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OneSubsea -> OneStim

Paul You got to be kidding me. Throw half $B at WFT who is at the brink of insolvency. Are you following your masterpiece of OneSubsea? The naming sees you are on the right track.

Just wondering

Is it ok to sublet my company apartment, rent them my company laptop to watch movies while I lease them my company car? Just wondering.


Is the transformation just leasing Xerox printers and buying Zebra label printers? Is this a joke? 20 people groups show up for meetings and this is the infrastructure build out in the US?

The Oil Industry

Digging stuff up and burning it has had its day, and that day is all but over. While the fat, apathetic energy sector employees have been fast asleep, watching TV and drinking beer, technology has quietly made them obsolete. That is what is really... read more

Cementing Layoffs in Canada???

Heard a rumor that the cementing divisions are being shut down in Canada... Anybody know about this? Please share any details you're aware of... Can't find any info about it...

Trade adjustment assistance

Ponca employees have been approved for taa assistance. If you were layed off within 2 years from last November you are eligible. Maybe one good thing will come from scumberger closing Ponca plant.

Oil price could dip below $40 again!

Even speculators are giving up now, while SLB management is total clueless.

SLB Redundancy Tracker

Useless executives SETC management Managers with less than 5 people in their reporting lines. Managers trying to look busy by tossing papers SDR employees protected with no specific reason


More posts about a certain person deleted. And his name wasn't even mentioned. Maybe the posts weren't really about him. Is he really that badazz? Must be.

Meanwhile at Rankin rd....

1) ...The guy with the fastest car got his butt chewed by HR because he was making some hourly people work up to 16+ hours every day and the SLB legal crew was afraid of getting sued if something happened to them outside work for the lack of sleep... read more

BJ Services

BJ Services, which recently reemerged as a stand-alone company, hired a CFO and named two high-profile board members this week. The Tomball-based pressure-pumping company hired Evelyn Angelle as executive vice president and CFO, while Andrew Gould... read more

Da beets

Da beets have been found. Looks like to me scumbooger management does not know how to use a tracking number. FedEx had them in Dallas and did not know what scum wanted to do with them. So disgraceful for Scumbooger management and employees to put... read more

Paal's Proverbs

The worst is behind us. Schlumberger Is Sitting On A Highly Compressed Coiled Spring. THERE WILL BE NO MORE LAYOFFS.

SLB amongst most active boards

Why is this board amongst the most active? Isn't there any work that needs to be done? Please return to work and stop making this board a regular read.


Every single one. They only stay in a single managerial role for not even two years and most have no prior experience in that respective product line. They only make decisions that boost their PIP at the expense of SLB. Case in point, we went to a... read more

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