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2015 vs 2016 layoffs?

Just noted from the q4 2016 financials: $880 millions of workforce reduction charge in 2016 $920 millions of workforce reduction charge in 2015 Does it mean workforce reduction in 2016 and 2015 are comparable in size?
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Will they rehire?

Will slb rehire people that were laid off? I was laid off last April. When will they rehire? Serious replies only


I see 2 tick boxes in SLP3 and you have to choose what you are - one has SLB and the other SL. What does SL stand for?

Why is Gould back ?

Just wondering why our x CEO is back ? Seems the board may have some doubts about Paal and the transformation......

Leaders who care?

Was once on a flight with Mr. P--poo and, while he sat in first class,his family sat in the back. Is your ego so big that your family is something less than you???
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Question: What got us here won't get us there?

If we are able to identify the beginning and end of a change, we can manage the transition zone better with the aim to minimize its duration. This is not easy to do, but it is always worth thinking about when embarking on a change. Have you ever... read more
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Thinking to resign

I've made it through all of these layoffs. Now I found a job I've been searching for. Completely different from oil & gas. Matches well with my intellectual interests, preferred location for me and family, preferred business type & work environment... read more

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