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This is what you get

What you are seeing now is the result of every single decision being based on “how will this effect my PIP”. Poor planning over many years and through many executives who have only cared about themselves and their friends. Field and factory workers... —  read more 

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Schlumberger - Time to Cut the Dividend!

Its actually past the time to cut the dividends on the common stock. It should have been cut when the markets were in free-fall and there was panic built-in. Now, employees being let go and furloughed, yet the company continues to pay more than... —  read more 


As expected Furloughs are making a comeback. 5 days per month starting April 12th. Involuntary or Voluntary. Who's planning on volunteering?

Up Front with Olivier

Now it really seems that layoffs and the lot are on the horizon. I also feel that the executive team is not taking enough of a pay cut in terms of percentage, as 20% is not much at all considering they make so much money. "People first", my a–.

Gavin’s announcement

Today Gavin will do an announcement. At least the expectations are they will introduce voluntary/mandatory furloughs. Any other facts what is coming?

Okc layoffs

I here most of okc is leaving, to much money on payroll not enough work, and yes this company has always done this hire/ fire

Reeves County

SLB is still running in Reeves County. They keep ordering sand. But it is slow. 7 or 8 loads of sand per day.


Anyone on here at reduced pay now? Just curious.

Electric logs

We as a company have decided to go back to our roots. We are only going to run resistivity logs, if you can't read 'em, and you don't know a water play when you see it, don't let the door hit you in the arse.

This is not good

With 30% cuts to the budget, I'm betting there'll be even more layoffs than we originally suspected. Some of it might be mitigated with pay cuts, but I doubt it'll have too much... —  read more 

Stock dividend payout

Surely the board of directors will not recommend a share dividend this year... Stock tanking below $13, $12bn loss, doing jobs at less than cost, oil hitting $25 and less, too much oil, shale in North America going down, down, down. Surely not... —  read more 

If you own SLB stock, do this ...

The annual election of SLB board of directors is on April 1st. Except for our new CEO and two others, the rest of the board was elected during the PK regime. Instead of complaining about our lot, let’s change the game. You can do this by voting for... —  read more 

no one is happy others are losing jobs

I totally dont agree with the last post. it is true that the industry is cyclic. however the cycle has shortened so bad. it is every 4-5 years now. but the problem is being laid off or someone is feeling joy other people are losing jobs. the major... —  read more 

NAM Layoffs

Was just told that there are layoffs occurring across NAM. I know of a few that were let go from my M-I Swaco facility today (3/18/20).

Ardmore location

Lay offs should happen by the end of the week. Oil is on its low leak so get ready to for layoffs.


Trump finally admitted that we may be headed for a recession. Ya think?

Layoffs have already started

It really didn’t take long. And trust me when I tell you, it’ll get much worse before it gets better. Good luck, all!

Just laid off

Severance is 1 paycheck a year of service for exempt and 3 months of medical

No profit sharing for the peons!

"Our profit-sharing program is a discretionary program designed to reward our employees when the company achieves superior profits and performance for our shareholders. In 2019 our earnings remained significantly lower than historical levels and... —  read more 

Worst stock price in nearly 20 years

Worse than the previous rounds of layoffs in as many years. Anyone seeing this message, share what your seeing in your locations. Sugar Land is quiet, but I can't help but wonder how the workforce may be affected. Share your thoughts.

Layoffs at rankin rd campus

Any update on if they will be laying off anyone from rankin rd in the manufacturing department if so what percent are they laying off?

Almost 50 layoffs at Little Rock Cameron

People from all departments and production laid off on January 31st. Escorted out the door. No goodbyes. Now plant manager’s last day is tomorrow and controller is leaving next week. People First???

Houston PSC layoff

A few people were cut this week at the Houston PSC. Don't need procurement no more? People first or money first

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