Topics regarding layoffs at Schlumberger Ltd.

Topics regarding layoffs at Schlumberger Ltd.

Hiring challenges

I am still doing the work of colleagues who left a while ago. The company replaced them with new hires who, in my opinion, are not at all competent for those roles. So I'm wondering, is SLB having hiring issues? Can they not find adequate... —  read more 

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Oil and Gaslit

Would anyone here be interested in reading my Wordpress blog on the ramifications of SLB’s false layoff narratives against wrongfully terminated employees during Covid in 2020? Just curious as to how many of you were (as their attorney denies it... —  read more 

Meeting objectives

It has become so stressful to work here. Although I have many years of experience, I'm starting to feel like I don't know how to do my job properly at all. Let's have a sincere discussion about this: has meeting objectives become more difficult for... —  read more 

Adapt to survive

The company couldn’t influence the changes that have taken place in the industry, but I think it could have better adapted to a low-carbon era. Perhaps Schlumberger could better navigate the energy transition?

How is SAP doing?

I left SLB last year during layoffs. Heard from current inmates at SLB that SAP X2 went live which is so bad in UK that one of the Product Centre will be closed if they don't get their act together. Is this true?

Career advancement

In my case there has been no career progression for a long time so now I'm considering leaving. I tried but I didn’t achieve anything significant here and I don’t believe the problem was in me anymore. Honestly, how much were you able to grow a... —  read more 

Lack of innovation

Is the reason for lack of innovation really a ridiculous bonus system like someone said? Or should the reasons for lack of innovation be sought elsewhere? I would like this to be a much more innovative company than it is.

Yes man daily

To some extent I understand all those yes man who do exactly what they’re told and who don’t think for themselves, because here it seems impossible to achieve anything if you’re not one of those irritating people. How many times a week do you get... —  read more 

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