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Transformation is a joke. Business model looks like a bobble head waiting to fall on its face. Can't understand why we are cutting from the bottom. New contracted employees who haven't even had a chance to prove their worth are being laid off... read more
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Here come the next lay offs

With the recent stock price, anybody has a better idea on how to regain trust from wallstreet? Is layoff the only way? The rumors has been crystal clear in the last few weeks and that is not in one GM only

Shares beneath $50

Oh dear...when will the Presidents ever learn? Too many supervisors, managers and hapless engineers, prices way too high and a declining market here in The States. Hang on for the ride y'all!

Joke of a new initiative

Far too many 'supervisors who mere!y fill in reams of forms and contribute no manual value', too many exponents of Woo (lean6,E2E, HSE, 6 Sigma, Champions of God knows what etc., etc.), legions of frighteningly overpaid and underused management who... read more
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Warm up to work.

Warm up to work starts at the Florence Ky facility tomorrow with an estimated cost of $60,000 a month. How is this acceptable with SLB stock price in the toilet and this facility being run right into the ground by what is the most incompetent group... read more

Is this true?

LAM manager told me that Rubicon started taking some of SLB's contracts, but he was unaware of any great details. Can anyone confirm?

Is the Digital bubble about to burst?

It smells like late 1999 - early 2000 on the eve of the dotcom bubble implosion... Any consequences for companies like SLB that invested hundreds of millions in "Digital transformation", to the point they don't have any other... read more

Profit margins are expected to shrink

Everybody seems to be pleased with the position that SLB is in right now, but the question that comes to mind is how long can the company keep this growth, and have the Q3 financial results been a random success or a beginning of a positive trend of... read more

Do not forget

Do not forget some employees salary is double or triple of what outside slb pays. This is the legacy of $120 oil and should be eliminated soon than later. Be fair, management bounce is been reduced a lot too. Mine almost nil.


Schlumberger management are nothing but a bunch of ignorant jerks

Merger with NOV and FII in talks

SLB management has decided to keep this Drilco as our activity in the North Sea is up. Possible merger with NOV and Franks! Was up at Hareness Circle and the boys are buzzin with excitement! Can anyone confirm this?


I'm considering a job at Schlumberger. What does the benefits package look like? Health insurance costs for family, profit sharing, bonuses, employee stock purchase plan and vacation/sick time are primarily what I'm interested in.


It's winning at buzzword bingo, shame that's the only thing it's winning. What a waste of money.

Cutting costs to produce good results

The market analysts seem tho thing that SLB’s Q3 earnings are satisfying (over the market prediction, less than the company expectations). It’s also no secret that the pipeline restraints in the US did their part, and that the results would have been... read more

Cost cutting is not working

High Oil Prices = should equal high share price? Lower Costs = should equal more profit (with or without transformation we have cut like crazy) Therefore either the Sales organization does not know how to get price rises and win contracts for a gain... read more

Q3 2018 Earnings Conference Call

Paal was so proud of TRANSFORMATION. "By advancing our transformation program further over the past 4 years, we have completely modernized our internal workflows and organizational structure and created stronger and more professional support... read more


The worst CEO ever; devalues the company, runs off 75K+ employees, has always taken an antagonistic attitude with employees, fires board of directors who don't agree with him. Must be difficult to sleep making $22 million/yr.

uk layoffs

layoffs in OSS announced today in the UK. 13 to go from Derby and the office to close.

SIS -brace for impact

The SIS strategy for 2019 is out. In 3 words: "Lower The Ambition". 2019 will be yet another year of minimum delivery. The much-awaited digital wonders won't be ready before 2020. And by then you will be able to....create maps and manage spreadsheets... read more

Welcome to the new way of working.

New way of working (or not working) Well we are moving forward with the new way of not working. Every decision needs funneled 2 layers up for president 's approval. Need to order parts submit an exemption and wait months while upper management delays... read more


If I quit before Dec 31st of this year, do I still get PIP?

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