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17 Years of Service - “Poof..Gone!”

So, what seemed impossible is now a reality ... after 17 years of hard work, sweat and tears and long nights that saved and generated millions upon millions for the organization - my spouse, her boss, and their entire department were informed that... —  read more 

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400 layoffs from Sandnes, Norway

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InVoluntary Furlough?

I know this was supposed to be until the end of the second quarter does anyone else see it going into quarter three? That is if I still have a job?

Question about US severance and historical ISDB

May I please ask for clarification if you had past international assignments and was released while being HCM in US? What impact of US severance package to the historical ISDB (CTI CSI) accrued during assignment aboard? US HR won’t give me a straight... —  read more 

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Layoffs in Houston

Does anyone know if they are going to have anymore layoffs or early retirement at the rankin road campus?

Give your bench a chance

It there is any meritocracy left in this company, we, your bench deserve a chance to show what we can do. I am tired to watch these so called "Champions" pontificate about what they did 20+ years ago and left me with a couple of powerpoint slides to... —  read more 

Pat-Sch to go?

Heard that Pat-Sch is leaving after "extraordinary" work in growth of his bank balance. Is this true?

This is not a way to treat loyal employees

I was texted at 8am that I had a Skype meeting with HR at 10am. I was released, was not allowed to get my personal items from my office, was told they they would be gathered and I would be told where I could get them in June. I had to take my laptop... —  read more 

Hear research in Boston took a hit

I hear Cambridge (SDR in Boston) had some layoffs. Any idea how many and how deep? Will this impact NP5 products or is research no longer relevant?

Just Hilarious

Quite entertaining to see many of the so called Subject Matter Experts / Champions / Gurus rushing to LinkedIn to sit in the front row of liking every single post that someone from SLB posts. If you want to know who is feeling vulnerable (likely for... —  read more 

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Layoff useful personnel and keeping useless folks!

Schlumberger is ungrateful and has grown into an inverted pyramid style of management. Contribute to the company growth for 20 years and a 3 month drop in activity... you are out. What a joke in people -technology -profit It’s profit-technology... —  read more 

Letting go of the real workers

Was laid off recently and it's sad to see so much talent and hard working people Go out the door. While keeping so many layers of upper management with high paying salaries who absolutely do nothing. And believe it people there are politics involved... —  read more 

Layoffs at Cameron, Coimbatore, India

Around 10% of the people have been asked to leave. People are asked to voluntarily resign by themselves to make themselves eligible for serverance package or else... The company hired a lot of people in the last 6 months although the company was... —  read more 

Closing Little Rock

Closing Little Rock Valves and Measurement. We had 24/7 workforce before Schlumberger bought us. Way to run another company out of business. 450 people ....think they might keep and transfer 50. F— Sclumberger.

Oil company layoffs

Why don't oil companies lay off workers? Are they smarter than service companies or just better businessmen?

Pension Funds - long term safe?

As SLB will be bleeding money for the next few quarters and the pension funds will be under funded and sustainable? Does anyone know how strong are the company pension funds? Facts not rumours please..... Thinking about all the various ones in... —  read more 

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