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Excellent Q1 Operational Update Today

The move to reduce production rates and store excess bbl in the reservoirs will ultimately get to better overall profit. Better to hold back, keep oil in inventory for later sale at higher prices (lower discount). The Gulf refiners will be begging... read more

Cenovus SCM is hiring!

I suppose out of 700 ppl that were laid off last month not even 1 was qualified to be in SCM hence we must look externally...wtf.

More divestitures

Looking for a partner at Narrows Lake and they’re putting two Deep Basin assets up for sale through BMO and TD.

Former CEO of Talisman as board member!

I did a full out belly floppin laugh just now. Really?? You guys searched high and low and came up with none other than the guy that tanked Talisman? Sounds like friend of AP aka Grinch btw. Former Transcanada too. FORMER CEO OF TALISMAN as the new... read more

Pulled the Pin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted letter of resignation this week after bonuses were paid out. After decades of service I feel no regrets, at all. Not a one.... It is too bad that they didn't let me go earlier in February, after having asked for it, to save the job of... read more

What is the strategy?

Stock price in toilet, cutting budget, cutting jobs, stock price still in toilet. What is the next move? Cut wages 20% the next move?

Running from fire to fire

Now individuals are pushing their own crazy ill-conceived half baked schemes to make themselves look good in front of AP. Its the same old place, just another form or re-org without any real plan on what work there will be, who is needed to complete... read more

Done yet?

They done with cuts, so we can move forwad? Less people will make it easier to get things done.

Recent Earnings Call - CVE needs full jobs?

Listen or read the transcript and it sounds like CVE was soft where jobs were not "full jobs". Can happen and employees get used to it, thinking what they've experienced as a job/culture is normal. Usually better once the cuts are done, best done... read more

Cenovus layoffs = Shaw layoffs

If Cenovus offered up the same idea as Shaw recently did for their employees, what would the outcome be? 50% ask for severance? 30? CVE mgmt would get a huge slap in the face much like Shaw - everyone wants out. Who wants to work at a company where... read more

Bonus is cut

So they confirmed that almost everyone below a manager is taking bonus cuts. Basically saying the average worker is over paid but the poor managers and leadership are barely scraping by. Alex says he wants to be transparent? Then post the whole... read more

Finance Posts?

Where did all the Finanace posts go? None of the replies violated the conditions setforth on this site.


Source: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/cenovus-job-cuts-1.4523983 The woman, who CBC News is not identifying because she's concerned speaking out could hurt her future job prospects, said an email went out on Feb. 1 outlining the dates some... read more

Packages Discussion

What did everyone get for packages? 52 / base salary * severance / years experience = weeks paid per year of service. Please note your years experience too. Also, February is paid too right?
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Cenovus decline and layoffs

Cenovus has been on slow decline for years. Instead of producing oil and gas they became a safety company..more concerned with bureaucracy than production. Mr Fergusan was a pathetic leader. .....I received a package in November after 25 years. Yes... read more

Latest layoff

Hardworking and excellent workers are not longer "tolerated" by the company. They just can't survive any more. That tells you a lot about the survivability of this company.

Calgary protected again

Most emails and inc page messages alluded to majority Calgary layoffs during these cuts. Of course this wasn't the case, field took the brunt AGAIN and the fat was barely skimmed in the twin towers. At least the EVP/VP scene has been reduced greatly... read more


You need to take this with a grain of salt - this is unconfirmed and I got this from a dir level person. I heard that some more SLT reductions will be happening again once they are done with this round - they will be targeting about 200 folks. Again... read more

Let go today

I was let go today. Package was really good in my opinion. Good luck to everyone that remains. Things are going to s--- for a long time. Not sure where the company is headed.

Layoffs at CL

Safety techs let go at CL this morning .... letting go of brilliant employees .... way to go CVE

IT got cut early again

Wow. What a surprise. Cenovus cuts off access before notification of being let go again. You’d think after all the rounds of layoffs they would have it down to a science.
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