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A message to Mr. PK

If your strategy handling this downturn can not save both the investors and the employees, this will be the time for you to be "LET GO".
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So much dead weight at Schlumberger

Only a slight increase in interest rates will put even more pressure on debt, reduce cash flow, and offset potential investors to simple short term cash. 25% of revenue coming from integrated projects in defaulting countries puts even more risk into... read more

Schlumberger board of directors

Why Schlumberger board of directors are keeping quiet and doing nothing to stop the destruction train which is Transformation. Do they have no responsibility towards shareholders?

The Purge

Q4 Purge coming. Have to squeeze every last drop of margin out of the reduced revenues to meet IBT targets. Expect ramp up of layoffs as our internal focus to perform ignores the clients.

Great company, bad timing!

. Fundamentally a great company . terrible management. . Lost market leadership due to bad transformation execution. . Management is self centric instead of being customer centric . Share price still not zero just because it pays dividend! . Still... read more

SLB stocks buyback plan?

What's going on with dillusioned Expections from Mr. PK? I really wonder how can he graduate as petroleum engineering, it is a shame.

Stock price

What's wrong with SLB sticker? Do you have any clue, Mr. PK? Are you selling and jump the ship?

15 percent global cut rumours

Hearing word that 15 percent global cuts are coming in Q4. This is likely and in line with the Christmas gifts that SLB has given its employees over the last two years. People are not a core corporate value anymore.

Slb in LinkedIn

Why there are only few people like slb related posts and news in LinkedIn? While there are 98000 members and more than 1m followers!

Presidents let go

For anyone out there like me that had any hope left that the good executives left-which there are very few left, would replace the top of the company are feeling very disenfranchised today with the termination of the production group and AL... read more

We gonna see many more oil millionaires

Oil is pulling back for the next upstage of the bull rally. Buy it now while you can and get those new jobs to pay for the profits. We gonna see many more oil millionaires coming through and congratulations to all of those who started their own... read more

Praise OPEC

Hallelujah praise OPEC and higher oil prices for Christmas this year. It would be the best Christmas ever and it looks like it may just happen! Sweet Jesus is maybe just answering our prayers boys! Maybe I can finally afford to buy my family some... read more


SAP ITT project flying to Pune, status of us?

Legacy Smith

Would it not make more financial sense to simply send them home and they can do the hokey pokey rather than waste SLB's electricity?

Ponca city

Look at all the little kiss asses from Ponca city going to Houston to train people to take their jobs. Good job guys alessio and muzi appreciates all the hard work. Maybe they will give you a hot dog dinner

Employment verification

I am a former Schlumberger employee, after doing job hunting for one&half year , I got an opportunity but still waiting Schlumberger to respond on employment verification , does anyone know how long they take to respond and how should I speed it up.

So good to be blue

Just started with big blue and whew! The training is awesome, I work with people from all over the world and the promise of international travel is truly inspiring. What other industry and company can give you such great opportunities? Oh, yes, I... read more

Get out and Move on

Get up get out move on Ain't it time you was gone Stop your moaning Stop your groaning You been here much too long Get up Get out Move on I've been up and I been down I've been traveling around, AND NOW I AM TURNING DOWN JOBS PAYING 50% MORE THAN SLB... read more

Some people fight ...

Foreigners make a lot of critics against French population but we know how to fight for our rights and we don't drop our pants down !!!! ... Already being in court ( waiting the final decision ) and ready to go again ...we have lot of things for... read more

Just been promoted to FSM on IM status!

It's not all gloom and doom out there and I am off to Malaysia with my wife. All expenses paid and a new experience. Thank you Schlumberger for this opportunity! You won't regret it - hard work pays off!!!

Oil price magic

It is amazing when oil goes down $10 and oil worker saying it isn't that bad, could be worse and when oil goes up $0.1 there is celebration in office. Stupidity really knows no boundaries!

Nov/Dec Layoff list

Thanks to IT folks Some people seen the leaked list. Please share the list on the internet if you have access to it.

Subletting my company house for profit.

I have a chance to do this and make extra money while on IM service to make up for recent salary cuts. I have heard many IMs are doing it but I haven't spoken to anyone. It's not a huge amount but it all counts. Does anybody know if this is ok to do... read more

IT Jobs

What is happening in Houston, IT? Many changes in the internal IT and duplicate jobs are identified and will be scrapped soon

EMBO tax for IM staff

Does anyone know how the EMBO tax work for IM personnel? I mean, every month my salary gets deducted by this so-called tax that is handled internally by schlum but I wonder if there is any l├ęgal background to it. Supposedly it is used to pay the... read more

Engage to Excel

Let us all mark 1 to every question asked in survey this year. Let us be the most disengaged company ever.

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