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SLB : Cruel & Biased !!!

Why No benefits when you retire ???? They even laid off a lot of older employees in the last 3-4 years right before they were supposed to get their Service Awards . SLB is disgraceful especially toward US born citizens. That's the reason they hire... read more

What will happen when SLB files to bankruptcy?

probability of Schlumberger filling for bankruptcy is increasing rapidly PK is still the CEO thus increasing chanced of default. What will happen when SLB files for bankruptcy? Will employees lose their deferred benefits? Will employees lose their... read more

As of June 22, 2017

• WTI is $42.54/barrel, heading towards $30’s/barrel with no signs of recovery. • SLB stock price is $65/share. Analysts downgraded SLB stock unlike competitors; HAL and BHI. • SLB’s probability of bankruptcy jumped up to 37%... read more

Current or recent layoff?

Can anyone confirm current or recent, past 1 month, layoffs in SLB locations? Alternatively, are there any locations that are staffing up?

We're soon to be # 2 - what will Paal do?

GE & BHI The combined company will have about 70,000 employees worldwide and operations in more than 120 countries. Revenue will exceed SLB Won't be long before HAL overtakes SLB and move SLB into # 3.

Voluntarily Leaving SLB

I remember when people were actually shocked that someone would voluntarily leave SLB - not anymore - next upturn will see people flocking to the exits to work for the competition - many are already doing it!

New center manager for SHTC, UK

There r strong rumours that Mr. K is on his way out & IC vl be promoted as the new center manager Major shakeup coming for Stonehouse. This is being led by the PG who are p**ed of the management here.

New CEO by YE, but who?

Good but late reorg Poor stock performance and valuation 50% of what SLB was 9 years ago adjusted for inflation including smith and Cameron acquisition. SLB still great company needs deep management culture cleaning. Company will and must change. Who... read more

The New Organization, expect more layoffs!

Last week, we had a meeting.....The New Organization will combine 32 Geomarkets into 16. Area Segment Management will be wound down and so on. This info is in the SLB intranet. Unfortunately, more layoffs is coming! When or how many, they didn't... read more

2 years plan!

Start on 2016, SLB has 2 years cut in half the workforce. How are they doing this? They are outsourcing or hiring independent contractors to replace full-time employees. Layoffs will not stop until the end of 2018. It's sad!

IT outages

How is IT working out? We've had 16 hours of downtime in the last month. Cost savings by idling the workforce is going well!

No value in the workforce?

Does the following sound like the oilfield you work in? A recent KornFerry survey found that a majority of CEOs queried find more value in technology than in their employees. If this is the belief of many CEOs then how is an employee able to bring... read more

Impact of "Gender Equality" on SLB

I'm curious about "gender equality" at SLB. Do you guys think bringing a lot of women makes SLB a better company? For example, since SLB is a service company then I guess many of you are field engineers who have to go to the fields frequently and I... read more

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