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People quitting even before bonuses

We just had two people accept other offers even before they got their bonuses. You know it’s bad when they’re so desperate to get another job they leave their bonus behind. And they were both good people.

So is this the future?

So is this the future? We build bigger and taller structures like The Bow and Brookfield, only to stuff professional and technical staff into smaller and smaller spaces. I don't understand how management continues to get fleeced and sold on this... read more

Quick fact check

No Alex CNRL did not do across the board 10% wage cuts. It was graduated to income level and their executive took a 20% cut first. And there were no layoffs. Contrast that with CVE where minions took a bonus cut and the executive kept themselves... read more

Herald Article

I see the Calgary Herald has named AlPo "Alberta's Business Newsmaker of 2018". What kind of a BS title is that? Should be called top whiner of 2018. I wonder how much CVE paid to get that article in the paper. It appears AlPo loves the media... read more

HR at it again?

I see over at the glass door HR is back at posting positive reviews for themselves. Keep it up guys. Why bother trying to fix the problem when you can just hide it inder the covers. Overpaid and useless. It’s a good thing the Herald does a c-ap job... read more

Any Bets???

So who thinks there will be another round of layoffs come end of Feb? Not much of a bet as for last 5 years they have had layoffs in Feb and around Oct. but Alex did say no more layoffs, so there shouldn’t be. But then he did more layoffs in Nov... read more

7 more VPs

7 more VPs. Really? This will for sure turn the company around. Alpo, no sh-- the optics don't look good. We'll played, drive moral low enough and attrition will take care of the G&A costs.

Some of us need a reality check...

Probably not a popular thread but that is ok. No affiliation with CVE management. As much as you folks want to rag on our new CEO, the board hired him to make the very difficult decisions that Brian never could. He wasn't brought on to be a nice guy... read more

Some of usneed a reality check...

Probably not a popular thread but that is ok. No affiliation with CVE management. As much as you folks want to rag on our new CEO, the board hired him to make the very difficult decisions that Brian never could. He wasn't brought on to be a nice guy... read more
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More and more people leaving for better jobs ...

More and more people leave each week... its like a overloaded dam with a leak... wait for the new year when we are post-bonus with less benefits, days off, and cubicles (except for Alpo and team) Cenovus Investor: Beware

Alex help?

Please provide an answer to all these valid questions in these threads. Why the new manager and director positions while layoffs are going on? Why promotions and no bonus reduction for mgrs but yes for rest of staff? Why does Cenovus need two... read more

ALPO Broke Promise

Didn’t ALPO promise no more layoffs just after the last round? This is extremely hard on your staff, CVE...

GM executives

GM can get rid of 25% of their executives why can’t the oil patch get real and finally deal with being so top heavy. Make a real difference in the bottom line.


Everybody keeps saying there will be layoffs but can anybody provide even a rough when? Next month, next year, next decade? Anything?

We don’t do this lightly

If you don’t think lay offs are coming you’re not paying attention. The mgmt here will save themselves and sacrifice the rest of us without a moments hesitation. Then who’s ever left gets to hear the same old spewing garbage about the hard decisions... read more

Cenovus Employees - this is unfortunate

You folks have done a good job, good work. It is unfortunate the pipeline situation occurred and the back-up in oil sands inventory is causing employment heartache. Yes, the company made some poor decisions, but it's broader than that. Canada cannot... read more

Wonder if CVE fears a takeover on the cheap?

The assets are good and the CEO has shown an ability to generate excellent free cash flow from those assets. Reallly good free cash flow. Just look at last quarter. Makes one wonder if the call for cuts is because he knows CVE has a great future once... read more

Could it get any worse

KXL pipeline now on hold, oil price collapsing. This oil patch just can’t get a break. We’ve been hanging on with a thread now what? Layoffs soon?

Cenovus recommends oilsands production cuts

“We are going to do our part but we are not going to carry the industry on our back,” Cenovus president and CEO Alex Pourbaix said on the company’s earnings call, adding that other oilsands producers would also need to reduce output. Given CVE's... read more

Clearwater sold

Stay tuned ex COP. Clearwater is sold and you will all here something soon. Be prepared to bite down, This ones going to hurt. Most of you will be gone. A few will stay on. Best O luck

People are Leaving, or close to leaving

Too many jobs opening up in Calgary and people are leaving or planning to leave in the new year. Such bad management at the top. They came in too arrogant and made changes to people benefits too quickly. Let the Cenovus brain drain begin..

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