Topics regarding layoffs at Diamond Offshore Drilling Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Diamond Offshore Drilling Inc.

Our Problem

If anyone wants to know whats wrong in the oil field, just read the posts on this site.. This is what happens when you give uneducated people jobs that pay way to much. These back woods, swamp dwelling, moron, idiots can not have a intelligent... — read more 

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What postions were laid off?

We already have one post trying to get a lay off count, but what postion, when did you get laid off, and what were you told when they called? If you're not laid off and have talked to somebody that was, what did they have to say?

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Any new news out there? I asked a few of my buddies from round the house that got laid off and they hadn't been called back. I think this may be a bullshit rumor. they were good hands, with 5th gen experience and bleed that diamond grey. I would... — read more 

As with most of the DODI Fleet, there is a few guys that like to do nothing but spread hate and discontent on this web site..

These are the guys that should have been laid off. You can never have a normal discussion without these few idiots putting their two cents of BS into the mix. If they thought about there fellow worker who is now out of a job instead of their own... — read more 

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Inside scoop (my brothers a VP) has it Diamond is selling all 4 new builds to transocean (hawk, hornet, rhino, lion) Will then move to secure Hercules assets. Deepwater is dead, so they are backing out.

DODI buying another company

I was laid off Monday and received a call Thursday I was not laid off because they were in the process of closing a deal to buy another company. She would not tell me the name of the company but is did not ask many questions. Just glad to still have... — read more 

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