Topics regarding layoffs at Helmerich & Payne Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Helmerich & Payne Inc.

Wipro still saving the day

Helmerich and Payne are still loosing good qualified people due to poor management, poor pay and putting Wipro employees and their SLAs ahead of their own people. A very sad state of affairs in this company, one that seems to only benefit management... —  read more 

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Wipro saves the day

IT middle management has ruined the IT department and outsourced to the most under qualified company they could find. Sad really, I have seen this company go from great to ran into the ground in just a few years all by power hungry managers

February 2021 Layoffs

In another round of layoffs, 30+ people laid off or "rebadged". A lot of good people let go and still a lot of questions and concerns over decisions that were made leading up to this.

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Atmosphere in the company?

I saw that Helmerich&Payne had opened a position for service technician with an opportunity to advance. I applied for the previous job precisely because they also said that it was possible to advance, but it turned out to be a total lie. I came here... —  read more 

Age discrimination?

Is it just me or has the majority of people who were laid off in their late forties and above? I have seen very few new(er) employees who ended up on the chopping block. Isn't that textbook age discrimination, which is illegal? Shouldn't there be... —  read more 

Renoir Group and HR

I suggest you need to look at some of the management at the IT department. So many IT guys left who were under this particular woman manager. Lot of people dislike this Pierson because She is disrespectful, condencending, and simply uncouth and... —  read more 

I dread going to this place

perhaps you need to advise some of the Managers or Supervisors that fraternizing with non- managerial employees who under them is totally unethical or inappropriate wether off work or during working hours. It compromises their judgement and decisions... —  read more 

Biased, unobjective management

Biased management. The layoffs are based on wether the supervisors like you not how you perform the job or demonstrate morale. This place is all about who your friends with within a certain "circle". I wish The president of this company would see who... —  read more 

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Bad Reputation

I look at other companies in this industry such as Nabors, Noble, etc and their comments. They have no comments other than layoffs, no negative comments about the management of the company. Helmerich & Payne has really developed a bad reputation... —  read more 

Rotten Boss

When you are talking about an employees or a higher up people behind their backs to another employee then you are a rotten boss and you compromised the morale of your department and your position. Bosses should be pleasant and kind, and concerned... —  read more 

Spring Cleaning

Administration needs to do a "spring cleaning" in this place. They need to be clear on how they do the criteria for layoffs. Some of the people that have been cut are by far do a better job and has better working ethics than the ones they kept. Some... —  read more 

Communication issues

Communication in this place is very poor. Often, employees hardly know what is going on throughout the company. Decisions are almost always made with haste without communicating to other departments. A lot of lower level employees concern or opinions... —  read more 

My Two Cents of Thoughts

After seeing some of the comments here I must say that most of the things that's been said are true. First of all, this company is not that bad of a place to work and there are a lot of good hardworking people in here. However, it's obvious that they... —  read more 

Alice, TX layoffs

Alice district office shut it's doors today. Layoffs across the board in all departments. More layoffs coming this year in other districts...

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