Topics regarding layoffs at Cenovus Energy

Topics regarding layoffs at Cenovus Energy

Can we sue for 20 for 20

No legal agreement, but we clicked a button to accept this agreement that the company subsequently reneged on. Any lawyers on here ? Do we have a class action claim if shares reach target

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Employer vs Employee

HR dept and AP might have the upper hand right now and cause us to work x3 and non stop to hang onto our jobs out of fear in a covid downturn while removing incentives like the 20 for 20 and laying off good people, but the tables will turn soon. ... —  read more 

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ch------n Lake’s down fall

The culture at Christine Lake started going down hill the moment T.L was hired as a coordinator. Christina lake use to be a place of happiness until he started systematically breaking down the culture. T.L was then promoted . He promoted people who... —  read more 

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Merger talking points

I wish we could at least drop the talking points. This merger was all about the balance sheet of CK holdings, everything else is bonus. However both companies were turkeys and this new company will go the way of Dome Oil after its HBOG purchase.

Play the long game

I'm a "legacy Husky" person and have a few observations about the new place so far. First, A LOT of what is said on this page is 100% true. It's really helped me understand what's happening and not get so unnerved by it, so thanks to everyone for... —  read more 

Hate all around

There's so much hate for the company here. I'm curious if Cenovus was always this hated by its employees or is this a new development due to the latest layoffs? I haven't noticed anything like this before, but I'll admit to not being that observant... —  read more 

Are they worth it?

2020 Total Executive Compensation: Alex: $9.5M Jon: $3.9M Drew: $3.1M Harbir: $2.9M Alan: $2.6M Total Top 5: $22M Not to mention what the other EVPs, SVPs, VPs, Directors, etc. earned...

1.2 in 22

Looks like those of us who were retained by the new organization are getting upwards of a 30% bonus if we hit merger targets. I wonder how much we earned through all these layoffs.

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Alex, you are delusional. Our Husky management literally and regularly tells us to sit down and shut up. Buddy you were asking the wrong people about our culture over at Husky. They love it and we hate it. Top down and sit on your hands and shut up... —  read more 

Is Alex delusional?

Why am I getting up this morning to headlines saying Alex axed the sale of Husky retail because Husky didn't know it's value? Is he delusional? He wanted to pay nothing to for it and Hong Kong decided to try and sell it again instead of giving it... —  read more 

Where is Leadership?

What shocks me the most is how CLT doesn’t believe there’s a major issue out there in the workforce. They just sit there and think there are only 10 people posting on this site.. just a few ship disturbers. Incredible how out of touch with own... —  read more 

How long

How long until F.C and C.L. start going down the union road again? Staff must all be nervous seeing the never ending parade of cuts year after year. :( :(

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Worst merger ever?

eBay and Skype, AOL and Time Warner, AT&T and BellSouth Corporation, Microsoft and NOKIA... I try to remember all the awful M&A, but I think Cenovus/ Husky is the worst merger or at least at the very top of the worst mergers ever. Maybe I’m being... —  read more 

Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch

Quote: “The Daimler-Benz and Chrysler is regularly used by MBA courses as the textbook example of how culture clashes will inevitably lead to the failure of a deal. It has been said in some quarters that the two cultures were too different to ever... —  read more 

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