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Schlumberger got Fired!

Lots of people firing Schlum these days. Something like two dozen in Sugar Land so far this year! People are no longer valued and with no more merit increases, I guess this is what they want to happen so they don’t have to pay severance.....
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PK Performance Review

Talk about a Transformation. Since PK took the joystick in 2011, SLB has lost $60 billion in market cap, laid off 70 thousand workers, guided the share price to lows not seen since the Financial Crisis of 2008-09, received indictments and paid fines... read more

The transformation is garbage

The transformation is garbage. All the comments I have read in this post hold some merit. If you aren't a "Yes" man, don't agree with upper management, or care about your co-workers, then you are brushed aside. There is no room in the company anymore... read more

More Layoffs coming at Rankin BTS

More changes are coming. I was down in Sugarland Friday and overheard two managers speaking that more layoffs will be happing at our in Rankin facility and these jobs will be filled with D&M engineers. This seems to be a neverending saga between SLB... read more

Most overpaid CEOs

Guess where Paal landed? 23. Seems about right.

No logic to firing process

There is often no logic to how it happens. They say there is but not really. A manager doesn’t like you, you’re gone. You’re too old, you’re gone. You’re too expensive, you’re gone. You don’t hit targets, you’re gone. You’re not sycophantic enough... read more

Rockwell automation and slb

Rockwell a company which is getting hard time from small starups in iot field joining slb! Another stupid move by slb leadership

Layoffs with Sensia?

I heard that many production people will get sent to Sensia. Rumours around that others gonna get the shaft. What do we know?

Bye bye SA, AB, PK welcome Olivier L.P.

The Spring revolution is coming, mid year and with it many people will go out through a small golden door.. CEO, EVP tech., CFO and who knows maybe the Digital organization and the platforms with it... What are their greatest non PPT successes since... read more

Paulie Keepsguard is a genius

he tanked the stock price last year, so participants of the H2 2018 DSPP can buy shares at $33, receiving a 35% premium over market price at the day theyre granted! thanks paulie!


More Layoff at Eademtoy Drive to happen very soon!

Sue Biased Schlumberger

It’s time for Ex-Employees to file Major LawSuits On Greedy Biased Schlumberger..... Pathetic How many foreigners Schlumberger hires in its US based plants & offices. Then Schlumberger sends jobs overseas for cheaper labor without any Government... read more

How's that Cameron acquisition working out?

Did you get rid of all of the dead heads that are/were running Cameron? The biggest bunch of losers are/were running that place into the ground prior to the acquisition. Last I heard the same lame managers and C-suite were running Cameron, while the... read more

Speedcast appoints a former SLB exec as COO

Speedcast International announced in an official statement that it has appointed Sebastien Lehnherr as the new company COO. He previously held various executive functions at Schlumberger. Is this just a random transfer to another company or is there... read more

Interview with transformation manager

We had a MBA graduate from INSEAD applying for a job. He is transformation deployment manager. My boss asked him what is your job about. He started BS about transformation and how it is making company leaner, efficient and best in industry. My boss... read more

Starting the new year with new job

I decided to stop complaining about Schlumberger and do something about it. I'll be starting my new job in a few weeks, leaving this place behind (hopefully) for good. I once used to enjoy working here but those days are long gone. I wish all those... read more

How the slb will be in 2019 ?

Better or worse than 2018 ? More layoff or no more layoff ? Better working environment or gets worse ? How slb will keep or increases its market share ?

This SLB Stuff is Funny

I come here to read comments and replies for a good laugh. It really cheers up my dull and pathetic life and makes me feel like a worthy human being. But you must do better because the Chesapeake site is even funnier. Got to go now. Toodles.

Is this our new business strategy?

To go out of business? That's the only explanation I can find for some of the latest decision Schlumberger has made. In all honesty, it's hard to watch sometimes what's happening to the company, what this incompetent leadership is doing to it. I can... read more

Why keep under performing segment ?

They are dragging us down. Take BDT Badentoy as an example - the business makes no sense or money, We constantly need to send them payroll and the majority of the staff all appear a bit camp.

Awesome company

I love this company Great training And very accommodating with positive attitudes who actively encourage you to use your skills for advancement and challenge

My location

Can’t keep up with all the work? What is this site???? All of these posts ring very hollow...we are so busy...we literally can’t keep up...perhaps oil price might change that....but right now is balls to walls man

Dividend cut ?

Is slb generating enough cash to pay dividend? My understanding is biggest cost is highly paid employees, so slb should decide, dividend cut or cost cut.

Please leaders of Schlumberger

Help help let us know what is going on My 17 years of work is tied up with the company For the love of all things...please let us know

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