Topics regarding layoffs at Schlumberger Ltd.

Topics regarding layoffs at Schlumberger Ltd.

LinkedIn Comments are Disabled

Have you ever wondered why SLB has disabled comments on LinkedIn Posts? Who gave this brilliant idea ( probably some of those over qualified fit-for-nothing Phds) to SLB to post on a Social Media platform but disable engagements? This is the irony... —  read more 

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Multiple management layers

From my perspective, there is a lot of redundant management here. Still, can large companies like SLB be organized without so many managers? To what extent would a company be more efficient without “unnecessary” multiple management layers?

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Should have dug deeper

I left over a year ago and the biggest regret I have is NOT doing deeper research into the company I accepted a position with. Everything looked great on paper, but the reality was not at all what I had expected it to be. I know some will call me an... —  read more 

We do survey for payroll

How many times have you heard that there is two types of payrise and we are running world's longest running market research survey and will then do world's longest running analysis before making a decision. By the time we are in a position to make a... —  read more 

Where would they start?

I'm just wondering, if some of the best experts came with the greatest will to fix this company, where would they start? There are so many problems piled up here, that it would take them a lot of time to get Schlumberger in order, if at all... —  read more 

Face the facts

Every single one of us is seen as replaceable by the management. They don't care what we bring to the table, they don't care how much institutional knowledge we might have, all they care about is if they can find somebody cheaper to do our job... —  read more 

HR questions

HR says they don't give any information about the case that was reported. HR claims its their policy. Is it accurate? How come the person who complains does not get contacted?

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You are entitled to more

You are entitled to be treated like a human being and not an emotionless robot who is expected to do the work of three people within regular work hours while losing benefits and receiving no pay increase. If you are not looking for a new job already... —  read more 

20 year service watch.

Couple of people who I know are overdue for their watches (7 months and more). They keep being fobbed off when they ask for a presentation date. What is happening........ rumour had it that this perk for faithful service has been dumped. I assume, if... —  read more 

So many useless managers

In fact, I’m wrong, they’re very effective when it comes to demoralizing employees. My personal opinion is that in this company only a bully can become a manager. What is also very interesting is that they treat the worst those who work the hardest... —  read more 

Do not have enough to do

I have never had less work to do. A few months back I finished everything I needed to finish in just a few hours and that’s it. Maybe it’s great for someone, but I’m pretty worried. Honestly, I prefer when I have a lot of work than situations like... —  read more 

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