Schlumberger Ltd. Layoffs

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Top Heavy

In my opinion I saw the D&M segment becoming very top heavy. Granted my opinion is most likely biased since I came from the field and SLB was the only company I worked for so I can't compare to other service providers. I would like to hear opinions... read more

US Taxes for Terminated IMs

Any US citizens terminated from IM contract have any luck getting SLB to follow through with tax services from Deloitte? BACO claimed they won't authorize tax services unless employee was on payroll Dec 31st of 2016. I asked for documentation of this... read more


I worked in P.C. for almost 26 years scumbooger came in and with help of Italians messed everything up. Smith International was a great place to work and be able to raise a family. Of witch I will be eternally great full. But Scumbooger s--- a--... read more

SLB Flushed!!!!!

Sure would be nice if Trump would throw this LOSER company in the toilet, right where they belong!


Schlumberger lost the Chevron contract, what's in store for old M-I?

Lost credibility

This website has no credibility if you delete posts and let one person post threats. We have freedom of speech and the first ammendment to the Constitution. There is no slander if what you write is true. This is the USA not Russia or Italy. I would... read more

Uber is a great platform for free interviews

listen; if you been hosed by SLB management and if you are at financial risk, I suggest you consider ubering here is why. I've done uber. While it was not my gateway to my next job, I've interacted with ton of great people and high profilific. I... read more
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How do you extend unemployment benefits?

I was laid off by Cameron Drilling in June 2016. I’ve sent out so many resumes all over the country and had a few interviews but I think my age is hurting me. I'm 45 years old. My unemployment has run out and I am two weeks away from being homeless... read more

Yay K-mart!

Been working at K-mart now for three weeks. The pay s---s, the benefits aren't so good, but you know what? It's still better than working for Schlumberger.

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