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Manufacturing a drill bit.

Seriously, how difficult can it be? It's low tech, and low skill. Campus gardening requires more competency - if there is a shortage then just cross train the damn gardeners into drill bit hands... If they can cut grass, they can cut a bit of metal... read more

Layoffs at Richmond Campus

Yesterday 27 people were laid off from the Richmond Campus. One person was so affected that an HR rep suffered a broken jaw. Wow, sign of the times

Next Step .... RIF's

Whether IT is approaching next layoffs in Houston? my manager has cancelled most of the meetings scheduled with the team, he is not approving any vacations after 08/30 and so on.

To SLB top management and the board of directors

WTI remains in $40s/barrel, and most of the oil companies are preparing for the low-forever scenario. This is definitely NOT just a cyclical trend that you mentioned in the last earnings conference call. As of 8/13, SLB stock is $63.83/share, which... read more

Did not make to final interview

Hi, I am graduate from Petroleum Engineering. Yesterday, was Schlumberger interview but i did not make it to the final? The job is field engineer Does this mean i avoid the bullet or im losing the opportunity? I think field engineer is hard job

Happy I got laid off

I got laid of from WG in 2015. It was a tough 1.5 years trying to get work. But eventually I did. Great people, relaxed job environment and great work-family balance. Thanks to SLB.


Here that there is a special announcement Wednesday anyone know what it is about

New way of working (or not working)

Well we are moving forward with the new way of not working. Every decision needs funneled 2 layers up for president 's approval. Need to order parts submit an exemption and wait months while upper management delays approval long enough you lost the... read more

The Rankin bit plant is a disaster

Just talked to an employee who is trying to train some temps in the Houston bit plant. They are unmotivated, slow and don't want to be there. They are also getting paid more than he is to train them. They are more than 200 bits behind and not... read more

SLB done with Completions?

The completions group no putting dollars in no new tool or product. All people are sitting with there many sheets of paper and no design to do of new tool product. What new tool come out or make money in last year! I think there none. Any new soon?

Should we get out of pressure pumping business?

Personally I think that SLB will try to get out of the pressure pumping business. The old Dowell/DS brand was never fully accepted as being worthy by the old guard. Wireline staff hated the pumping staff. Pumping was kept around because it provided... read more

New lay off..France

New headcount reduction announced in the last 2 years about 600 /700 people fired in different locations ..less than 2000 workers still there... but soon 30 % fired.........not enough money for SLB....Thanks at the top 10 Managers that... read more

Merging with weatherford

Heard we're merging with weatherford will we eventually buy them out as well? Also heard there moving sax yard equipment and employees to weatherford any date or for sure thing if that's happening

Q2 2017 Earnings Conference Call [REPOST]

It seems like somebody didn’t like my previous post, so I will not use anybody’s real name in this re-post. Some guy told us that we were all sitting on a highly-compressed coiled spring, but during the Q2 earnings conference call, the same guy told... read more

Can we relax now?

Now that we have had a really strong quarter, can we relax, or is the threat of layoffs still looming over us? I guess we'll have to wait and see, but for once, I am hopping for the best... read more

Not a cyclical problem

This is not a cyclical problem something Paal just will not admit to. Historically the cyclical nature of oil as been related to economics such as the price crash of 2008 -9 Or it has been related to geopolitics such as the middle east wars of the... read more

Waste of Time

What's the use of this Town Hall? Time waste, any how they are moving the IT to Pune, why the hell he is bullshi****

Closing center?

There has been rumors about schlumberger Ardmore location closing it down. Does anyone have any news on that if its true or its just people making things up?

GE's Schlumberger offer

I work at GE since 2014, from what I know from here, in early 2016 GE approached slb several times and they discuss acquisition of software segment including their respective product line within SWT, these of campus meetings happend in london and... read more

The issue with inexperienced workers

SLB tried to offer all things to all customers as an integrated service company. The problem was (is) that they did not support those services properly, assigned managers that did not understand the businesses they were managing, and ultimately... read more

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