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Layoffs 2020

Tetra Technologies has cut 30-40% of its workforce along with site closings in the first 4 months, how long will they survive? Will they go bankrupt? Sell to competitors? Partner?

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Site closings

CSI Compressco has discontinued operations in midland, to. TETRA is closing their El Dorado site, what next?

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Basic oilfield service company.

They are very good to supplement your income with the current sales expenses account. I have done well. Lots of gentlemen club action if you got the right car and card.

Bad HR Dpt

There is a true lack of quality management and clear direction in the HR department on the corporate level... It's hard to get promoted and often people are bullied and purposefully isolated. This is my experience and my opinion only, if you disagree... —  read more 

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No updates?

I know there have been layoffs at Tetra in the past month, any details?

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Layoffs are coming

How can a company keep doing business that hasn't made a profit in 9 months?

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2015 Layoffs - Oil Slump Continues

Layoffs continue, things are not improving, all companies in the sector are hosed, HAL laid off 5 thousand people, we are bad as well.

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