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VP of Wells

What the heck is this made up position anyways? It’s like saying “hey I work at McDonald’s. I’m the VP of Burgers”

More Layoffs Coming

More layoffs are coming in completions manufacturing centers in Houston. Bloody Paal strikes again...

Age a liability at Schlumberger

It seems that every new layoffs round makes it more and more clear that older workers (those in our late forties and fifties) are expandable in the eyes of the management. Every single time we lose more people in that age bracket even if we are the... read more

Coup d’Etat?

have heard rumor that group president that recently disappeared from org chart tried a coup d’etat on the ceo through the board and fail

Dear SLB folks

Why oh why would you continue working at this ridiculous insane asylum? Life is sooooo short! Come on and stop feeding lazy old manipulating deceiving bottom feeders...

IT Reorg and Job Cut

IT again going thru the Reorg one more time and will result in more job cuts close to 25 % to 40 % before the 3rd quarter and the impact will be more in Houston, start looking.....(1430 Enclave Lease are coming to an end this September and they are... read more

Shake up at the bit plant in Houston?

Is it true that there was a change in management at the bit plant? I heard the production manager quit and moved back to Ponca. I also hear that they are having trouble making a good product. Anybody know?

CAM V&M layoff

So far 14 users were let go in V&M(Richmond office), more to come, BIG changes for VPs....start looking

Schlumberger buys Russian driller

Another company destroyed with more layoffs?

Cheaper is not better

Industry is changed. I work for smaller company now. You wont believe it but i see they take some design from slb, weatherford, smitth, modified it and guess what they sell it for cheap. All they want is cheap, low price, .... . as long as slb want... read more

Hey Paal!

Do you still envision world's best run company? Would world's best run company lay off 70k employees while the management gets fat bonuses every year?

Is Schlumberger back?

A linkedin star posted this. Is SLB really back? Is layoff finally over?

SLB laid off 70,000 people so far

How are you, guys, all doing? I used to be in D&M. Rig count picked up, but still s---s. I guess I am not coming back for another 5 years lol. Moved on with another career and married now with kids. Can't do it anymore anyway. My wife won't let me go... read more

PK said

Our beloved, overpaid leader said during the earnings conference call... I would like to take the opportunity to thank the more than 100,000 women and men that make up the Schlumberger workforce. You are the best team in the industry and I want to... read more

Hey Sugar Land

is engineering still having the pot luck covered dish lunch on friday ?? can others attend ??

Engage to Excel

I bet there will not be an Engage to Excel survey this year! 2017 results are very disappointing. Very few managers submitting action plans and none are willing to share department results.

Housing Market

Will the The Woodlands, TX and Houston TX real estate market recover from the the Oil Industry downturn and continued layoffs that are occurring?

Who will buy us?

We seem to like to buy companies we have joint ventures with, but I think we are ripe to be acquired ourselves right about now, considering the sad and vulnerable state Schlumberger is in. I wouldn't be surprised if companies such as Weatherford... read more

Hey Paal!

Are you thinking new and acting new? What about your minions?

No Engage to Excel team meetings

No meetings done for engage to excel yet. But Impact plans will be entered by end of quarter for management to get PIP. It is a shame that mid level management is not on board with Gallup but they are still getting big fat pay and bonus.

Engage to Excel.

With morale at lower than a snakes' butt, where are the results of the stating the obvious, eye-wateringlly costly farce, known as 'Engage to Excel'? I'm sure that the results were not too difficult even for Gallup to work out. I am waiting for the... read more

Schlumberger Belfast lost to China

Shame that UK union groups didn't pressurised Schlumberger corporate enough to stop jobs moving away to China. Union groups and MPs should have seen how many Schlumberger jobs from entire UK has gone to China.

Paal got paid $20.8M for 2017...

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