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Smith Disvestiture

What's the latest on the DT&R sale? When will it be announced?
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AP,OP, and Alice

I saw the future of SLB and her name is Alice...
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AP,OP, and Alice

I saw the future of SLB and her name is Alice..
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AP,OP, and Alice

I saw the future of SLB and her name is Alice
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AP,OP, and Alice

I saw the future of SLB and her name is Alice.
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Engage to Excel running in 2018?

Will E2E run in 2018 given that it is complete waste of time and money? No one at lower management level believes in it and they don't want to speak to employees.

DELFI, One year later

More than 4 years ago, slb started to invest large amounts of time, people and money into new Digital Technologies. There was Bespin, BlueCube, the creation of SWT, Software Professional Careers and the STIC. AB felt like the Steve Ballmer of Slb... read more

SLB share price & oil price correlation

Coupling SLB share price to oil price is over simplifying how the market works. How much oil price should be for slb to come back? Not long ago oil price was lower than what it is now and slb was performing much better. Slb failed to resolve promise... read more
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Non-obvious moves?

There’s a lot and it’s a lot of non-obvious
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Engage to excel 2018 (Gallup Q12)

In my location there was no retrospective meeting regarding E2E 2017. We were not told about last year's results. We have been asked to submit feedback in written form instead, indivdually. Nobody was informed about what action items or follow-up... read more

Idea for site admins....

How about changing the site so that when any topic has a reply it is bumped to the top of the list? It would save scoping down to check the latest replies.

Biggest Brown Nosers Competition (BBNC)

Rules: No name dropping Only hints or quotes (from hub, CNP, etc.) - nothing too obvious: part of the game is guesswork Winner to be selected based on popular vote Two entries (quotes) to get the game going: BN#1 - "Thank you for believing in us!"... read more

BHGE in shock talks to acquire Schlumberger

Amazing and who would have thought this possible after the Halliburton debacle, however, feedback from high level government meetings in NYC suggest the Trump government would not stand in the way and indeed will support the deal.

Risk of looking for a new job

I got laid off on ground of being active on LinkedIn and looking for job, liked several posts (translated as supporting competition business!) Can this be true? I've been trying to find a new job for a few months now, through LinkedIn as well as... read more

Will we lead or fall?

Any news on layoffs?

What's the latest on layoffs? Been hearing some whispering about next month, but nothing concrete.

This will not work out

I've been wondering lately when the leadership of this company will realize that profit at all cost will destroy Schlumberger in the end, which will mean that nobody will get any profit at all, including them. When you disregard everything else... read more

Is Houston next?

Hearing the scuttlebutt. Rumors growing stronger. If it is going to happen remember Being with you is something I want to do the rest of my life, it will undoubtedly be my greatest achievement, and it will be one I will remain proud and happy about... read more

Recent Sugar Land Layoffs

At the Sugar Land Campus, my husband was layed off on 6/26/18. He was with Schlumberger for 43 years!!!!! Yes, I said 43 years! How about that? He was a designer with a significant wealth of knowledge and has seen it all. He saved SLB money and was... read more

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