Topics regarding layoffs at ATCO

Topics regarding layoffs at ATCO

ATCO Energy Layoffs of C&I Retail

ATCO Energy laid off their representatives handling retail customers that were larger than 250,000 kWh of electricity or 2,500 GJ of gas. This means that the businesses that signed up on a plan don't have a designated account manager and ATCO doesn't... —  read more 

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Here we go yet again

Atco just announced layoffs again on Tuesday. 71 position in scope in addition to the 124 they just took. What’s the reasoning behind it “ needing to adapt to new opportunities”. So this year alone we have eliminated over 200 incsope postikns and... —  read more 

More info on ATCO layoffs

70 people out of scope Electric, 124 CEWA by end of June, Heard entire CEWA Reps might be affected. A lot of people on DB pension plan. I thought this should go on the front page for important info. If anybody has any more info on this, please share... —  read more 

ATCO layoffs June 2018

Anybody know exactly how many people were laid off by ATCO last week? A number of people were laid off at Calgary-based ATCO last week, Calgary’s Business has learned. When asked about the layoffs, the company would not confirm how many people were... —  read more 

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