Topics regarding layoffs at Schlumberger Ltd.

Topics regarding layoffs at Schlumberger Ltd.


I left Cameron as soon as Scumbrj bought us. Blind luck on timing but best move I ever made and am very happy. I stay in contact with my old Cameron buddies that are still there. They are miserable and it’s been a slow ride to career hell. ... —  read more 

I'm glad I overbilled SLB

I worked in the financial hub as a contractor. They kept telling me they would discuss with the higher-ups about getting FTE "next time," again and again. I used to stay late for free and always ask for additional work thinking going above and... —  read more 

QHSE Reporting Inanity

Every year for at least 20 years the dunces keep reminding office people to file safety reports because the O/I numbers are under target. So the office people write safety notes on coffee being too hot, winter walkways being too slippery, and... —  read more 

Laid off than called back?

I’ve heard some laid off people got calls to come back again and work under different conditions. Someone on this forum also mentioned that they called him but to continue working with a significantly reduced salary and no benefits. I doubt I would... —  read more 

How is the job market?

So I’ve been thinking of leaving the company and was wondering if those who were impacted in the last round of layoffs were able to find work? Or is the market as bad as I gathered? How many of you found something outside of our industry? Did you... —  read more 

What's the point of HR?

It certainly isn't there to help employees. In my experience, which has recently been confirmed, they will always take the manager's side and try to sweep the issue under the rug. And the one person who I know persisted ended up being forced out in... —  read more 

Three long years here

In my more than 20 years long career, the last three years that I've spent with SLB have by far felt the longest. This place has managed to turn a regular workday into torture that I can't wait to end every single day. I really hope that I'll be able... —  read more 

This company is a joke now

Now they are trying to rehire people at 1/3 less of their salary and in places like Midland and Williston without housing allowances. Slb is a joke now. How the hell do they expect to get anyone good back? That’s right lower the per hour rate and get... —  read more 

How much longer?

3rd Qtr results are in, and drilling services are taking us down. But expats in the UK keep analyzing data while locals are standing in line waiting for their opportunity to save the company thousands of dollars with enhanced communication skills. ... —  read more 

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