust?

How many employees have taken a valid concern to HR only to have their voices fall on deaf ears? How many have been retaliated against because of this? Is there anyone here who does trust HR to resolve an issue? Or have you used outside sources? Most... —  read more 

Stepping stone

Is it correct to say that this company is a good stepping stone? I think it used to be and that those who came here a long time ago took advantage of the good work here and ended up getting much better jobs in much better companies. However, I’m not... —  read more 


have the operators at fc and cl had their benzene levels checked? the water plants at both sites have extremely high levels so the story goes the hygenist in charge found quite high levels and apparently o.h.s was called to cl but it was covered up... —  read more 

They will say anything

This is me venting. My executive leader at Cenovus is so useless. The utter verbal diarrhea that comes out of her mouth is simplistic, clueless, uninformed, perplexing, and confusing. It would be amusing if she did not pull the strings on my job. One... —  read more 

Moral still falling

The field managers are at it again in CL. Moral keeps falling. It is so upsetting, CL was once an amazing place to work. Now everyone is sending out resumes, only some are doing what they have to, others are not putting any work in at all in the... —  read more 

20 4 20

Is anyone else still livid 20 4 20 got stole from us? such a cop out on behalf of A.P. and company. whats worse is all the sheep saying "o well we wouldnt hit it anyway" chances are we may and there goes a 100k bonus. Shameful to see all the... —  read more 

Short term pain...

for a long time gain? I’m worried because I feel like layoffs are around the corner. I’m not one of those people who can’t wait to get laid off because they already have an exit plan. However, on second thought, it was only after layoff that some... —  read more 

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I can’t in good conscious let this happen without disclosure. This company has no feelings or soul anymore. If you are full time on the ERP or the IMO, then your name is already listed to be let go in Mar or Jul timing next year once your work is... —  read more 

the inevitable.....

assuming the industry picks back up, the exodus from cve will be enormous. guaranteed and to top it off the lawsuits down the road from all the benzene exposure in the fc and cl water plants are a when, not if. test results were "lost" —  read more 

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