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No Engage to Excel team meetings

No meetings done for engage to excel yet. But Impact plans will be entered by end of quarter for management to get PIP. It is a shame that mid level management is not on board with Gallup but they are still getting big fat pay and bonus.

Engage to Excel.

With morale at lower than a snakes' butt, where are the results of the stating the obvious, eye-wateringlly costly farce, known as 'Engage to Excel'? I'm sure that the results were not too difficult even for Gallup to work out. I am waiting for the... read more

Schlumberger Belfast lost to China

Shame that UK union groups didn't pressurised Schlumberger corporate enough to stop jobs moving away to China. Union groups and MPs should have seen how many Schlumberger jobs from entire UK has gone to China.

Paal got paid $20.8M for 2017...

Yeah, baby!

Congratulations, Paal! You and your minions got pay raises again! Keep it up!!

Is it just me?

Or is everyone else fed up with Ponca posts and people banging on about how great a company Smith was? This is an SLB site - not some board for prehistoric numpties.

SLB is just sitting on it.

The Ponca City Development Authority has been trying to contact Slumberger about the possible purchase of the Ponca plant. They have other companies interested in it. SLB won’t return their calls or emails. Typical.


When is the slp3 payout and does anyone know what % we are getting

KPO slog

Well another year and a process we thought couldn’t get any worse has far exceeded expectations yet again. Going on the end of February and the C suite is still figuring out how to not pay PIPs and shaving out some more saving from the employees... read more

After layoff - SLB fails to disappoint

Trying to get my international pension payout has been fun. Of course I am following up continuously through askhr and getting told "just waiting on an approval". To be fair they did mention it would take 2-3 months but at 3 months now and all the... read more

Engage to Excel is officially not anonymous

When CEO says - "tolerance towards actively disengaged employees is over", it means that Gallup survey results are not anonymous and if your answers put you under actively disengaged employee category then you will lose your employment with... read more

Smith and Slum merger

My boss keeps on telling me how good it was to work for Smith prior to Smith and Slum merging. Can others confirm this?

lawsuit against bullying, abuse

I was approached by ex-SLB about filing a law suit about work environment bullying, abuse and discrimination. He/she was terminated just after coming back from stress leave and when requested to see doctor again, the HR manager told the person to get... read more

Enrage to Excel

What is happening? Thought the results were out in December? Is it so good that our hapless managers are totally amazed?

Greetings from Shell

I see you slumdogs are suffering and bleeding. Good for you mofos, you deserve it, you got me fired and now I am your boss. My ex dictator came to my office while ago asking me to award him contract, I told him yes will do, same way he praised me... read more

Amazing conf call from Paal today

during his address to SLB managers, our Great Leader showed us his unability to face criticism, let alone to go through some kind of self criticism exercise. In a nutshell: if we underperformed last year, nothing to do with his own choices, it is all... read more

Houston Layoffs

I am hearing first rounds of IT layoffs before the end of 1st quarter in Houston? Any Idea what's happening?

This board is sad

Almost as sad as my future and my career,share price is up, oil price is up but yet again layoffs, every day. All of them saying they never thought it would happen to them, they had client work, just came back to office after a month in field. But... read more

Electrics Cars? What???

This is gonna be a long and painful road... Is peak oil just 12 years away? Bank of America Merrill Lynch analysts think so and are crediting the electric car boom for reduced consumption... read more

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