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Is Houston next?

Hearing the scuttlebutt. Rumors growing stronger. If it is going to happen remember Being with you is something I want to do the rest of my life, it will undoubtedly be my greatest achievement, and it will be one I will remain proud and happy about... read more

Recent Sugar Land Layoffs

At the Sugar Land Campus, my husband was layed off on 6/26/18. He was with Schlumberger for 43 years!!!!! Yes, I said 43 years! How about that? He was a designer with a significant wealth of knowledge and has seen it all. He saved SLB money and was... read more


Houston will be a lean place from 2019 with very minimal IT resources and IT epicenter will be Pune.

Princeton move to Sugar Land FUBAR’ed

2 years behind schedule and only the bean counters know how much over budget and counting! They will never make a nuclear detector or generator again. Hope they have a supplier in China or India to outsource them to like everything else.

ITT @ Enclave

ITT will be moving 70 to 80% of the work to Pune from the last quarter of this year, only SMEs and few managers will stay here ............

Morale will continue to dwindle

There is no indication of large layoffs in the oilfield part of Schlumberger at the moment, but there will continue to be pressure to make it a much less enjoyable place to work. The RIR situation is one case in point. By demanding one per week, each... read more

Legacy Smith

I recently visited the Rankin Campus and it appeared that the majority of the legacy are all a bit camp?

SIS and SWT org chart

Does anybody understand who is doing what in SIS and SWT? So many managers and "advisory roles" with absolutely ridiculous job titles and no clear responsibilities whatsoever. It feels like working at the Department of Motor Vehicles now... The new... read more

Is this true?

A lot of PL also cutting 10% globalky before end of the quarter Can anybody say where is this info coming from?

Hey Paal!

Still thinking about raising compensation for you and your minions this year? Have you ever thought how many employees could have been saved with the ridiculous compensation for incompetent SLB management?

Attrition rates

What are the attrition rates in your location? Too many hard working people leaving in Aberdeen because of how they are being treated by management

New CEO?

Paal time is limited, he’ll be gone in a few months...or stay as advisor to CEO for a few years... Who will be the next one? Obviously not Patrick...Stephanie?

Paal is Tone Deaf

He can't hear. Won't hear our message. Despite meetings and emails. A complete disregard to our subordinates. The ship has sailed and heading striaght to an ice burg.

ITT change?

Rumours are of scaling down on ITT - what will happen next to these groups?


I heard it's gonna get cut up, mfg consolidated or outsourced on a massive scale. Missing of big tenders just is not supporting enough of this insanely costly customization low volume mfg. Machining cost of over $300/hr and utilization of 25% while... read more

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