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How much longer?

3rd Qtr results are in, and drilling services are taking us down. But expats in the UK keep analyzing data while locals are standing in line waiting for their opportunity to save the company thousands of dollars with enhanced communication skills. ... —  read more 

layoffs in SRPC too

77 positions to be removed from the Clamart Tech center (official). Will take 6 months to execute (time to agree with the unions...), so will occur in March 2021. Good luck to all.


SLB spends millions of hours and dollars in convincing the workforce and shareholders of its meritocratic approach to drive excellence in the market place. Truth is though, that it continues to perpetuate nepotism all over the place. For... —  read more 

Excellence in planning.

OleP on September 14th, purchased 25000 SchlumShares at $17.95ea. Being a savvy investor and in true Schlumberger planning excellence, his share value has fallen by $50000 as of Friday close. I'm sure that all his cheerleaders would have piled in in... —  read more 

Engage 2 Excel

How is the second attempt at E2E going after the utter disaster of the first try? Even the declining number of cheerleaders seem to be silent about it.


I’ve received an email from a staffing company saying there is a hiring event for schlumberger on sept 15th & 16th... how true and legit can it be if they’ve just laid off a bunch of people and sold their frac ?

Whoa is me

I had a job offer from SLB that was pushed and pushed. Then I hear that Frac is gone. Is it really worth staying and hoping to get into a more stable company after the restructure or just jump ship now into the unknown?

Florence Ky site pass

So starting Monday all FMPC employees have to complete an online form (site pass) to be able to enter the facility. Answer incorrectly and you are sent home or at best get to self monitor for two weeks while working with restrictions on site. So this... —  read more 

Big blue is selling off

Got word this morning (Non-Big blue source that works for buyer company) that Schlumberger is selling off. Don’t know all the details yet, but it’s more than done already. Now it’s down to dotting I’s and crossing T’s.

EEOC Cases Piling up

Did anybody notice the comments from other thread have been scrubbed upon request from some powerful from SLB. What are they hiding? from whom? verythign is wide open. i hope they are not scrubbing all the proof before the investigation. I hope the... —  read more 

How many EEOC charges so far?

From Reliable sources, SLB has received 3 EEOC charges so far in USA. What is the success rate of these charges? SLB pays lot of money to its lawyers to save its privileged leaders from executing protected activities. Anybody knows about the type... —  read more 

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Foreign hireing

What is wrong here? My son was laid off, given several months notice but he has to train his replacement who is Indian and works for a lot less pay. I thought out-sourcing was only done if the job knowledge was not available in the USA. ... —  read more 

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