Topics regarding layoffs at Cenovus Energy

Topics regarding layoffs at Cenovus Energy


I just joined Suncor a month ago and they have been great so far. After 5 years at Cenovus and after the merger, looking back it is a true sweatshop now in comparison. Suncor treats ex-Cenovus staff like gold and they feel bad for the cr-p they... —  read more 

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Message From Alex (II)

JOHN: The price of WTI dipped below $80. The $hit we produce is mid $50s. ALEX: We need to reduce our costs. Our headcount is still to high. JOHN: But we can't afford to pay people out. ALEX: Not a problem. Between the mediocre bonus, paying... —  read more 


Here's something interesting about Cenovus generous vacation policy. If you work an 84 hour week and are under 30 with 5 years at the company then you don't meet the minimum vacation entitlement under the law. 6% of your wages and 3 weeks off, since... —  read more 

Positive changes

It seems that it is futile to expect any positive changes here. The company is now too far from its core values. Working here is a constant worry and wondering what will happen next. Does anyone even remember the last positive changes here? I... —  read more 

So are we buying westbrick

I am curious but not excited about the possibility of buying westbrick or any other company right now. I would rather the company invests in its employees, with the current market prices it would be nice to have a very cenovus new year. I can even... —  read more 

Remember when..

Cenovus received Covid funds from the government? Then immediately laid off staff "due to the pandemic", instituted share buybacks, and the C-suite received "pandemic bonuses" near or over a million dollars? Now Cenovus is quietly crying about a tax... —  read more 

So unprofessional

I used to have the pleasure of working with knowledgeable people from whom I could learn a lot. However, they have been mostly replaced by inflated egos that lack the professionalism in every way possible. I wonder how this place came to be like... —  read more 

So many useless meetings

Nowhere I've worked so far have I had more useless meetings than here. By useless meeting I mean meetings where there is no clear agenda, nor is anyone completely sure what was decided or accomplished at the end. I'm tired of it. Why so many... —  read more 

Survey Time Again!

Today’s Survey Question: Do you think Alex, the Execs and most importantly, the Chairman of the Board, is doing an excellent job (up arrow) or completely incompetent and should be fired immediately (down arrow) ?

Q3 Layoffs

There is a rumour circulating that certain groups will receive e-mail on Monday to work-from-home Tuesday September 27th. Apparently there are some managers with too few reports (ie 4 or 5) so these groups will be amalgamated.

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