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Wonder if CVE fears a takeover on the cheap?

The assets are good and the CEO has shown an ability to generate excellent free cash flow from those assets. Reallly good free cash flow. Just look at last quarter. Makes one wonder if the call for cuts is because he knows CVE has a great future once... read more
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Could it get any worse

KXL pipeline now on hold, oil price collapsing. This oil patch just can’t get a break. We’ve been hanging on with a thread now what? Layoffs soon?

Cenovus recommends oilsands production cuts

“We are going to do our part but we are not going to carry the industry on our back,” Cenovus president and CEO Alex Pourbaix said on the company’s earnings call, adding that other oilsands producers would also need to reduce output. Given CVE's... read more

Clearwater sold

Stay tuned ex COP. Clearwater is sold and you will all here something soon. Be prepared to bite down, This ones going to hurt. Most of you will be gone. A few will stay on. Best O luck

People are Leaving, or close to leaving

Too many jobs opening up in Calgary and people are leaving or planning to leave in the new year. Such bad management at the top. They came in too arrogant and made changes to people benefits too quickly. Let the Cenovus brain drain begin..


Here's why I have lost a lot of confidence in our new CEO: 1) He has not made significant and meaningful changes at the top, such as removing the significant incompetence of EVP's such as DZ and HC, as well as the VP's associated with the COP... read more

Good ceo

Fixing the mess for shareholders. Everything done before him is sunk cost. Now it's about reducing debt and operating to maximize cash for shareholders. Rather than complaining, go find a different job and improve your situation.

Crescent Point

230 layoffs for them what will the number be for Cenovus? Good luck x COP staff.

Next divestiture?

Kaybob and West Clearwater although I suspect anything in Deep Basin is on the table. East Clearwater apparently has no decent offers. Probably have to sell the whole junk pile to get the debt under control.

So Happy I quit!

This ship just keeps on tanking! The person who was responsible of the COP deal got a big promotion to the CLT when the new CEO came in. Those who spoke against the deal all got packaged out. What an amazing company!!

Communication Advisor

Why is Cenovus looking for a Communication Advisor on Indeed. All the people around there and you still need to look for more?

Maybe someone can chime in on ATCO.

Just checked their page here on layoffs.com and there are no posts - you can see it here: &atco or here www.thelayoff.com/atco - I know for sure they are having big layoffs and I am not sure how they manage that keep that page blank even though they... read more

New rumor!!??

New rumor that CVE is considering partnering in to the kindermorgan transmountain pipeline?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!??

CVE laid off technical staffs today

Appeared CVE laid off some more staffs today mostly technical people and as usual, upper management stayed behind to collect fat salaries and bonuses without doing any real meaningful works to get this once great company around. Need to revert the... read more

Q results

Another great Q for the CVE management team. -6% and market is not even open. Oil goes up, CVE goes down. Congratulations.

CNRL Deep Basin

So when are they going to announce it? Looks like CN is preparing themselves for something big. Take a look at their career section of their webpage and take a look at the HR staff-up...


I heard there is another layoff in the near future. Could be as much as 50% if staff.

Sale announcement

Is anything ever going to get sold? Clearwater is waiting.....and waiting....... and waiting

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