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June 2020 layoff?

I heard there was a small layoff last month (June). True? How many? I also heard the 401K was affected (they stopped matching possibly). True?

No updates for Feb 2018

There were rumors that cuts might be happening in Feb 2018. Since the month is almost over, this did not panned out - people in the office stalk stupid stuff sometimes. Panic and fear. Whatever. I hope this turns out to be a good year! —  read more 

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Flat Out Poor Management

Management in the TMP is the main reason this company is fading fast! People in charge of the decision making do not have a clue of how to run the company ! It was not always this way however. Mr Williamson treated people with respect and dignity... —  read more 

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TDW has had a number of major problems

Most of them are due to bad management. They've killed moral & removed any reason to stay. Most of the people still employed are already looking for work outside the company. Its why the retention is so low and short term. When people get in the... —  read more 

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Good place for work?

TDW is not a good place to work. If you don't get laid off, you just want to quit and find a better job. They really have some problems, especially financial ones. There is incredibly high turnover at the company. Not just the average worker bee, but... —  read more 

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Energy Editor Searching for Interview Subjects

Hello, I am the energy editor with PennEnergy.com. I am writing an article about how layoffs in the energy industry are affecting lives. I would like to know what your company gave you as far as severance and placement services, how long you have... —  read more 

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Glad it's all over

I am glad it's over as I've had it with TDW, and this just helped... Mgrs are selective and tell you everything they want you to hear... Sweet talk, etc. But once the time gets for you to get a raise, you'll get 50 cents or so, that will take place... —  read more 

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TDW Had Massive Cuts Yesterday (8 February 2016)

There was very little coverage in the media, KJRH had a blurb, very quick about cuts but they left it at that. There was a ton of coverage about CHK and other companies yesterday but nothing about us, I guess it does not matter at this point. I was... —  read more 

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