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Tougher on foreigners

All the foreigners that got laid off definitely are disgruntled & negative cause it's going to be tougher on them to get hired again.
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Scam cycle ?

That's the problem with monopolies. Too many stock market investors & not enough results leads to huge scam !
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The company is 30% smaller, balance sheet is weak

2 years of T and the company is 30% smaller, balance sheet is weak, there are no new products on the horizon, Cameron turned in a loss, Smith/GeoServices integration is a joke. And guess what: that big compressed spring is just not there. No wonder... read more

Transformation: where is it?

Check out the latest SLB earnings call transcript. There is no mention of the Transformation. That makes it 2 quarters in a row where the Transformation is not mentioned by management when talking to analysts. Is the writing on the wall for the end... read more

SWT (Software): Attrition wave coming

SWT (Software Technology) was started with so much pomp and show, especially with the new center in the Bay Area. However, there haven't been any raises for 3 years now. And with the retention initiative out this year, very limited number of people... read more

Italy Shutdown

To those currently in bits manufacturing Italy, as soon as the Ponca relocation is near complete Italy shutdown will begin. Heard this was originally slotted for around July.

Segment change

Does anyone know how to get reassigned to another segment of your choice, without *ss-kissing any manager in the process?


Any news from ponca about any more people going to Tex and help heard they are giving more money and moving in money .....

Probability of Bankruptcy

As of April 10, 2017, SLB 28%, HAL 15%, BHI 23% - SLB is the worst company to invest.

Wow 111

I wonder how much scumbooger is paying to have threads deleted from this site

Wow II.

Managers quiting scumbooger in Ponca City. Lil Caesar is doing a great job in his fist car.

SLB MONOPOLY Growing !!!

SLB Dangerously Becoming a bigger mopolopy in oil industry . Layoffs increasing in US & buying out several competitors at same time has gone beyond alarming and is now disgusting overlooked by US congressmen. Business as usual also catering to... read more

After the Smith catastrophe

is it Paal's plan to buy a real tool company. I Think we all can agree the MI side was a fantastic aquitistion as well as the bits but everything else had been a disappointment. Do you think we need WFT tools and people to right our ship?

Lawsuit Times USA ( Magazine)

SLB Laid off employees born & raised In the USA need to start filing lawsuits on SLB for laying off native born US citizens instead of foreigners born elsewhere first.

OneSubsea -> OneStim

Paul You got to be kidding me. Throw half $B at WFT who is at the brink of insolvency. Are you following your masterpiece of OneSubsea? The naming sees you are on the right track.

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