Topics regarding layoffs at Cenovus Energy

Topics regarding layoffs at Cenovus Energy

The Scoop On SCM

Hey guys, can somebody give me the scoop on the Supply Chain Management Department debacles. It’s basically ALL legacy Husky staff and run by people who haven’t even worked supply chain…

People are leaving

Has anyone else noticed an uptick in people quitting/leaving the company? I’m sure HR couldn’t care one way or the other but it seems to be happening more and more. It’s also interesting it seems to be the legacy Cenovus people leaving vs legacy... —  read more 

Loser CEO

Our privileged executive who can’t even think about their employees suck. The air quality in the building is horrible but they’re so stuck on us not working from home they would rather endanger our health. They may get to go down into their cars and... —  read more 


Anyone else notice that the new HMGP CEO has no experience in midstream. We are literally teaching him his job. How is this allowed???

Cenovus Continues To Spiral

Cenovus Energy on Wednesday reported its first-quarter profit fell by more than half from a year earlier, reflecting weaker crude prices and lower volumes in its U.S. refineries. Cenovus, Canada's third-largest oil and gas producer, lowered its... —  read more 

Conoco-Philips is Hiring

Do you like four days in the office? Prefer a hybrid work environment? Check out the Conoco-Philips career page for current opportunities: Sr. Process Engineer Quality Systems Lead Project Quality Lead Scheduler

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AP Loves The Spotlight

Once again the pig is putting on lipstick. Interviewed by DAILY OIL BULLETIN on how he is the man to 'Navigate Cenovus Path Forward" with a focus on downstream operations and short / medium term strategy. AP better hope Superior start-up goes... —  read more 

P50 Company

I’ve come to the realization that if Cenovus wants to pay P50 and drop my bonus % and reduce my LTIs so they’re not even an incentive to stay here I’m now going to give them P50 type performance. I mean why do anymore than what you need to do. We... —  read more 

Good luck

I was let go a few months ago. I have a job already that is paying me more and I have more time off. The culture is fantastic. Everyone is friendly and people are not toxic. I was able to get a job because I was recommended by an ex Cve employee who... —  read more 

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