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Where did the first number come from?

The cuts will not be extremely minimal, they will be deep cuts and felt across the company. 21,000 more in the 2nd quarter in addition to the 15,000 that have already cut in the 1st quarter. Can anybody confirm if these numbers are true or not?... —  read more 

where to next? engineering background

In some of the previous posts people said that they moved on and found jobs not in O&G. I saw on LinkedIn that some ex-SLB guy started a job with Spacex. Awesome! Would you guys share your ideas on where to go next? Those people, who found new... —  read more 

$48575 - average severance

21000 x 48575 is approximately $1.02 billion. This shows the average level at which Schlumberger made cuts this season

Greener pastures

I just want to come back and say that moving on from SLB and finding a new career choice has been the biggest weight off my shoulders. I worked for SLB for 5 years and in April got let go. I was upset at first but bounced back quickly and just found... —  read more 

Lazy Reporting

The filings today clearly stated this 21k was previous cuts and that the impairments would most been seen in Q3. We are cutting off a high of 105k people. Now that isn't to say there won't be MORE cuts but this is shoddy reporting by HOU reporters... —  read more 

Schlumberger Shribaking Staff by 21000!

Bloomberg is reporting Schlumberger staff shrinkage by 21000. Apparently, quarter revenues are horrendous, so 21k has to go. Didn't find this entirely surprising. I expected more.

HFH Massive Layoff

Over 200 finance employees in Houston Hub are been laid off if no alternative job is found in the next 3 months. All LAM finance positions with few exceptions are moving to Bogota to include NAO (NAM and LAM). On the list is also the NAM and LAM... —  read more 

Ex-employees return as contractors

Is it legal to release employees and turn around and make them an offer to come back as a contractor (less pay and no benefits)? Asking for a friend. This may or may not be happening in OneStim (hypothetically ;))

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401k Charges

As if getting laid off wasn't cost saving enough, now they wanna charge me service fee's for having my money in the 401k. Glad I'm done with them. Lol

Relentless Nepotism at SLB

SLB fills pages and pages with messages related to cost reduction but its actions reveal a different reality. How in the world a former product champion based in UK is kept as an expat Data Lab Manager? Is this job so unique and difficult that a UK... —  read more 

Australia NZ layoffs

How badly has Australia NZ been hit with layoffs? I know they have slashed and burned elsewhere but is there anyone left to turn off the lights? NZ was a basket case already so they may just shut the whole operation down from industry... —  read more 

SLB eliminating most of NAL

SLB may stay primarily in Permian only for NAL. All other divisions will be soft closed or closed all together. Focus will be Middle East, Offshore, SEA, EAF, and North Sea. They are dumping massive real estate at super low prices they have been... —  read more 

Any recent mass layoffs or big name layoffs

Remember this is a layoff website and will be good to know any recent mass layoffs or big name layoffs. Count of oil rigs has hit bottom this week so will be interesting to see how industry reacts to this


What kind of severance are you getting? I got 13 weeks of pay

Layoffs not good but a sign of market conditions

Folks. Most of us have been here before. Many of us have been through more than one round of redundancies over the years. The market is extremely tough and will remain so for probably the next 3 year’s no fan of slb or their tactics with... —  read more 

Cameron Corporate leeches

So the team at Cameron Corporate, the ones that are purely expenses and bring almost no value to the business... Why are they being shielded from all this? Their industry 4.0 project is a joke, and they even have a few incompetent managers there who... —  read more 

It is really so simple

SLB must apply a management style that respects the culture of the area in which they operate. Send a French 30 year old to the US who only has management experience in Africa to manage 20+ year US employees? Or visa versa. Who in their right mind... —  read more 

Moving Rankin production

Heard they are moving part of product to Italy and the other to Sugarland, if not stopping production altogether.

New organization, real change?

For a company that wants to promote change and innovation, the leadership videos (all but 1), demonstrate the contrary. We can modify the structure as many times as we want but when the people that are supposed to roll it out, look so dull... —  read more 

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