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Notre Dame

When will Schlumberger setup system to pay more money to Notre Dame. ? I can't wait to donate my profit share award

what is happening with stocks

what is happening with the stocks? it is declining so bad. I thought SLB has good prospects with all the new digital era and transformation

P&LS Permian to layoff 124 employees "Product & Logistics Services LLC (P&LS), a subsidiary of Schlumberger Limited, is ceasing operations at its facility in the Permian Basin... read more

Layoffs expected to come to cost centers

Layoffs may to cost centers including - Admins/HR/Procurement/Research centers (Nerve centers...). Better start pretending you are digital, born digital, work digital whatever that means ... talk open source like your executives without understanding... read more

Good job, Paal

Stock was up to $48 before the Noggie opened his mouth at the earnings call. Ever since then the stock has gone straight down.


Just’re the 4 managers left at Geoservices doing? Does the product line still exist?
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Major Layoffs coming...

Sugar land centers will be laying off soon. The PTC transfer is failing miserably, more management to be let go.

Walkout in protest - 1 May 2019

To All Schlumberger employees in Europe: Stage a walkout at 10 in the morning on 1 May 2019 in protest of management decision regarding donation to Notre Dame at the expense of employees' salary, profit share.

Stock being downgraded

Now being valued at $35.00 a share (9 x FY’20 EBITDA) - looks like a major RIF coming? The glory days are well and truly over.

Rosharon - Update

Rosharon, ummm uhhhh quiet. any news? are they even still there?
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Reverse Circulation

Looking at some advice on how to reverse out 28 days aged beef from my swimming pool. Does the layoff community have any useful tips?

Ofs canada

Can someone educate me why we have Schlumberger office up north in Canada while there is no job or client left ? Why we are loosing all these good techs in Houston and we are keeping idle bored people in Canada ?! Time to shut Canada office down.

2020 end of PIP

Hearing Band 5 and above will still get it.
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Smith Bits

I hear bits are divesting. A little bit of this and a little bit of that. Any news ?

Schlumberger got Fired!

Lots of people firing Schlum these days. Something like two dozen in Sugar Land so far this year! People are no longer valued and with no more merit increases, I guess this is what they want to happen so they don’t have to pay severance.....

PK Performance Review

Talk about a Transformation. Since PK took the joystick in 2011, SLB has lost $60 billion in market cap, laid off 70 thousand workers, guided the share price to lows not seen since the Financial Crisis of 2008-09, received indictments and paid fines... read more

The transformation is garbage

The transformation is garbage. All the comments I have read in this post hold some merit. If you aren't a "Yes" man, don't agree with upper management, or care about your co-workers, then you are brushed aside. There is no room in the company anymore... read more

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