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Glad it's all over

I am glad it's over as I've had it with TDW, and this just helped... Mgrs are selective and tell you everything they want you to hear... Sweet talk, etc. But once the time gets for you to get a raise, you'll get 50 cents or so, that will take place if you are lucky enough to get one at all...

The pay is kind of what other firms were paying in 1990s, your experience does not matter, they want you at low cost. Now with layoffs and everything they will watch all what you do you'll get warnings and written write ups and they will drive you nuts, it is so unhealthy and backstabbers are all over... When you start you are so stuck on night shift, that's more or less guaranteed and all the way until a spot opens on days it'll take you years…

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TDW is not a good place to work. If you don't get laid off, you just want to quit and find a better job. They really have some problems, especially financial ones. There is incredibly high turnover at the company. Not just the average worker bee, but management and upper management as well. Few people have been there over 5 years.

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I do not believe he is unhinged. He is just stating the facts firsthand. TDW is getting crushed by their competitors and have not or do not know how to respond. Their upper management has a lot of turnover and this is a difficult situation to overcome in terms of long range planning. They appear to be more concerned with how to park your car than customer requirements.

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